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Sstudy plan - MA in economics at Concordia University

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Nov 24, 2020   #1
Hi guys! I have written a draft for my study plan, and I need your kind consideration about it. Thank you for the time you are taking to review my essay!

study plan for canadian visa officer

I am a graduate in socio-economic engineering in Iran and I got accepted for an MA in economics at Concordia University (without funds). it is a course-based program. 2 pages, 784 words, font: Times New Roman, size: 12.

I can truly appreciate the significance of studying economics professionally, having observed, throughout my studies, training, and working, the interrelation between economic concepts and human life, especially in the time of the pandemic. The socio-economic impact of the crisis and the political influence on economic decision-making has urged me to deepen my understanding of this vast province to understand how various elements of economic systems, management, and finance link and collaborate.

As in Iran, economics students mostly study liberal arts at high school, and there is not much high-quality mathematics content even in their undergraduate or graduate studies, studying economics here could not fulfill my inclination toward mathematics. My country has been suffering from recession for many years, mostly due to mismanagement of resources. This necessitates the need for advanced insight into economic theories, models, and techniques to analyze complex social situations, considering the key factors, using variables regarding the interactions between economic actors. Therefore, I applied to join Concordia University's master of arts in economics program. I have found this program a perfect match for me as it aims to develop mathematical foundations in economic theories.

My strong enthusiasm for mathematics in high school empowered me to develop analytical thinking. This, in turn, led to my pursuing Applied Mathematics (BSc) at ****** University, ********, Iran. There, I was able to acquire a perspective of computations and theories, with a particular fondness for statistics, operations research, algorithms, and programming courses, all of which were apt tools for my next academic endeavor.

Attending some economics and industrial conferences, I was all the more inclined toward studying MSc in Socio-Economic Systems Engineering. In 2009, I was able to secure a seat at ******** University of Technology, ********, Iran. Yet, it was not until taking microeconomics and econometrics courses that I realized how applicable economics could be: to learn of the implications of decisions taken on a small scale and of the tools enabling us to make sense of economic systems empirically. However, since our faculty mainly focused on industrial engineering subjects, I employed my prior studies coupled with the industrial approach to do my master thesis project _supply chain optimization_ including solving a multi-objective model with a genetic algorithm.

After graduation in 2012, I started seeking a job and eventually landed myself a position on a coordinating team in the construction sector. I then realized the importance of the project financial management, human factors, and the need to understand complex markets. Having been acquainted with financing, documenting data, and providing strategic directions through working at a consulting firm, I could ensure that my career would gain momentum by starting to work at a bank in 2014 where the fast-paced atmosphere kept me motivated. This contributed a great deal to my effective financial and time management. As it might be deemed necessary for anyone to have a change of pace in life, in recent years, I have taught Mathematics and English as a tutor. I genuinely enjoy a sense of accomplishment by empowering others and sharing my knowledge.

This program covers areas such as industrial organization, computational economics, and economic development that align with my fields of interest, and undoubtedly with highly acclaimed professors, it can offer me a much more comprehensive outlook into the field of economics which is far-reaching compared to my previous courses; environmental economics, game theory, risk management, and political economics have piqued my interest to explore these and other areas in this graduate program. The chance of participating in the MA Co-operative Program, as well as the EGSA, would help me develop my ideas for the MA paper about a subject covering: macroeconomic effects on a developing country regarding political decision-making, consumption, economic growth, and technological change -that are all addressed in presented courses.

As Iran's Ministry of Science, Research and Technology approves Concordia University as a high ranked university, this will be the springboard to boost my chances of securing a position as a professional analyst, consultant, or project manager upon coming back to Iran. My solid background in mathematics, the analysis of the real-world data at work, along with quantitative methods presented in this program, learning English and French through interacting with native speakers there, will serve as a building block to allow me to stand out among other candidates in Iran to land a position in a multinational company. I want to come back to Iran not only to add value to my country but to be with my family and beloved ones. Four people make up my immediate family - my parents and my sister. We are a close-knit family. After the hard time of my mother's treatments for leukemia, we appreciate the essence of the family even more.
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Nov 25, 2020   #2
There are only a few paragraphs from this version that can be transferred to the revised presentation. Use paragraphs 2, 6,7 in the revised essay. These are the paragraphs that can help show a motivation in relation to a study plan. The study plan itself, should focus on your thesis project, which, should be a research paper whose final outcome can be implemented in your home country upon your return. The idea, is to prove to the visa officer that you have a specific study plan in mind to benefit your country. As of now, it does not seem like you have any plan to create a paper that could lead to a feasible project in your home country. So this version, defeats the purpose of a study plan.

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