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Personal Statement for MSc Finance & Accounting in Westminster

leesol 1 / -  
Nov 24, 2021   #1

Write a personal statement (between 200-750 words).

Your personal statement is an opportunity for you to demonstrate why you think you would be a good student for the program you are applying to and why the University should select your application over those of other candidates. Ensure that you have clearly reflected on the skills and knowledge gained from your previous experiences. The information you give to support your application should be carefully considered, entirely accurate, and your own words.

In the first semester toward Accounting BSc, I took part as a teacher assistant for my former lecturer at the vocational school. For one semester, I was assigned to help students solve questions in Financial Accounting classes, which had enabled me to express my interest for teaching and enhance my communication skills. I particularly enjoyed referring to the Indonesia Financial Accounting Standards (IFAS), which were adopted from the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). In my role as a teacher assistant or student, the standard is useful to solve case problems according to generally accepted accounting practice - as if having a manual book on how to set up a vehicle.

Since my second semester in undergraduate school, I have been able to put my theoretical knowledge into practice by working as a consultant. While working with my team to provide accounting services for clients, I realized that accounting is heavily interconnected with finance - just as how you also need the tools to build a vehicle. My interest in finance rose when I prepare financial statements for multinational companies. Using finance concepts I learned during undergraduate study, I was able to analyze the finance aspect of a transaction with my colleagues in order to apply the appropriate accounting treatment, but the manager was usually involved in more complex transactions, such as post-employee benefits.

Studying Finance and Accounting at University of Westminster was derived from my ambition to become more independent as a consultant and attain a higher position at my workplace. I believe my knowledge will be enhanced through modules offered in this course, such as Financial Accounting Policy and Practice, on top of Financial Management and Corporate Valuation module which are very pertinent to my interest of study. Gaining the essential tool through this degree will be paramount to build that vehicle: utilizing finance function in deciding the nature of transactions for appropriate accounting treatment. In addition, the exemption for some (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) ACCA exams granted by this program will be beneficial in undertaking ACCA qualification upon returning to my home country.

Aside from technical knowledge, I hope to expand my soft skills and build my network. I was able to develop my leadership and collaborative skills by taking a position as a vice president to conduct a student orientation day event in 2018 for 100 students, managing 25 team members. Furthermore, working with international colleagues and clients at work has enhanced my ability to adapt and interact with multi-diverse cultures. At UW, clubs like Anti Racism Society or being an officer of UWSU are examples of groups I would be interested in to continue my collaborative spirit, expand my network and contribute to a greater community.

Through my knowledge and experience, I am confident I will be able to gain a highly marketable set of skills and in return, contribute to the community at UW. The MSc of Finance and Accounting at University will serve as a catalyst in my journey as a consultant, by bringing a fresh perspective to Accounting and Finance area upon my return to Indonesia.

Your review and thought will be very much appreciated. Thank you!
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,918 4798  
Nov 25, 2021   #2
I apologize for having to say this but, this is a very weak, non qualifying personal statement. It lacks in specifics and notable accomplishments that would have indicated your strength as a student. It lacks specific qualifiers that would make you a notable candidate. You have presented a glossed over summary of your qualifications and experiences rather than specific mentions that would prove your claims. Not a single part of this personal statement proves your ability as a student in relation to the masters course you have chosen. Neither have you provided information to show that you have done proper research into the qualifications that the university is looking for in its applicants. This is only a draft, it cannot be used as the application essay. You have to build on this presentation using my previous observations and suggestions.
Mehul07 1 / 2  
Dec 10, 2021   #3
I would suggest adding more achievements and making it a little more formal.

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