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Aug 12, 2019
Writing Feedback / The amount of goods transported in the UK from 1974 to 2002 included road, water, rail, pipeline [3]

the graph compares the amount of good the number of goods transported ... included including road, water, rail, pipeline (Explain: The amount of mass noun, the number of count noun, goods are a plural noun (count noun)

... seen that almost most goods were transported by two means of road and water more than carried by the other means

..., in 1974, (more than) above 70 tonnes ... by via road and ...
..., the amount of the number ofgoods transported by on road were dropped ...
The amount of the quantity of goods were was transported by water ships/ waterway system were gradual increased and reached at over 60 tonnes. expect By year 1998, which it decreased to ...

The use of rail system of carrying goods for good transportation were was reduced ...
... pipeline system were raise rose steadily ...
Aug 7, 2019

There are some things I show you below, please give a feedback to me if you think I were wrong.

... and the US dropped significantly (more popular), whereas ...

In 1990, the percentages of exports ... US was were 20% ...
... remained stable at 1%, and the figure ...

In From 2000 to 2012, ...
But the most enormous ...
Aug 7, 2019
Writing Feedback / The graph: million tonnes of gods transported by road, water, rail and pipeline in the given country [3]

Hi, Firstly, you should ensure that your essay is enough required words. (at least 150 words)

1. The graph displays a million tonnes of ... -> Red is not right, it is a unit. my idea: the number of products transported by four means such as: road, water, rail and pipeline.

2. The quantity of both road and pipeline -> the quantity of goods or the quantity of road and pipeline? My idea: The quantity of goods using road and pipeline methods

3. The amount of transported by pipeline generally ???? For me, it is no meaning. Grammatical error: the amount of is used for uncountable noun. Goods is plural noun

If I am wrong, pleaase give me a feedback, I am glad and pleasure to know that. Sharing knowledge together.

Aug 7, 2019
Writing Feedback / IELTS Task 1: Average daily maximum temperatures in New Zealand vs UK [5]

Sorry if my comment is wrong, or not right. I just want to give some question and comment and exchange knowledge. Give me a feedback if you think i am wrong. I will appreciate that.

1. The diagram ... in United Kingdom(UK) [need an preposition or not "in" ]the months of the year.

2. the temperature in ... are contradictory. I look up Oxford dictionary (lexico.com). Read all examples, I think contradictory is used to describe conclusions or data. if you write the sentence "the temperature data of New Zealand and UK are contradictory, I think it is better.

3. From the line graph, it is clear that, -> Should choose one to write in your essay. dont combine them together to increase essay length.

4. the disparity occur highest in July -> grammatical error: (occurs), (the highest or highest)? , i think the suitable word is largest.
5. 5 degree different. please explain me about the grammar usage.
6. while at that time in UK is -> Don't need to use "at that time" because "while" describes meaning (direct contrast of the first sentence).

7. "In the period New Zealand become ..." Please explain me the grammar structure is used here. I am so confused.

Hope you will get a high score.