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Jun 7, 2017
Writing Feedback / Should schools spend more time in teaching traditional subject or skills? [3]

Schools are spending more time teaching traditional subject such as history. Some people think they Should rather spend more time in teaching skills that can help student find a job. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

teaching practical skills along with traditional subjects


There are two opinions frequently questioned by people, first, should school give the students more time learning traditional school subject, namely in history and mathematics or attending to trendy skill classes to encourage proficiency in a particular field for helping to gain a good career prospect in the future. I agree schools need to extend time in teaching skills with the following reasons below.

Today, competition for getting job is more increasing firmly as global unemployment has risen since several years ago. International Labour Organization has predicted that joblessness will surpass by end of 2017. In developing country like Indonesia, it turns to be a serious problem caused many unskilled-people living there specifically at young people. This probably comes from their educational system in the past that teachers much prepared for students to master theory through memorizing without applying in practised-skill. To illustrate, in journalism courses, learners are only direct to note and listening to lecturer explanation how to produce creative writing but less practice, it will be pointless and make sure they will be hard to find a job.

Additionally, having special skills for fresh graduate as the company needed is one big chance for them more likely to be accepted than people no have competence in that job specification. The majority of employers think that training an inexperienced-worker only waste their time and money, moreover, the position is urgent need of an expert to handle it immediately. An accounting student from a vocational high school who has completed the internship at corporation tax is more qualified than alumi of accounting major having less work experience in the same qualification owing to hardly ever practice the knowledge acquired.

However, others said learning traditional subject could help students find a job also, all in all, the reasons why schools are expected teaching more skills than conventional lesson due to facing a challenging job ahead an to fulfil the skill required of company.

Thanks for correcting!