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Strategic Communication - Statement of Academic Purpose

Ratudestiani 6 / 11 2  
2 days ago   #1
Hi All,

Kindly need your help to

1st question:
Your statement of academic purpose (500 words) should clearly and concisely address the following:
·Your purpose and interest in pursuing the M.S. in Strategic Communication
·The specific skills and attributes that you will contribute to the program
·An aspect of the program that may present the greatest challenge for you
Please focus in particular on the connection between the program and your professional goals and experience.

statement of academic purpose

SMSE has become the backbone of Indonesia's Economic throughout the time of the pandemic COVID-19. They contribute 60 percent of Indonesia's GDP and absorb 97 percent of local manpower, according to the Ministry of Cooperatives and MSMEs. For the past two years, I have been grateful to be a part of G-F Cloud Kitchen, which encouraging SMSE to adapt to the need for digitalization and consumer demand. As Merchant Partnership, I Strategically communicate the value and needs of the Cloud Kitchen as a new business alternative and strategy to expanding the business with low risk. Working side by side with SMSE has deeply inspired my long-term career in empowering SMSE through Strategic Communication. Therefore, I believe pursuing M.S in Strategic Communication at C University is indisputably essential in achieving my goals.

Working in the biggest Food Delivery Digital Platform in South East Asia has developed my capability to manage a wide range of stakeholders, from the Largest Food Enterprise to Small Enterprise. Merchants and I exchanging the values that mutually benefit to achieve the business objectives; to scale up the Gross Merchandise Value (GMV). I was appointed to do partnership pitching to Stakeholders and organized their sales growth in Cloud Kitchen by communicating the Marketing and Campaign strategies both in GoFood Digital Platform and the Merchant's channel, successfully acquired 25 SMSE to expand in more than 80 outlets in cloud kitchen and grow more than 70% of SMSE's GMV 2 times higher compared to their original outlet outside cloud kitchen. As a result, Stakeholders can expand the store and help them to survive during the hard times. From this experience, I realized that the Digital advancement's ability to grow SMSE's business is tremendously needed to help Indonesia's National Economic Recovery during and post-pandemic. Hence, in the long-term, I aimed to build consultancy in Digital Strategic Communication that provides access to Digital Marketing and Business Communication Strategy to SMSE to grow their business. Thus, pursuing M.S Strategic Communication particularly focus on Digital Communication Strategy and Digital Media and Analytics course is suitable for my career.

Strategic communication Management offers both strategic and technical skills to prepare me as a Communication Leader. Working with diverse stakeholders, I will tremendously benefit from the "Strategic communication Management" course. Aside from my current job, my experience as a Communication Consultant in The Ministry of National Development Planning and Communication Development in Indonesia Mengajar provided me with leadership and problem-solving skills. I also establish the different communication channels and tools by using the personal and involvement approach. I am confident that my working experience will give a significant contribution to the course and capstone project.

Throughout my study, I will expand my network with students from diverse backgrounds and gain industry insight by participating in internship experiences and student clubs. Obtaining Strategic Communication at C University is my progression to the role of strategist. The reputation from N for its core of rigor and diverse community will help me to gain valuable learning experience. Drawing my passion as a communication specialist and a strong drive to help MSMEs in Indonesia has proven my determination for academic success in graduate school.

written by: Ratu Destiani Eka Putri
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,630 3476  
2 days ago   #2
You do not present a clear purpose for your studies in relation to your existing skills.You are stopping short of giving truly detailed and informative explanations of the prompt requirements. You are discussing your credentials in relation to the course without specific skills and attributes that might make you a stand out applicant for this program. You have also failed to respond to several key aspects of the prompt. This is an ineffective draft that cannot be useful as an actual application essay.

* Limited review provided due to the pending private review inquiry of the O.P. Contact me privately for a more comprehensive review.

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