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Mar 1, 2011
Writing Feedback / 'globalization risk' - visitors to a country follow local customs and behavior? [3]

With the development of technology, people travel the world easily in the modern society. As long as you have mass of money, you can trip the universe. It is amazing. But in the meantime, whether tourists should follow local customs and behaviour has become a focus issue. Someone believe that visitors should follow local customs and behaviour while others argue that the host country should welcome cultural differences. Before presenting my viewpoint, I will discuss both sides of the argument. However, as far as I concerned, I am favour of former.

As the idiom said :"While in Rome, do as the Remans do." the reason why every travellers visit different countries is that they are attractive with brilliant history and mysterious cultures. Just for this simple and important reason, people start to discover the new continent in their hearts. We can know the culture of country through tripping. For example, we can stay with the local family, talk about anything about their country and join some special activities with local people. If we do that, It means that we have adapt to their life. This way is the best to protect the host country culture. Because of the rise of globalization, many countries have begun to lose themselves.

On the other hand, colorable argument can be made that the host country should welcome cultural differences. They want to earn more money from this, so they meet people's any needs. Sometimes,that the different cultures are introduced into the host country is the good thing. It can be seen as human evolution, but it affects that the country have a short history like U.S.A, Canada and so on. The globalization will damage the language and customs.

In summary, I agree that people should follow local customs and behaviour. And we can't lose the sight of risks of globalization. It is significant for the government to make efforts to conserve endangered culture.
Mar 1, 2011
Undergraduate / "believe in challenging the status quo" - Showing my Value Personal Statement [6]

first,"wanna"is informal word in writing."I looking forward to hear some advices from you" you have made a grammer mistake.Correct:"I'm looking forward to hearing...."Please notice you verb "be"

"if I have some privilegeprivileges "

"but and "is too hard to use.they are advanced vocabulary. you can't use it so easy!you can use "although,while"instead of

you have many errors,such as "In spitinspite of my decisions could be crazy for some" in spite of +n. If you want to add clause, you can write like this :"in spite of the fact that my decisions could be crazy for some."

you also have good thing--wide vocabulary.
good job
Dec 15, 2010
Writing Feedback / China essay city and country children , discuss [3]

City and Countryside Children

In my family, there is a part-time housekeeper who cleans my house 2 to 3 hours a week. She always tells me her hometown. There is a fact that many children in her hometown can't afford the education fee. They have to abandon it to earn money for family; on the contrary it is different for city children. So one way to explain the differences between city and country children is to compare them on significant points. Please follow me!

Because of different development speed of city and country, children have different life background. As we all know, the world is being rapidly developed. Children could have no chance for learning and touching new technology if they live in the country. Moreover, children in the city can use and play the new technological products like video games, iphone. As this fact, children have a colorful childhood. When they have a birthday party, their friends and parents send gifts to taste of them. What happiness! While children in country don't know what is birthday party. They just live calmly without any attractions and activities. When they come back their childhood, they will find nothing is interesting and exciting. In addition, health is important for children where they live. In the country, if children are sick, maybe there are no good hospital to take them or their family are so poor that they can't afford their expensive fee. In the city, on the other hand, health care facilities are of excellent quality.

As children in the city and country both are in different places, consequently, they have diverse educations. Children who grow up in the cities have a better chance for education because the cities have more schools, colleges and university and more career opportunities than country. In fact, the country is isolated by society and becomes a island, so children don't know how the outside developed. They just gain the information from TV. On the other hand, city is more open to people in the world. If children live in city, he can be exposed different cultures and study approaches. This is another indirect education. It can affect their future, like where they want to go abroad to study and what kind of job is popular. However, children in the country can't get it. Anther difference is that approach of getting information. Because the city is more developed, children can read the internet, newspapers, books and so on. As long as you have a target, you can quickly find it with any ways. In China country, maybe children get the information from reference books and newspapers.

The city and country children have many differences, but they have the sane dream - have a successful life. The children in the country want to climb out of poverty, so they work hard and go out to fulfill their dreams like to become a successful businessman, help the poor and so on. Now, there are more examples for country children become famous men. For instance, the chairman of TaoBao webside is from a remote Chinese countryside. He use his talent to open company. Because of his company, people have another choose to go shopping on the line. For the city children, they have a higher beginning than country. They can be admitted into good university, but they also should try their best to realize their dreams. The city and country children only via hard-working study to carry out. Don't care about whether she or he come from country or city, please remember they have dreams and succeed.

Under different circumstances including life and education, children in the city and country can impact their whole life. This is the apparent factor to explain. But the similarity is also the key. Because everyone has a dream. In my own viewpoint, the government should pay more attention to developing the countries education and life facilities to reduce the distance between city and country. This new policy can make society balance and rise the GDP.
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