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Jan 25, 2022
Letters / Reference letter for Master of Design program in Hungarian university [2]

I will be appreciated if anyone could give feedback on the reference letter provided by my manager. I am applying for Master of Design program. Thank you.

letter of recommendation

To whom it may concern,

I am honored to write a reference letter for Ms. X, whom I have been working with on a daily basis for nearly a year. I have known her since March of 2021 when I started working as a manager of the Product Development Department in X LLC.

Ms. X treats her work with a great devotion and accomplishes given tasks and responsibilities at professional level. She is not satisfied until her work has done completely and it becomes a huge support for factory workers to further carry out their individual tasks according to Ms. X's worksheet and instructions. In stressful and complicated situations, she tends to be open-minded and makes accurate decisions based on careful analysis. Moreover, she often thinks outside the box and produces creative ideas when it comes to designing the garments. Considerable amount of the company's cashmere accessories is designed by her. She makes thorough research including fashion trends and consumer behavior and creates innovative designs based on them.

Also, I have to emphasize that it was her initiative to introduce an innovative computer aided knitting program from Germany to our workplace. Since using this program, our departments' work has become much easier and save lots of time. With her previous experience and knowledge in other companies, she volunteered to teach the program for other design engineers in our team. She aspires to develop not only herself but also others. All these traits had led to her high reputation among employees and she further proved herself by receiving the 'Employee of the year' award granted by the company in December 2021.

Outside her professional life, Ms. X actively engages in personal development and networking activities, such as advancing foreign language level, taking design classes related to her interests and volunteering at local NGOs.

I strongly believe studying in Hungary to pursue higher education will be a great opportunity for Ms. X to expand her knowledge and skills which will contribute to not only herself, but also to the creative industry in Mongolia.
Jan 14, 2022
Letters / A toy car - Stipendium Hungaricum MA motivational letter [2]

I will be much appreciated if anyone give feedback on my motivational letter to apply for Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship.

letter of motivation

From the very beginning of my memories, I remember I was a kid who eagerly tries to assemble a toy car out of a tiny match box and creates outfits from scratch to dress up my doll. This early passion had led me to realize my strong craving for everything related to art and design. Thus, I studied Fashion Design and graduated successfully in 2016.

Following my graduation, I wanted to apply my knowledge in the workforce and got hired as a knitting design engineer by a reputable cashmere company in Mongolia. My duties include analyzing new designs, making detailed flat sketches, giving instructions to produce first samples and developing them further. For the past five years as a knitting design engineer in three different companies, I came across many challenges and obstacles which taught me how to work efficiently using better communication and analytical mindset. But there has left a longing to explore more and dive deeper into the vastness of design field. Hence, I challenged myself and took an interior design class in 2020, in which I learned the basics and techniques of creating interiors. This experience, along with my work experience in a fashion company made me understand that design is not only about looks and feeling, but it should be usable and sustainable in order to become complete. Becoming aware of this, I decided to advance my already gained knowledge and skills even further by pursuing Master's degree in Hungary. I will be able to study courses that are concerned with design thinking, innovation and climate consciousness which will help me to become a highly qualified designer.

I chose Hungary, mainly because of my dream to study in a European country where education is of excellent quality, living is affordable and culture is diverse. I am quite overwhelmed by the idea of living by myself in a foreign country where English is not widely spoken. But at the same time, I am excited to meet new people and witness diverse culture and environment. Hence, I will make this life-changing experience even better by learning Hungarian to communicate easily and preparing myself to embrace a whole new chapter of my life.

In the next five years after my graduation, I want to devote myself to Mongolian cashmere industry where good professionals are at need and contribute in their paths to become recognized worldwide. In the long run, my biggest goal is to establish a design workshop spanning the fields of art, fashion, interior and graphic design. It would be the place where artistic young generations learn the fundamentals and experiment different activities, eventually leading them to find their ultimate passion and motivation in life. As these kinds of organization are insufficient in Mongolia, I see this opportunity to make an impactful contribution to my country.

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