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Jan 10, 2022
Student Talk / IELTS Exam - How important is it? [13]

i think it is very important now because that can be a point that will be added to your resume whether to apply jobs or scholarship
Jan 10, 2022
Student Talk / I am a bit shy, when I have to speak in English, I always worry about my mistakes; I lack confidence [22]

i also not good with my english especially with grammar and pronounciation but i try my best to practice it when i have a chance. as a shy person, for me is by not meeting someone in person or talking to people i know, so i used to find online friends where i cant meet them and we dont know each other in real life. fortunately i meeta lot of good online friends who will help me and correct me when i did some mistakes :).
Jan 9, 2022
Scholarship / Topik level - Language Study Plan for GKS G [2]

plan of foreign languages study

Hello, i am planning to apply GKS-G and this is my language study plan. English is not my native language so I need your feedback on this draft for both the content or grammar error. Thank you in advance.

Study plans to improve foreign languages (Korean, English, etc) required for taking a degree course BEFORE and AFTER you come to Korea.

I have a lot of interest in Korean language and culture so I have been studying it on my own before I came to Korea. I learned about grammar from many different resource and e-book I can find on internet, and I also enjoy Korean shows and music to imitate how real Korean people speaking. At the same point, I also have learned English and Chinese language at my school and self-study from various media, but I still need to polish them because my English and Chinese is still far from perfect. I also spent my time in Taiwan for the time being to enrich my language skill. Lastly, I have international online friends and try to communicate with them in Korean or English to improve and practice my language skill. I don't have TOPIK yet because there was no exam was held in my country this past 2 years, but I am sure I can obtain at least TOPIK level 3.

My goal is at least to achieve TOPIK level 4 after a year of study. Since I will stay at Korea, I will take that as advantage to advance and upgrade my competency in Korean language and apply what I have learned in real life situation, by socialization. I will immerse myself in Korean both language and culture, by joining clubs, community activities, voluntary works, cultural festival inside or outside university. At the same time, I also excited to meet new friends from another countries through GKS. Besides, I can build some relations through those activities that I enjoy. I believe I can be a fast learner with more structured curriculum provided by university, moreover with Korean environment around me that will help me a lot.