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Aug 18, 2011
Writing Feedback / Key issues to make city become better! [3]

What do you suggest are the key issues which needed to be considered to make cities better to live in for the future?

I often imagine a city where people can live their dreams, where their creative power and motivation are without boundary, and where people can obtain more knowledge about everything in life. Moreover, it is the place where citizens are happy with a clean, safe and green (healthy) environment in company with generous budgets and good services ... Thus, in my opinion, to make city become better, we need concentrate more on finance and environment.

Nowadays, every city all over the world expresses deep concerns over environmental issue greatly. Environment is being heavily exploited rapidly by human beings for satisfying their needs such as: wood for houses, animals for food, rare plants for cure... Specifically, global warming is due to greenhouse gases, ozone depletion, exhaust fumes from automobiles, waste water disposal or pollution is caused by sewage system, lack of people's awareness... As a result, the weather has changed and caused many disasters such as earthquake, floods, drought, Tsunami ... that can cause everyone homeless, hapless and miserable. Furthermore, environmental issue certainly makes threats to human such as lack of sleep, illness, weak resistance to disease, serious stress symptoms, and especially dissatisfaction resulting from noise which even ranks higher than crime and traffic. Global warming or any sufficiently warm area keeping insects alive even in dreary winter is one way to spread diseases. I suggest that the authority should ban more effectively, form various regulations, policies to reduce such issues to minimum. As a result, the more healthy environment is, the more excellent health is. Secondly, the clean environment can attract foreign investment and visit. Thus, the economic develops considerably. Thirdly, that citizens would appreciate the authority's concern to the environment helps that city exist longer.

Besides environment, like blood in our body, finance is necessary to make city become better. According to Wikipedia, finance includes saving money and often includes lending money. It shows clearly through the state budget is a tool to adjust socio-economic background, orient production development, regulate market, stabilize prices and adjust socio life. Cites should be more creative and flexible in their strategic financial development in conformity with growing demands on budgets and diminishing revenue bases. Citizens may demand a better service but unwilling to pay more for them. So the government must perceive whether that service is good or must be altered. If it is good, try to persuade citizens to understand their financial benefits. In addition, the government can encourage public companies to cooperate with the private sector to fund the provision of services and infrastructure in innovative ways. With a healthy finance, that the authority is able to reduce taxes make citizens' living standards gradually improve. Furthermore, the authority can concentrate more on hospitals, educations, decrease good prices, increase defence expenditure, and not depend on foreign aid. In brief, that the eco-socio develops firmly builds an independent, democratic, prosperous and powerful city.

In conclusion, making city become better is depend not only on the government but also the individual consciousness of each citizen. I have long desired that if one day I were a city leader, I would change my own city into my dreaming city with these keys issues.
Aug 18, 2011
Undergraduate / " Integrity has become a lifestyle" - my Issue of Importance Essay [3]

At a high school assembly, my principal once asked "What is integrity to you?" I came to the realization that integrity had exceeded its definition of being honest and sincere. The complexity of integrity could mean holding true to one's morals, or making the right decision. But the fundamental question was, who has the rightright to decide what is moral and what is not? Currently, integrity is not addressed as an issue, but with the current issues, integrity is involved. Essentially, it is universally important in communities, technology and politics.

As a teen,When we are teenagers, integrity is the best characteristic to have. BeginningBlank in middle school, many students are open to new opportunities whether it is joining a club, or exploring their likes and dislikes. In addition, many teensteenagers are also pressured into the world of cheating, and even drugs and drinking. I had a close friend who was a fellow girl scout. We had known each other for nine years and her family was a great influence. We both had summer jobs as lifeguards, and to my surprise, I discovered she had been smoking marijuana. What teens forget is that they have control over their own mind and body. Only they can decide that whatwhether they are doing is right or wrong. Texting while driving is another issue teens have. WithUnder the influence of adults, teens feel they have the right to talk on the phone while onon the road, even if it is illegal. Once again, integrity plays a key role. We should all use our better judgment to keep safe, knowingknow that distractions can be dangerous just as drugs can be harmful.

Hope this can help you!
Aug 18, 2011
Writing Feedback / nature or nurture which one have influence on personality and development ? [2]

Whether temperament which we arewere born with or experience various situations has an effect on our character or growing up arouse some controversy. From my point of view, both of them influence onblank our personality and development.

Firstly some psychologist like Cloninjer believe that people arewere born with four specific temperaments ( harm avoidance, novelty seeking, perseverance, reward dependence) which have a crucial role in forming the personality and how we get long with our family and other people. for instance one longitudinal research illustrated teenagers who have been more novelty seeker , they have had borderline personality, which is a personality disorder, when they have grown up. Which is why, it is really important to pay attention to the temperaments of children. Secondly people are inherited some traits which haven't changed. However, they have experienced different situations and have acquired new things in their lives.

