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Dec 22, 2009
Writing Feedback / Do you agree to "Watching Television is bad for children"? [5]

Children should begin a foreign language as soon as they start school. Use specific reasons and example to support your position.

Learning a foreign language today has many advantagees. people who are familier with the foreign languages can easily get jobs, and it also helps them to communicate with people of other countries. Many schools and Institute impart education in foreign language,say English, with a view that if children learn English at an early age then they would not face any language barrier because English today is considered as common language worldwide an all business, trade and commerce. Children at young age are also very creative and they learn new language very quickly because they repeat the words again & again , and soon become familiar with its meaning.

Today, children prefer to got to overseas for their education and for this reason it is necessary for the children to communicate in additional language so that they understand culture and behavior of people of other countries. There are also many private institutes have been set up in my country,for example, which provides foreign language courses to children and help them in learning foreign languages. But, this is unfortunate fact that in many developing countries, there are many schools which do not offer foreign language assistance to children and they have to go out to private institutes which charge them huge amount of fees.

Moreover, as many overseas Industries and Companies have established their call centers and back offices, many jobs in my countries requires an individual to be fluent at least in one foreign language in order to qualify job criteria. So this might justify that learning an foreign language is necessary.

In nutshell, i believe that learning an foreign language is important to gain more potential to reflect our capabilities in order to gain a secure future job, Also, as children is very creative at young age, which i considered to be the best time for them to learn a new language.
Dec 19, 2009
Writing Feedback / IELTS composition G class Task1 (Fitness facilities renovation) [3]

first mistake ---- There is only one para, why??? Every one can see mistake by just looking at letter
If i would be examiner i wont give more than 4band.

Here is an example...

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing with regard to Gym which is situated in our locality for more than 25 year. As a chief head of local council it is my responsibility to point out some problems being faced by people who have been using Gym.

In particular, we need to install few exhaust fans because environment in Gym become more suffocated, especially in summer when large number of people using Gym. There is also a need to replace some of the electric power points, which we haven't checked since last year, as per local business policy, they are meant to be checked every six months. These problems can cause any hazardous accident at any point of time.

I would appreciate if you pay your kind attention to this matter and take prompt action to provide better environment to our historic Gym.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Local residents.

I am not a good teacher in English but this is an example to best of my knowledge
Dec 19, 2009
Writing Feedback / toefl Essay What the 21century will bring [7]

I think Keng firstly you should look for a good body of essay, which is

1) Introduction about topic
2 &3 ) Reason to support your answer
4) Conclusion or Your own views

Before you start writing Note at least 3 reasons or factors to support your answer and then start explaining them 1 by 1.

In above essay you just focused on Technologies but didn't explain them well. I give a clue and you write it again..

First Para, Introduction-- Today what we are doing what we used not to do?
Second and third Para, Next century will take us to mars , people will live there, People will become more civilized, Education system would be completely different, WE will reach from one place to another more quickly....

Last Para conclusion, What do u think now what exactly would happen? Conclusion is,in fact, a broad picture of 1,2 & 3 para.

Follow this 4 para rule in every essay
if you want to look for any example then you can look them in my essays
Dec 19, 2009
Writing Feedback / Do you agree to "Watching Television is bad for children"? [5]

Thanks EF_Kevin and thinhtvdhtm for correcting my essay. i appreciate you for spending your precious time. I know i make many gramatical mistakes but i dont know to write flawless essay.

Thanks a lot


Nov 20, 2009
Writing Feedback / Do you agree to "Watching Television is bad for children"? [5]

"Watching Television is bad for children" agree or disagree? Please check it

Television plays very important role in our lives, and it is also main source of entertainment. We watch TV whenever we are free, or sometimes while working, and learn many things from it. As the TV is used in our daily life, it broadcasts many live events and news which educate us in many ways. But, sometimes children watch those programmes on TV which should not meant to be viewed by child's age group and have many negative impacts on their lives.

Firstly, i believe that many children who watch TV for long hours, have many negative impacts on their health such as they may weak their eye-sight at young age. In fact, these children should spend most of their time playing and studying, which would give them better result later and keep them healthy as well. If these children keep wasting their precious time watching TV for long hours instead studying, it may affect their school result & consequently, they may not be able to opt desired career options or courses. Secondly, Many children tend to follow their favorite actors or actress and imitate them by wearing same cloths, following same attitude and try to speak same languages. This becomes more worse when they watch any action movies and perform same actions at home, which might injure them or change their behavior toward other people.

However, Children who watch TV should be properly supervised by parents. It becomes the responsibility of parents to ask their children about what type of programmes they watch and they should try to analyse that what impact does it has on their child. In addition, if possible they should allocate their children's time in such a way that they concentrate more on study, which enable them to perform well into exams.

In nutshell, i believe that it is true that TV teaches us many things, but it also show many inappropriate programmes, which have various negative impact on their lives suchas it make their eye-sight weak, changes their behavior and waste time. Parents should be vigilant all the time about their children and make sure they are not watching any inappropriate movies or programmes.
Oct 29, 2009
Writing Feedback / The knowledge from books and knowledge from experience are, in fact, two diffrent stages of learning [3]

It has been said, " Not everything that is learned is contained in books" . Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books. In your openion which source is more important? Why?

This is true that everything we learn in our lives do not come entirely from books. There are many things that we observe and apply appropriate skills and experience to handle diffrent situation and problems. These skills and experience we develop in our parctical life & learn how we can apply our book knowledge practically. There are several other facts which wil justify that we learn many other things apart frm book knowledge.

Firstly, i believe that there are many people who do not raed and write, and are master in their work. They have, in fact, have gain practical experience instead of book knowledge. For example, in my country, there are majorty of businessmen who are illetarte and are earning better than those who are literate in same business. It may justify that literate people ahve less experience than those illetrate who ahve spent their more time in gaining experince instead of reading books.So i believe that practicalskils and knowledge play impotant role in practical activities of life.

Moreover, knowledge from books and knowledge from experience,in fact, are two diffrent stages of learning. First we learn in school and college through books and then second, we apply book knowledge practically in life to be perfect. But, if a person is very good in his school and college studies then we cannot conclude that he/she will also be good at its practical. By contrast, those who are good at learning practically may also be good at its theoritical concepts.

To sum up, i believe that we cannot derive practical skills and knowledge from books. Those skiils and knowledge we get when we are physically doing a task. At the same time, its also not necessary to be litreate to obtain practical skills and experience in life. So, whatever is not learned in books, we learn that practically to gain skills and knowledge.