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Finance and accounting - Personal Statement for NUS/NTU/SMU undergrad

Vidushi 1 / -  
Sep 16, 2021   #1

personal statement essay - business field

Hi this is my personal statement, i believe it's very average so please let me know if you've got any suggestions to improve it. Thank you for reading this <3

My interest in Business first sparked when I saw my grandfather's workshop he worked so hard at. His side business was manufacturing automated electronic packaging machines.

My interest in Business skyrocketed when my grandfather's business collapsed. As the business expanded, he was unable to manage it primarily because he didn't have an organized and structured financial plan. Since he was an engineer, he didn't know the commercial aspects and requirements of the business, which is also why he failed to put a competent team together.

I want to major in finance and accounting for two primary reasons. The first one being my ambition to be an entrepreneur. Second- I want to be challenged. I would love to take on Accounting and Finance as my biggest challenge yet. I believe this course will help me understand the business world.

I possess the ability to learn new skills quickly. I like to be independent. Throughout high school, I have taught myself various chapters in various subjects, in order to remain ahead of the class. I have grown up being aware of how finances affect one's way of living and why financial stability is paramount. I have always been good with money and numbers. Math is and always will be my favorite subject. I am fascinated by math, business and the corporate world. I believe, through the study of accounting and finance, I can effectively satisfy my interest in these fields and ultimately achieve my goals.

A significant experience in my high school was organizing a gaming tournament all by myself, through which I primarily learned the skill of persuasion and influence. Despite all my teachers being against it and having the conventional idea that gaming is detrimental to children in every possible aspect, I made it happen. I made presentations, charts and speeches to effectively communicate the idea to students that I was looking at the more constructive side of gaming- better problem-solving skills, visual spatial skills practice, better hand eye coordination-and that I didn't support the excessive violence it depicted or the students glued to their devices all day long. By the end of it, the teachers were glad to have given me a chance and lauded my efforts and approach.

I was also elected the Green house vice-captain and Captain for two consecutive years. I also participated in important school meetings with the principal and school administration and organized major school events with the student council. I was active in debates on social issues and school dramas. I have developed my confidence and overcome my stage fear through the years. The experience instilled essential characteristics in me such as leadership skills and conversational skills and I believe it would be a strong point for me as an aspiring Business expert.

Besides studies, I have interest in music and swimming. I'm more than satisfied with everything I've done and am doing. I believe that I am capable of achieving anything I aim for and that this will be the chance for me to stand apart from others. I've participated in many charity shows to raise money and also in an English literacy drive in Indonesia.

In the recent decade nus/ntu/smu brand has become synonymous with excellence, the alumni have gained recognition and renown worldwide, the slew of educational markers bear testimony to the wondrous prospects of academic eminence that one rises to. It will truly be a privilege for me to dawn the title of NUS/NTU/SMU alumni.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,686 4759  
Sep 17, 2021   #2
The essay needs to focus on one particular aspect of interest and its development on your part. For this application, the rest of the discussion should flow and grow from paragraphs 1,2,3, and 4. Portray the continued development of your interest in business. Present reasons why your grandfather and his business inspired you. Show how you pursued lessons related to the course major. Activities relevant to it would help. Do not forget to explain why and how you chose the university you are applying to. These are the necessary elements of an effective personal statement. These are the information that will prove a personal connection with the decision you have made to study this degree. The other parts can be presented in relevant essays as necessary to the application.

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