On the other hand, some theorists who are advocateadvocates of behavioral theories believe that the personality of individuals is made by encountering several conditions. For example Eskiner who is a famous behavioral psychologist said we have different characters because our parents provide specific situations for us; in the other words we are product of conditions which we have nurtured in. for instance parents who have gotten strict upbringing to their children, they might be have had sons or daughters with obsessive personality. thereforeTherefore, they don't accept that traits which every person arewere born with determining personality or way of growing.

To sum up I think that nurture and nature, both of them, are the bases of the personality and development, we can not neglect each of them. In additionsaddition,Pp arents should heed their children' s traits which arewere born with and provide best conditions for them.

Hope that can help you!
Mar 22, 2011
Writing Feedback / "Never, never give up" - Your favorite saying [9]

Topic: About your favorite saying and explain why you like it.

"Never, never give up" - an ordinary saying, but for me, it is not only my favorite saying but also my great encouragement.

Some people will give up if they are bored or have difficulty during their life. For me, "never, never give up" - an ordinary saying, but it is not only my favorite saying but also my great encouragement.

Anyone might not reach their goals without showing sufficient enthusiasm. I am an enthusiastic girl and want to complete all my work without pause. I never give up. And it encouraged me much when I intended to give up.

From my case, I wanted to set up a volunteer team. But none of some close friends seemed to be interested in my idea or want to join with me. I was frustrated then but I told myself not to give up. I thought that there must be some people who have the same idea with me. As a result, when I came up with a different approach which was posting my ideas on social websites, I was astonished upon figuring out that a lot of people shared the same idea with me. Now, we joint together in one team and started our volunteer work.

After all, speaking from my above experience, I would have failed if I had not pushed myself strong enough to pursue my target.
Mar 22, 2011
Writing Feedback / Music is a therapy for better health [2]

had saw a lot of news about japan --> has seen
cause 10 thousand people missing and dead at japan --> in japan
dangerous to people --> tớ nghĩ lŕ dangerous thôi lŕ đủ
it may cause people damaged by radiation. -> it may damage people by radiation (měnh nghĩ vậy hay hơn)
no need waiting for 7years to studying -> to study
i had watch a case at hospital -> had watched
the patient have cancer but he does not have enough money for cure his cancer -> the patient who has a cancer does not have enough money to cure.

he was never seem sad and still playing his guitar. -> he never seemed (to be) sad and still played
I was so curious why a patient have cancer but does not seem sad, i ask he about why he have a cancer but still seem happily. -> i was curious enough to ask him why he has a cancer but didn't seem sad

i shocked because a person have cancer still can be happy. i feel i was so ashamed because i was worry about my exam result was bad. --> i was shocked because a person having a cancer is still happy. i feel i was so ashamed because i was worried about my exam result was bad.

i want learning guitar from the patient -> i want to learn
I don't understand the rest of this para.
I check your grammar. Hope this useful
Mar 22, 2011
Student Talk / How to speak English fluently and correctly? [57]

Câu title bạn ghi nhầm ůi kia --> fluently.
Theo tớ nghĩ thě nęn nghe nhiều hơn tręn đŕi, tivi, tập nói theo người bản xứ, nhưng để fluently thě nęn tăng words để có vốn từ để có thể ứng biến trong mọi trường hợp. Tớ chỉ nghĩ được nhięu đó ^^
Sep 22, 2010
Writing Feedback / Learning with teachers or learning by ourselves. Which do you prefer? [2]

Check dům em nhen :-x
Every day, we learn many things from many people and from many circumstances. I do, too. I always learn with my teacher ongoing process in my life. I think both learning by ourselves and with teacher are good ideas. But I prefer to learn with teachers.

Firstly, teachers are trained professionals who know exactly how to teach to different kinds of pupils based on their IQs. Their knowledge is good enough to perform a lecture. So, we can save time and effort instead of spending much time finding knowledge. Teachers provide us with information which books are referred to. If we learn by ourselves, it's difficult to for us to find that information because we are not sure about the books to be reffered as ther are many books in the library. We can learn something new when someone explains clearly to us. By listening, we can learn easily and rapidly.

Secondly, the atmosphere of the classroom which is more conducive to concentrate on what teachers explain. Teachers can clear our doubts right there while it's difficult to do it by ourselves.

Attending a lecture is important. This is the third reason. Because students share his/her ideas with colleguage around the lecture. It also help him/her practice brainstorming, team work, discussion skills. By all means, these practise would be grown and prosper while attending the lecture. On the other hand, we will interestingly have very hot debates that open my mind to have more knowledge. And the teacher can help in molding the character of the students and make them be better individuals.

Finally, studying by ourselves has its own advantages but there is no particular routine. There are many things more attractive and you will break the routinge.

In conclusion, I concur that learning with teacher is a better idea. Just in a group, your ability will appear.