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Statement of Purpose Metallurgy/Materials/Minerals Engineering

I will be grateful if anyone can give useful advise!

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Objectives in pursuing Postgraduate degree:

"A man is just like a mine rich in gems of inestimable value.
Education can, alone, cause it to, reveal its treasures,
And enable mankind to benefit there from."

I am in pursuit of such education which can let me explore the wealth of knowledge. I am really fortunate because Metallurgy and Materials Science is the domain where my purpose and passion mingle. It is my earnest contention that an undergraduate education in engineering helps one to comprehend the fundamental principles of science in such a way that one is able to successfully apply these principles to real life situations and obtain optimal solutions. This knowledge, when coupled with dedicated graduate study in ones specialized field of interest would be the ideal preparation for a career in applied research and industry. It is for this reason that I wish to pursue graduate studies.

Academic Background:
"You know yourself" goes the word of Socrates. Right from my childhood I have recognized myself having a great entice towards the field of Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physical Science. During my higher secondary schooling, I showed special interest in Mathematics and Physical Sciences and in order to supplement the education that I received in school, I became a habitual reader of Science magazines and books. As a direct consequence of this, I came to know of the latest developments in the field of Science and Engineering. Out of the very many domains of human endeavor in Science and Engineering, the domain of Metallurgy and Materials Science allured me the most. I, however, could earn a seat in XXXX university XXX's elite Engineering school ranked among the best in Asia by featuring among top 10% out of 4,50,000 candidates in the All xxxx Engineering Entrance Examination. The curriculum has equipped me with a strong foundation academically; a sound grounding in fundamentals of Metallurgical Engineering and has kindled in me, a passion to chase challenges. Apart from acquiring theoretical knowledge, I received hands on experience in the workshops on various aspects of Engineering. The theory courses that I did were well complemented by a number of laboratory courses which have given me hands on experience in areas as diverse as Physical Metallurgy, Process Engineering, Geology, Non-Destructive Testing, characterization techniques like SEM, XRD, DSC etc, as well as core Metallurgical Operations like Casting, Mineral Processing, Iron and Steel Making, Extraction of Non Ferrous Metals. Thus, it is in these areas that I look forward to be able to work in and contribute to. I seek to focus my interests in this field through a more rigorous and in-depth understanding by way of a Master's Degree. Right from the entrance examination to the rigorous schedule followed everyday; it has been a journey filled with discovery, determination, enthusiasm and curiosity. These have fuelled in me a desire to pursue a career in Metallurgy.

Academic Research Experience:
I have striven to perform well in the courses and have tried to gain as much as I could from them. But I feel what qualifies a good graduate student is his ability to perform independent research work. I had an opportunity to do a summer project at the prestigious XXXX, XX, XXX's premier Aerospace Industry. My project was concentrated on the "XXX of ZZ Alloys and their effect on the XXX Metals", under the guidance of XX. These alloys were used extensively in the critical applications like gas turbines and compressors of an aero engine. Impressed with my work Dr.XX offered me yet another challenging project "XX", which was used in gas turbines in the development of XX's Indigenous aircraft, the XXX Aircraft. In addition, my undergraduate thesis was related to "XXX X" under the guidance of Professor XX. I gained a deeper understanding of Metallurgy and Materials Science. In these projects, practical implementations required me to take intelligent engineering decisions to make the systems efficacious. Such executions have helped me get a complete understanding of the associated theory that I learnt in the course. Thus, it is in these areas that I look forward to be able to work in and contribute to. I seek to focus my interests in this field through a more rigorous and in-depth understanding by way of a Master's degree.

Professional Work Experience and Industrial Exposure:
To further broaden my horizon in this field, I went ahead to work at XX, XX's largest manufacturer of Steel. I worked in the XX from August 2010-August 2011. I learnt here that how important to go beyond theory, to translate equations into practical situations. But very soon I began to love the work under Mr. XX (Associate Vice President, XX). The work involved to provide technical support to operations, maintenance and quality systems in the field of Beneficiation of Iron Ores, Sinter making, Blending and Bedding, Blast Furnace Iron Making. I had also undergone industrial training during my undergraduate studies in XXX, XX's largest public sector Iron-Ore producer. The Technology which I was exposed to greatly interested me. Implementing the design and testing it for performance gave me a good taste of what industry would be like, and I found it extremely stimulating, which is why I am eager to undertake a career in Metallurgy and Mineral Processing fields.

Why XXX University?
XXX could be an ideal platform to realize my aspirations. In my opinion, the University with its commendable research facilities and renowned faculty will provide me with a suitable environment to pursue graduate studies in Metallurgy and Minerals Science. By providing me with ample opportunity for acquisition of knowledge and a concurrent process of self-discovery, I am sure the graduate program at XXX will groom me to conducting independent research and serve as a launch pad for a research career either in the industry or the academia. I am aware of the high standards of academic excellence and research that XXX has set. I am fully aware of the high level of commitment and perseverance required for postgraduate studies, and I believe that my aptitude, dedication and motivation will see me through the challenge. I look forward to a favorable decision regarding an admission. Thank you immensely for considering my application.

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