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Mar 15, 2015
Scholarship / 'to impart negotiating skills' - Essay for Emory - Design an academic course [4]

If you could create an academic course that is in the Emory University spirit of collaboration, creativity, entrepreneurship and inquiry, what would it be? What impact would the course have on you and your classmates' educational experience? (500 word limit)

I would create a course series aiming to impart negotiating skills. The course series will last three semesters. During the first semester, students will be imparted basic theoretical knowledge - critical thinking, argumentation, political science and diplomacy. Students are required to do considerable after-class reading to get a basic understanding of different culture customs in various types of negotiations. During the second semester, the main focus is on practice.

Students will get training for common forms of negotiations which can be employed in various walks of life in the future.
Mar 15, 2015
Scholarship / I am not the typical nerd although I am intelligent and studious girl [3]

I try my best to correct some grammar mistakes. Hope it helps.

I am intelligent and studious girl but I am not the typical nerd. My name is Kelly Paucar, I am sixteen years old and I study in "Manuela Cańizares" High School. I live my life and I love to enjoy all the time because I am a teenager. However, I am not like a normal teenager because I take my studies very seriously and have dreams and goals for my future and I never give up easily. I am going to try hard until making my dreams come true.

I was born in Quito in 1998. I live with my family in Sangolquí. I grew up as a only daughter but now I have two little sisters. I always have the support of my parents in everything that I decide to do, especially in my education because this is the most important for me in as much as I will have more opportunities in life to be successful.

My parents have a lot of confidence in me, I remember my dad always says to me [font#008000'There is no 'can't in my dictionary" and I strive in all that I do.

I studied in Juan Montalvo School and I was the second standard- bearer. I started here my sportswoman time. I used to be an athlete and have won a lot of competitions in triple and long jump, but I stopped in 10th grade in the high school. During this time I strive a lot, I used to practice the sport five days a week, and I had to take my English course I felt stressedout because sometimes I did not sleep but after I only needed to organize my time and adapt me at my schedules.

Now, I am a straight A student.Moreover I am one of the top students in my class because I fight for what I want to achieve.

The last school year I received an invitation for the International Baccalaureate (IB) but I refused (declined) this opportunity. I was one of the 25 five students out the 70 applicants being admitted into IB. Others important things about me are that I study English in "Global English Total Learn System" and I improve a lot of my language and now I can speak with others people and I can understand the conversation when I talk with others. Futhermore I love reading , I spent a lot of time reading books. Additionally, I am very sociable and outgoing; moreover I can adapt myself to any situation.

My main goal is to study in USA. and for this reason I am very interested in your program. Only give an opportunity and I promise that I am going to give the best of me. I want to have a higher education to shape me into a professor in my career .

I am sure you will find me a deserving party for Fulbright because I have an excellent academic record and leadership potential.
Mar 13, 2015
Undergraduate / I decided to learn something practical, technical and capable of creating huge material [3]

Please provide a statement that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve. You can type directly into the box, or you can paste text from another source. (250-650 words)

When I was about to choose a major to specialize in, I convinced myself of learning something practical, technical and capable of creating huge material wealth. At that time, I thought only that kind of occupations could truly make a difference to the world. Architecture seemed to be a nice choice, combining engineering techniques and romantic imagination. Then there I was, studying architecture at one of the best engineering schools in China.

Admittedly, I did have a great time exploring the world of architecture for the past one and a half years.