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Celebrating a special occasion in a restaurant and being verysatisfied with the food and service

zoecheng 1 / -  
Apr 17, 2019   #1

Letter to a restaurant manager - ielts

You and some friends ate a meal at a restaurant to celebrate a special occasion, and you were very pleased with the food and sevice.

Write a letter to the restaurant manager. In your letter

1.give details of your visit to the restaurant
2.explain the reason for the celebration
3.say what was good about the food and the service

Dear Sir,
I am writing to send my best appreciation of the good services we have never had for visiting a restaurant like yours.

Last Saturday, me and my family were arranging a place for dinner online, at first, we didn't know where to go until a conspicuous advert of restaurant named "Memory" popped up on the screen, those photos looked too attractive to turn down, after a series of discussion, we decided to make a reservation.

We used to spend our weekend together, due to it was my birthday, my mother said she would like to cook for us with a bunch of meals on this special day, unfortunately, she accidentally sprained her wrist, so we had to eat outside.

while we walked into the restaurant, we soon found out that all your staffs were friendly and polite, also, a strong smell of Italian cuisines came to us that we couldn't resist by the hunger and the cozy atmosphere so that we immediately ordered some of the most popular traditional dishes. In the middle of laughing and chatting, a crowd of waiters and waitresses holding a birthday cake singing and approaching to me that made me surprising touched, they said they had planned this surprise for me as soon as they noticed the information when I booked.

I cried happily and we were fully enjoyable at the moment, hence, we need to thank you personally for everything your restaurant had done for us, not only the fabulous taste but the unforgettable memories.

yours faithfully

Zoe cheng
Margaret 2019 2 / 2 1  
Apr 17, 2019   #2
Your answer is right on the topic and your expression match the situation as well. However, there are still some typo here. Pay attention on the caps letter such as Yours faithfully and While. That's all of my comment on your essay
Maria - / 1,098 389  
Apr 17, 2019   #3
While I don't necessarily think that you should use formal language because the intent and purpose of the paper itself does not require that,I still think that you should keep in mind the fundamental grammatical conventions.

Setting that aside, in terms of structure, you should have more hold over the formatting and outline of the flow of your essay. For instance, you can do just three separate paragraphs that addresses each point that is required. This will help you evade cluttered structures that do not have a specific goal in mind.

What you could do here is change the formatting of your second paragraph and merge it with the first. Alongside this, you may also shift around the phrasing.

For instance, if I were to rewrite these portions to create an introduction for you, it would look like:
My family and I had arranged to find a restaurant for dinner online. We were lurking around and found an advertisement for your restaurant. Needless to say, I am writing to send my appreciation because of the premium quality of services we were given during our stay.

Notice how I had first given a brief introduction of what had transpired to smoothly shift into what you want to say. I recommend this approach especially for letter essays that do not necessarily need a formal tone to them because you can do a lot without compromising the quality.

Look into your composition - or the way that you structure your texts. Notice that your third paragraph appeared to be messy because you were trying to mix altogether all your thoughts into one phrase. What you could do is divide your thoughts and sentences into easier to comprehend portions through separating them. Alongside this, I would also suggest watching out for your usage of preposition.

For instance, I would revise this line as:
We were supposed to spend our weekend together because of my birthday. My mother mentioned wanting to cook multiple dishes for this special day. Unfortunately, she had sprained her wrist, causing us to resort to eating out.

What I had done is essentially changed the formatting and tone of language; and I had also made certain that I simply separate the lines into different sentences to make the delivery simpler. Implement this throughout your letter.

Best of luck.
alessandra_dac 1 / 4  
May 2, 2019   #4
I would start with "Dear Resturant Manager" and avoid the paragraph where you talk about your mother accident.
You should use a formal tone too.

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