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Mar 16, 2012
Student Talk / I am new here and I want to practice writing English essay.. [35]

Hi everybody, I'm also new here! ı want to improve my english, especially speaking. ı have a suggestion , here is: make a group on msn and we will meet every week , we will speak different subject which is you/ı wonder. for example, one week we will speak culture, another week we will sport etc...before we meet we will praper for subject which is we will speak about it .ı think it will be good ..so who wants to join this group? What it is your idea?
Mar 16, 2012
Student Talk / How to enhance my English? [52]

hi mydear04, first welcome..:)
ı am like you, new member and have a poor english :) if you want we can be friend on msn or facebook to improve english, for practice.