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I worry about something i can't control

Richard Tan 1 / -  
Aug 25, 2016   #1
Recently i worry about somethings i can't control.
I worry about my boss enqery our ability so that he doesn't give me the order anymore.
I worry about my colleague make big progress.
I worry about i can't fit our job result to my parents feeling sad to me.
So much more thing make me feeling anxiety.
I drink the coke and beer,coke can make me feel short time pleasure,beer can take me for a short escape.
Angela Nang 4 / 10  
Aug 25, 2016   #2
Hi Richard Tan,

my boss enquires
my colleague makes
I worry about our job that I can't fit causes my parents feeling sad for me.
So many things
temporary pleasure
temporary escape
Naoki28 10 / 18 2  
Aug 25, 2016   #3
... about somethings i I can't control.
I worry about i I can't fit our job ...
ibal28 20 / 30 5  
Sep 13, 2016   #4
Hi Richard . This is my correction for you.

In this time, I just worry that I can't control something that happened to me.
Absolutely if my boss don't want to give me the task again in the future, it means that he hesitate my ability.
The big problem also come from my peer who have a good progress but i don't.
It can make my parents feeling downcast because I can't find the good job that suitable for my future career.
Fortunately I can break out of this problem by drinking coke and beer.

Hope this can help you.
Keep writing.

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