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Feb 27, 2023   #1


Over the past 2 years I have been working in the Marketing Department of TomoChain Lab, one of the blockchain pioneer startups in Vietnam. Used to be a Marketing Executive and now a Marketing Manager, I have acquired a rare and hands-on knowledge of the inner workings in such a very early-stage industry, learning intricacies of the marketing process unknown even to many of my experienced colleagues. I have seen the difficulties and frustrations faced by my team when it comes to a clear explanation for end users of the distinction between blockchain and digital assets, and how to successfully launch a marketing campaign that could draw the attention of even novices. I have talked with many types of customers, from youngsters, the well-off, to those in the dream of making a substantial profit from a little investment, to learn their insights. But the lack of understanding and misconceptions among the Vietnamese people regarding blockchain technology is quite huge, leading to the failure of various marketing plans. Much of what I've encountered might easily have dissuaded me from continuing working in the Marketing field, but instead I realize that I am more eager than ever to prepare myself to become a Chief Marketing Officer.

My experiences in the marketing industry have instilled in me a passion for continuing working in such a vibrant environment. Through my previous roles, I have gained hands-on experience in marketing development, content creation, event support, and brand strategy planning. These experiences have allowed me to develop essential skills in communication, teamwork, and creative problem-solving. Working at TomoChain Lab, however, has afforded me an education that I could not have obtained anywhere else. I have not only learned the dynamics of the industry but also have discovered more about my work capacity. I realize that there is still much to learn in the constantly evolving marketing landscape. Thus, I am eager to further my education and knowledge by enrolling in the MSc program of Strategic Marketing with Brand Leadership. This program will provide me with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the strategic aspects of marketing and branding, and hone my leadership skills, ultimately enabling me to make a greater impact in the field. I am excited to take on this new challenge and am confident that this program will help me reach my full potential as a marketing professional.

As someone who has always been very determined and goal-oriented, I am looking forward to continuing my advanced education in the United Kingdom, specifically, apply for admission to the MSc Strategic Marketing with Brand Leadership program at your institution, University of Hertfordshire for the September 2023 intake, where I hopefully to gain the best of environment and further education to successfully achieve my career goal of becoming a competent Marketing leader.

I believe I have been showing my stripes as a leader ever since my days as project leader of some courses including Research Methodology in Communication, International Communication in Practice, and Media Audiences during my time in college that our team gained full marks eventually. I got involved in significant challenges and responsibilities. I had to assign tasks to my team members, be able to communicate effectively not only with my team but also with my teaching assistants and lecturers. I had to stay cool and motivated, lead by example even under high pressure with a heavy workload. All of this experience enables me to manage group discussions and implement plans and as a result, I have strived to develop my teamwork negotiation, independent thinking, and thinking creatively.

What I need from a postgraduate course is a further knowledge of the Marketing and Branding field that could help me broaden my horizon to strengthen my academic foundation for such a career goal. After careful research of the course curriculum, I found out that the program covers a wide range of topics beyond my university's courses, from branding and marketing development in a challenging context, customer engagement and management to real-world skills needed to professionally develop effective marketing strategies and tactics. Furthermore, another impressive feature of the course is to provide students with opportunities to take on experiential projects to gain practical experience.

I am most intrigued by learning about brand planning as a strategic discipline in modern society with the full range of increasing challenges the course presents. As a Marketing Manager, I enjoy learning about consumer insights which has given me understanding of how brands influence customer's perception and behavior. I have also learned to convey ideas through written language and visual methods to enhance brand awareness and exposure. I strongly believe that this course will equip me with the insights and abilities to apply to real-life circumstances.

Although the communication in Vietnam has recently developed significantly and become diverse compared to other countries in the region, now the question arises, "Why United Kingdom?". The UK is my dream destination to undertake my postgraduate study due to its highly regarded educational system and cultural diversity among international students. The UK can certainly guarantee to open greater opportunities for me in terms of career path to become a future skillful Marketing leader. Studying in the UK also provides me with opportunities to develop my creativity, critical thinking, and confidence, which are crucial for personal and professional growth. Furthermore, I could take advantage of the geographical location of the UK to explore various stunning destinations within and outside the country. Therefore, I am convinced that pursuing my undergraduate studies in the UK will not only enlighten my perspective but also give me an opportunity to improve my interpersonal skills as well as practical skills for the future.

University of Hertfordshire is consistently ranked among the top universities in the UK for student satisfaction, teaching quality, and graduate employability. The University has a strong research culture, hence I could have the opportunity to engage in research projects and work with world-class researchers and build professional networks with industry experts. The University is located in Hatfield, just 20 miles north of London, or 25 minutes from Central London by train. Thus, I can have access to all the cultural, social, and professional opportunities of a major global city, while still enjoying the benefits of a more peaceful and affordable living environment.

Though fintech is still at an early stage in Vietnam, more companies have a significant presence here to look for talented candidates who can utilize Marketing techniques to raise industry awareness and massive application. Hence, I intend to earn a master's degree in the UK to become a competent Chief Marketing Officer that can define marketing and branding strategies to contribute to the advancement of high-tech and blockchain sectors.

One of my goals is using my skills and knowledge that I have gained through the course to boost blockchain adoption in Vietnam by creating effective marketing campaigns that target businesses and individuals, and exploring ways to integrate high tech with traditional financial services. This can lead to numerous benefits for individuals, businesses, and the country as a whole. Ultimately, my career plans are geared towards leveraging my education and expertise to drive positive change in people's mindset and make a meaningful contribution to the growth of Vietnam's economy.

Thank you for considering my application, and I am looking forward to your acceptance.
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Feb 28, 2023   #2
A personal statement for an MsC program is highly different from a motivational letter, which is also different from the statement of purpose. These are different essays that require differing writing focus. This essay combines all 3 for some reason. Since you did not indicate if there is a list of prompt topics for this discussion, I can only assume that it is an open topic personal statement that allows you to discuss the relevant personal factors for your decision to study this course overseas.

It is important that you understand what a personal statement entails. That essay allows you to introduce yourself to the screener beyond the academic requirements of the motivational letter and statement of purpose. You have to introduce yourself to the screeners as a person behind the scenes. What is your personal life like? Are you active in your community or a specific community organization? The personal statement should reflect your character as it might be applicable to the student community of the university or your participation as a student beyond the classroom setting. I believe that your approach to the personal statement should be changed to reflect these questions. Again, this is based on what is posted in this thread, without any specific prompt guidelines for my consideration. Take from it what you can.
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Feb 28, 2023   #3
Hi Hold, thank you so much for your feedback. Your comments would help me alot. This is the 1st time I's worked on personal statement so I think I can improve it based on your suggestions to make it better.

In regards to prompt topics, the univeristy wants me to answer and mention information for the reason I'm applying for the course, why I choose to study at Uni of Herdfortshire and a UK university. I also need to present my carees aspirations and how the course fits with this.

Could you please give me some more insights? Thanks in advance!
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Mar 8, 2023   #4
My first thoughts on your essay was the word limits. Check and be sure of your limitations.
Keep your sentences short and clear,
Have a strong introduction that acts as a framework for the rest of your statement
Use the main part of your statement to explain your interests, experience and knowledge and why you want to do this course.