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Learning with teachers or learning by ourselves. Which do you prefer?

prettybear94 3 / 7  
Sep 22, 2010   #1
Check dům em nhen :-x
Every day, we learn many things from many people and from many circumstances. I do, too. I always learn with my teacher ongoing process in my life. I think both learning by ourselves and with teacher are good ideas. But I prefer to learn with teachers.

Firstly, teachers are trained professionals who know exactly how to teach to different kinds of pupils based on their IQs. Their knowledge is good enough to perform a lecture. So, we can save time and effort instead of spending much time finding knowledge. Teachers provide us with information which books are referred to. If we learn by ourselves, it's difficult to for us to find that information because we are not sure about the books to be reffered as ther are many books in the library. We can learn something new when someone explains clearly to us. By listening, we can learn easily and rapidly.

Secondly, the atmosphere of the classroom which is more conducive to concentrate on what teachers explain. Teachers can clear our doubts right there while it's difficult to do it by ourselves.

Attending a lecture is important. This is the third reason. Because students share his/her ideas with colleguage around the lecture. It also help him/her practice brainstorming, team work, discussion skills. By all means, these practise would be grown and prosper while attending the lecture. On the other hand, we will interestingly have very hot debates that open my mind to have more knowledge. And the teacher can help in molding the character of the students and make them be better individuals.

Finally, studying by ourselves has its own advantages but there is no particular routine. There are many things more attractive and you will break the routinge.

In conclusion, I concur that learning with teacher is a better idea. Just in a group, your ability will appear.
brlee82 1 / 2  
Sep 22, 2010   #2
I believe that it is always good to present both sides first, then appeal your idea. You made your conclusion in the first paragraph already but why don't you start with general ideas and break it down? Then, you should present pros and cons on both sides.

Also, In your writing,
Firstly, secondly -> advantages about "Learning with teachers"
Finally-> disadvantage about "Studying ourselves"

It seems like a bit lack of back up.
I hope my small ideas help you a bit.
Have a nice day :-)

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