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SOP for mathematical finance - the master's level at Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB)

Emmydon 1 / -  
Jan 20, 2022   #1

SOP for mathematical finance

My love for mathematics has prompted me to study it both at National Diploma Level and University level.
Despite coming from a low-income family, where I'm left to fend for myself and at the same time, cater for my educational needs, my passion for mathematics made it possible for me to finish with second class upper division in the face of many financial challenges.

A lot of studies have revealed that the economy of most developing countries of the world such as Nigeria suffers as a result of incompetent hands in their financial space.

Hence, delving into the field of financial mathematics at the master's level will ultimately help me to utilize my undergraduate knowledge on mathematical models, statistics, stochastic processes and economic theory in solving complex problems such as ascertaining true asset price, market movement, portfolio returns etc. This particular field will also expose me to machine learning.

All these and more will serve as the necessary tools in allowing me to contribute my quota in areas such as investment banks, Retail and Commercial banks, Investment Management Companies, Corporate Treasuries, Financial Regulatory Bodies etc.

Similarly, the knowledge I'm going to obtain from studying this great discipline called Financial Mathematics will enable me to solve a lot of financial problems such as Derivative Security Pricing and Valuation, Portfolio Creation and Structuring, Quantitative Investing Strategies and also Risk Management.

Sharing my knowledge and experience obtained by studying Financial Mathematics with Economists and Financial Experts in most developing countries such as Nigeria, most Asian and African countries will help to improve their economies, hence creating jobs and raising the standard of living of their citizens.

And I believe, Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) have all the necessary excellence to bring my dreams into reality.
This is because the university specialises in the area of Engineering, Business, Computing, Applied Science & Mathematics and Design, and they have also signed numerous agreements with prestigious organisations in the country and around the world to collaborate in Research, Education, and Training Programmes.

And this includes the exchange of undergraduate and postgraduate students, industrial internships, exchange of academics, seminars and other projects.
All these will enable me to obtain practical field knowledge that is outside the classrooms and such will empower me to bring my best in solving or improving on my many financial situations in my many developing countries.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,696 4119  
Jan 20, 2022   #2
To create an effective statement of purpose, the applicant must create a convincing academic and career driven reason for advanced studies This is done through the proper representation of the applicant's career foundation in relation to the masters course. There must also be a reference to the applicant's preparedness for the course through the logical presentation of a corelation between the undergraduate, current career experience, and future career advancements. It cannot be all about information sharing once the student returns home.

The applicant does not have a compelling reason to study abroad. it is not reflected by the choice of university, nor the reason for choosing to study in the specific country. This essay needs to redirect based on any available prompt requirements for the university application or, through the general requirements readily available online as an SOP reference. This is a draft that does not completely reflect a considerable reason for masters studies.

The writer needs to consider better reasons and not just repeat the well known or website available information about the university, course, and curriculum. An SOP does not work that way. It is not just a repeated run-down of public information. It has to show that the applicant has taken the studies into serious consideration in relation to potential work requirements that the applicant might face in the future.

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