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An Example of a Written Response to a Dissatisfied Customer

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Oct 25, 2006   #1

I am happy to respond to this customer! While we hate to have any dissatisfied clients, it is also imperative that we as a company protect our writers. The reality is that our writer followed all of this client's specifications. It was only after the paper had been written that she asked him to change it, and in so doing, gave him a set of instructions that were different from those he had been given in the first place.

There were several exchanges in which the writer tried to explain how he had met this client's original specifications, but it seemed clear, after some time, that what had happened was that the client wanted something different from what she had asked for originally. At this point I stepped in to offer a rewrite. We do charge for those when the writer does nothing wrong, but we certainly don't charge as much as we do for writing from scratch.

This writer has never, ever had a dissatisfied client. The same cannot be said for most writers, at any company -- and he is a full-time writer, working almost exclusively on business and finance assignments (which this one was). I am not saying that people aren't human, or that this writer could never make a mistake. But the fact is that in this case -- and I checked thoroughly -- he did not make a mistake.

We as a business have no investment in hurting our clients. We routinely ask our writers to correct small errors (and sometimes large ones), and will even pay for complete rewrites when the writer simply cannot address the original specifications of the client. In other words, we bend over backwards to offer good customer service. But again, it just isn't fair for us to completely rewrite papers that are written correctly the first time (correctly in this case to mean according to customer specifications). This is why, incidentally, we consistently urge our clients to be as clear and thorough as possible when they give their instructions, so as to avoid misunderstandings.

Should this client wish to continue her business relationship with us, we would be more than delighted to offer her a discount on her next assignment. We will also make every effort to assign her projects to the writer whom she likes. But again, we have to walk a line between excellent customer service and being fair to our writers -- and in this case, the decision was clear.

Thank you,

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