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Feb 7, 2022   #1
Hi, I am applying for a Masters's Degree in Applied Economics with a specialization in Public Policy and Development. I would be grateful if I can have your insight on my statement. Thanks

No prompt.

Being born and raised in a low-income environment in northern Nigeria, I was genuinely troubled about the level of inequality and the growth in the economic disparity between the rich and the poor, as a result of poor government policies. After my high school education, I began reading extensively and traveling to various West-African countries at age 18. Studying and living in a foreign country exposed me to people of different cultures and backgrounds, opened the world for me, and strengthened my interest in development on an international level. Ever since then, I realized Economics is at the heart of many social problems facing the world, including unemployment, inflation, poverty, pollution, healthcare, and human rights. And how development and public policy are important because policy choices and decisions made by those in power affect our daily lives which include education, healthcare, and national security. Throughout my undergraduate studies, I had the pleasure of studying International Relations. Given my intellectual curiosity and passion, I believe that the Masters in Applied Economics with a specialization in Public Policy and Development at the XXX, where diversity and global cooperation is celebrated; will be useful for me in acquiring the expertise and confidence I need to prepare myself for a Ph.D. and to grow to my fullest potential as a researcher in this field.

I would like to enhance my knowledge of the economic and social principles of global sustainable development, such as the divergence between rich and poor countries and how this links with the theories of growth so that I can help to alleviate the effects of these types of economic problems in my home country, Nigeria and Africa at large. My interests are focused on the issues in African economic development. Sub-Saharan Africa's economic trajectory since independence has been a roller-coaster of progress and reversals. A perfect example is my home country Nigeria, Nigeria is one of the top crude oil exporters in Africa, due to poor policies and ineffective governance Nigeria today is one of the poorest countries with one of the highest youth age-class. The youthfulness of the country is a resource that can be tapped into but because public policies are not well developed and executed, a whole segment of the population is neglected. Studying macroeconomics and microeconomics at my undergraduate level gave me insight into a new dimension of factors that affect nations, and helped me to further understand how countries impact each other.

This return to academic study was borne out of my desire to extend my professional development and also learn how to solve many of the numerous economic problems facing Africa from international business and trade activities through international development economics and finance. A degree in Applied Economics with a specialization in Public Policy and Development will equip me with the necessary skills to become an expert in designing, analyzing, and evaluating public policies in both developed and developing countries, while providing solutions designed to build a fairer society where equal access to resources is available regardless of socioeconomic class. Electing Social Sciences will allow me to study policies and economy; areas that have helped me understand how society works and its changing ideals. Together with history, these courses have helped me understand that what makes a country flourish, is not its natural resources, but how countries manage their economy, social policies, and political systems. I am looking forward to developing and further understanding these complex issues, hoping one day I can contribute in helping narrow the gap between developing and developed countries I see your curriculum as the ideal instrument for the research that I wish to undertake concerning the socio-economic development of Africa, religion as a political tool in the Internet age. Furthermore, the principal question my research intends to answer is how to best formulate a regional architecture based on qualitative and quantitative methods in which the regional actors can address past grievances, and build on the cultural, religious, and economic ties that have existed for centuries. I now seek a much deeper understanding of the African Region from a broad variety of interdisciplinary perspectives, in the ongoing search for trends in foreign policy decision making and the opportunities that exist for dialogue and peaceful resolution of differences, and ways to secure a more cooperative future amongst countries in the region.

I have always had a strong social conscience and have actively participated in various voluntary programs. Before and after graduating, I volunteered and worked part-time with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs), and rural communities. In those programs, I learned interpersonal and communication skills, teamwork, and flexibility and gained real-world experience in humanitarian intervention. I learned invaluable lessons about management, leadership, and cultural openness. I ethically managed several grants worth thousands of dollars. I negotiated terms for projects with local government executives, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), and community groups. Beyond my analytical skills, I possess a good grasp of mathematical prowess.

I have chosen the XXX because it has one of the best Public Policy and Development programs in the world. Its location in the heart of France's governance is a significant draw. Access to important people in the public and private sector would be an invaluable component of my education. I look forward to the small seminar-style classes that encourage active intellectual discussion among students and quality relationships with peers and professors. Furthermore, the option of studying for a second year at connected institutions would enrich and enhance my learning experience. Additionally, the built-in internship program is an unpassable opportunity to further my career aspirations. Through my research and correspondence, I have decided that the XXX is the right fit for me at this time in my professional development.

I plan to utilize the knowledge gained from my studies in developing strong international economic trade and financial policies and strategies which can be adapted by the government to enable Africa to manage its natural resources in order to achieve sustainable economic growth and development. I will also participate in advising Industries, Government, International Business Organizations, and Development Agencies on economic trade and financial development, especially in the areas of trade, finance, public policies, and monetary policies, new technologies especially information and communication technologies; helping them strike a balance between the reality of human needs and sustainable economic and financial development.

Beyond my studies, in my career, I intend to make a lasting impact on others through the work I conduct. Whether my career ultimately resides fully in academia or partially in industry. I desire to contribute significantly to the projects I will ultimately work on. I desire to be a positive, and compelling leader. I wish to position myself such that I will be able to most effectively utilize my talents and passions to bring about a positive change to the world.

I want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to read through this letter to have an idea of who I am. I am looking forward to positive feedback from you.

Best regards,
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,686 4759  
Feb 7, 2022   #2
Only paragraphs 2,3,5,6, and 7, work for the motivational statement. The rest of the essay is irrelevant to a person who is already well exposed professionally to the world of economics. All masters degree programs, unless otherwise stated, requires a minimum 2 year work exposure in the relevant field. Something that the applicant should make sure to highlight as a part of his motivational reference.

Focus more on the problem that the country faces and that you are concerned with solving. it must be a more expanded discussion in the paragraph. It should not only be a mere reference because the main reason for the masters course pursuit is to help resolve a problem or address a shortcoming in the professional field of the applicant. Focus on a specific problem that you will be concerning yourself with finding solutions to as a masters degree student.

Modify the current presentation. Shorten the current paragraphs to allow a chance to include the reasons for the university choice and (if studying overseas), the country to pursue the masters course in. Make sure that these 2 paragraphs have a strong economic relationship with regards to your choices.

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