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Dec 28, 2009
Undergraduate / My beloved laptop just decided that its very last day has come;Self-Description Essay [12]

Please give me some feedback on this!!! Thank you a lot!!!

I press the button. It makes suuuump and a little blue light next to the power-button of my laptop lights up. But nothing else happens. I look at the monitor. It is black. And it stays black. I try again. Nothing. My beloved laptop just decided that its very last day has come. Time to say goodbye - to my personal statement, my resume, my supplements, the Christmas Video I made for my parents- literally everything that was saved on my laptop.

It is the 29th of December 2009, three days before THE day - the day College applications are due. Of course I forgot to make backup copies. But I consider my self to be lucky to be one of those people that just take a deep breath and start over.

I wonder what to write about. I cannot rewrite the same essay, it is like I would not be able to paint the same painting twice. It would miss its originality.

But then I want to give you a sense of the whole "me", not just of a part of me. That would be like looking at a regional map, trying to determine the shape of a whole country. It does not work. That is one of the things I discovered early. I was six years when I realized that my home country Germany, unlike Italy, does not have a special shape. It is just weird-shaped. Just like ... . Oh I was so disappointed.

But lets start from the beginning. I am fortunate enough to share my birthday with a whole country. But being born on the fourth of July was not the only reason why my parents soon started to call me "Little Miss Independency". With six I decided to move out if my parents would not soon get me the older brother I wished for so badly. (I was luck and got one, unfortunately he was younger though) With eight I hoped to develop magic forces to heal my mom from cancer and with ten I announced that from then on I would be able to deal with my dyslexia and school in general by myself. My parents always let me go my own way and their trust in my maturity paid off.

When I was sixteen, I fell in love. With education. Not a typical love story but it has been a rewarding relationship so far. The never-ending desire to learn more and to constantly challenge myself, still gives me a special feeling of excitement. The same kind of feeling you have when you are allowed to stay up late as a little kid. Or the prickle you feel on your tongue when eating sour gummy candy. It is the feeling of tingling skin that overcomes me whenever I understand a little bit more of the complex world I am living in -when I am able to appreciate richness and diversity. And most of all, when I feel I have strengthened my abilities to shape the world to the better, because that is after all, what I want to accomplish in life.

So I guess you could say I am very idealistic. I would describe myself more as a dreamer and a realist at the same time- always a far goal, high standards for myself, and always determined but there is time for reflection, for listening to my own voice, for ideas. I love walking in the rain, riding through New Mexico's woods, and ... It inspires me but the best ideas come to me right before I fall asleep. But then I can never remember them on the next morning. I have tried hard, but it does not work. One day I will keep a notebook under my pillow, because my roommate keeps telling me I could have already saved the world twice, if I had written down all the ideas that I talk about at two in the morning. But until then, I will remain stubborn trying to remember my ideas until the next morning.

So what else is there to know about me?
I am the kind of person that starts doing Tai Chi when stuck in an elevator, that tries to save the world in a small scale and constantly falls on its nose. But I am always ready to stand up again, if that means applying to UWC twice or walking forty kilometers to make an, already as canceled declared, camp for kids in India.

If holidays were longer, you would find me crossing the Atlantic by ship to get home, just because it is more sustainable.
I am the person you would like to have next to you when you need a cup of tea and a wise advise, but than you would not want me...

I would choose listening over talking and being wise over being rich but then I would choose chocolate over most things in this world.

I am sometimes sad, grumpy, afraid and miserable but I am happy to be alive, enjoying, loving and lovable. After all I am just a human being, trying to make the best out of my life and a data loss three days before application deadline.
Aug 16, 2010
Undergraduate / Challenge or experience that helped you learn what is important to you [12]

What really helped me when I didn't know what to write about was to think about what had made me the person I am today... I doesn't have to be anything big but there are many things that shape one in life and writing about what has made you tick will let them understand who you are...hoe this helps