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Feb 6, 2012
Writing Feedback / TOEFL - People are put too much focus on making wealth and progress in technology [4]

The life today is totally different from half centuries beforeago . Advances inAdvanced technology do help humans to solve abundant ofmany problems; however it also deprives of some of the things that we had. In my opinion, life in the old days brings more happiness to people than today for several reasons.

The first reason is life iswas simple in the past. Nowadays, all humans compete together. Since world population getting higher, competition is getting fierce. If you are not able to handle your jobs, then someone will replace you right away. People need to put much more effort to keephold their living condition. Therefore, lives in the old days iswere a lot easier than today.

Second, the environment today today's environment is seriously damaged. Looking out the windows, what I see isn't sky, trees or mountains, but is coldly highhuge buildings. Everyday, I walk on hard roads, breath in polluted air, and live in a limited space. What's worse, it has been proved that living in this kind of condition will result in some mental diseases. Thus, the environment our grandparents live isin which our grandparents lived was more comfortable than today.

The third reason is that the pace of life. Today,Nowadays we are able to read the news all over theof whole world, to chat with people through the Internet, or to travel around the world by planes; however, it also means that any thing happens in the world will affect our life. If we cannot reactwill not take any actionproperly and immediately, then we It will be in create a vulnerable situation for us. We will have no choice but and we have to live in a fast pace.

In conclusion, while there are some people live in a pretty good condition, it is only a the minority. People are put too much focus on making wealth and progress in technology; nevertheless, behind the glamorous facade of it, what we loss will never be returned.
Jan 31, 2012
Student Talk / How to enhance my English? [52]

Hi, you can use 'High School English Grammar and Composition' by Wren and Martin.
It helped me a lot in both sentence formation as well as grammar basics.
Jan 31, 2012
Writing Feedback / 'They follow what their heart say' - Childhood Dreams essay [3]

My first attempt to an essay.

please give your comments on grammar part.
all the feedbacks are welcome.

Children are very enthusiastic and energetic. they learn from seeing seeing stuff. As they see new thing, they start thinking about it and if it is of their interest or if it gives them some interest. they just want to get it or want to become like that.

In younger age, every child has some dream. some want to become pilot, some want to become doctor and some want to become musician.

in childhood, most of the children want to become a pilot. as the see an aeroplane they want to fly it. an aeroplane or any flying animal makes them happy and they want to fly with them. they start visualizing themselves having wings. they think that if they would have wings so they could also fly.

some children want to become a doctor to help people. they like equipments which are along with doctors, they want to have those equipments and play with them.

some children want to become a musician. they want to be famous like musicians. they are crazy about music equipments like guitar, drums etc. when they go to any exibition they want to buy more number of equipments and they convince their parents to buy some equipments.

children love to follow what their heart say. they have many dreams. they think that as they grow they want to become a part of it.