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Nov 12, 2016
Writing Feedback / The education you receive from your family is more important than the education you [3]

The education you receive from your family is more important than the education you receive from school.
To what extend do you agree with this statement and why ?

Today children are upbringing and learning in a big society and Besides this, two straightforward way are family and school. A bunch of people say that family teaching is more notable, however other people argue that school is much more important. I share opinion on that family is more striking as I shall go on to show.

Firstly, youngster learn from their parents before they go to school and learn there. As a result of that they are formed by family first and this makes fundamental of their manner. If parents do not care about this period of time commitment of crime may will be raising.

Secondly, juvenile spend as fewer time as they do in home which means there are a lot of routine to learn more than in school and this is because family is more important and they might better have good plan to direct children to god way with appropriate attitudes.

Furthermore, because of all different culture and variety of behavior that someone can face with at school, so education from school can be efficient and to point out other part of children construct in school.

To conclude, I believe that family nurture is much more notable than school, yet it can lead to bad result if either parents or government have plan to teach all things children need.
Oct 14, 2016
Writing Feedback / Motorways reduce time and distance of arriving to other cities, but they are also dangerous [8]

IELTS: Writing Task 2 : Problem and Solutions Of Motorways

In over recent years many countries have decided to develop their motorways, which as a result they will able to reduce time and distance of arriving to other cities.I share opinion of some people who say motorways involve some problems.

firstly, the most outstanding problem is environment destruction; which means the governments may cut trees down if they direction cross among the trees. one solution that may works for this problem is that governments focus on area, which the least damages for environment.

In addition, highways some times are dangerous.For example, if driver drove quickly and recklessly, there would occur an accident.In my opinion this problem would be solve if cars companies embedded an intelligence system that could control cars' speed in different situations and also governments have an striking role in this problem, they can introduce limitation rules to decline bad events.

lastly, since motorways are very queit and vast, people rather dirve own cars instead of public transportation this increase can lead to more gas consumption and this is one of pollution causes. I think to tackle this problem government should increase tax of driving in motorways alone.

To conclude, i believe motorways although have a lots of benefit but there are some problems: environment devastation, dangerous due to high speed, and a growth of using own cars. Yet there are some simple cures for them such as concentrate on district with the least damages, setting the limitation rules, and increasing the rate of tax respectively.