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SOP for MSc in Cyber Security/ Warwick University

abhishakemitra 1 / -  
Dec 20, 2012   #1
Hi Guys

I am on the verge of applying for an MS in Cyber Security from Warwick. here is my first attempt on my SOP. Please leave your comments, if any so that I can keep on working on them..

The last couple of years have been a fantastic journey for me where I graduated with a B.Tech in Information Technology from Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata which is affiliated to the West Bengal University of Technology and joined world's one of the leading Technology Services, Consulting and Outsourcing provider, Wipro Technologies as a fresher. During this period of association with Wipro, I developed my technical skills which were also entwined with my growth as a professional. After working for more than two years as a Test Engineer with Wipro, I have realized that I need to step out of the corporate world to enhance my skills even more to keep me at par with this ever changing world.

In the 8th semester of my college, we had to choose two electives. Honestly, I did not have any idea about what was in store in any of the elective subjects. So I just went with my instinct and took up Data Compression & Cryptography as one of the electives. As the classes commenced, I was guaranteed that my instincts had not let me down and soon I found that I was very much drawn towards the subject. This attraction toward cryptics was further aggravated when it was introduced in a couple of the episodes of one of my favourite TV shows called Bones where they used Cryptography and Encryption/Decryption techniques in solving crimes. From that moment I instantly knew where my interests in further education lie and I promised myself that this is what I want to see myself fiddling with.

Today as the whole world is going mobile and with the boom of e-commerce, the need for Cyber Security is a matter of utmost importance to everyone. Most of us believe that our data is secure, that our actions are confidential. But in reality it is not. We hear incidents of hacking and Server crashes in our daily dose of News and we just turn the page as if it is just another incident without even understanding the magnitude of these kinds of catastrophes. We keep on talking about curbing Piracy but on reality we have not even able to identify more than fifty percent of the sources to pirated material, let alone track them and stop them. And obviously, anyone would take free material rather than paying for it. Let's face it, there are no good Samaritans who would turn their back to a freebie. With my desire for Cyber Security combined with my strong background of Programming & Analytical skills and excellence in Mathematics, I would like to create an environment which would be Solid, Secure and Safe.

The MSc in Cyber Security and Management at WMG, Warwick University seems to be tailored for my needs, especially after the course modules were altered this year onwards. With the highly qualified faculty, research facilities and computing resources at your University I believe I would be able to pursue my career aspirations. I have motivation, aptitude and desire to learn. I hope that my academic background coupled with my work experience and knack towards the subject will enable me develop myself into a future Cyber Security professional. I look forward to an interesting and rewarding association with your esteemed University.
collegekid1567 - / 4  
Dec 25, 2012   #2
Overall pretty strong essay. Very logical in how you became acquainted with cyber security. If you adjust your style of writing into something more formal you should be fine.

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