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Info-Bionics Engineering - Motivation letter for graduate school

ddrazoh 1 / -  
Nov 29, 2022   #1

Motivation letter

I want to express my enthusiasm for a Master's in Info-Bionics Engineering at xxxx University. I have a B.Sc. Biomedical laboratory technology degree (CGPA 3.94/5) from Makerere University, Uganda, and over five years of working experience in a molecular microbiology laboratory processing HIV-1, Hepatitis B, and Brucella samples. During this time, I have developed knowledge and skills in PCR, Cloning, Sanger, and Next generation sequencing (Minion), among others. As a result of this experience, I and co-workers in the wet lab have encountered hiccups, particularly in analysing sequence data that we produced, thus ending up in the hands of Bioinformaticians, who are moreover very rare in my country. This particularly motivates me to undertake a Master's in Info-Bionics Engineering degree to be able to analyse and interpret sequencing data, as this might be essential in guiding research aimed at servicing human life.

Given my strong ambition to indulge in Bio-inspired research, the chance to study an M.Sc. in Info-Bionics Engineering at this the Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics is intriguing and a perfect fit for me. In addition, the universities strong mentorship program, its extensive international relations, and the faculty's active and supportive environment would guarantee the completion of my research thesis and general success in my studies as a student.

My interest is in the Bio - infornics research group, and this stems from the fact that I will be able to learn from it how to comprehend and use sequencing data to reveal significant information concealed in nucleic acid sequences. This information can then be utilised to support research focused on disease modeling, drug development, molecular epidemiology, and evolutionary genetics, among other things. In addition, I intend to give my best to be among the best students so that I can continue pursuing my ultimate goal of doing a PhD in bioinformatics in my future career. Furthermore, studying in the center of Hungary will provide me with an opportunity to meet with other international students, hence increasing my horizon.

My decision to attend xxx University is influenced by various factors, including the institution's dedication to fostering innovation through a flexible student-centered learning environment, and its strategic location in the middle of Hungary, which exposes students to diversity and abundant opportunities, and makes it a dream destination for a student coming from a developing country. I am confident that my analytical skills, creativity, critical thinking, technical proficiency in nucleic acid modification, PCR, ELISA, cell culture, cloning, and general knowledge of molecular biology, coupled with mentorship, will help me to succeed in the course. For your perusal, I have attached my CV. In addition, I would welcome a further chat with you to further discuss my interests and abilities. I value your time and attention. I am grateful.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,582 4452  
Nov 30, 2022   #2
The first paragraph of this essay is quite concise in representing the motivation of the student and the imperative need for professionals with the skillset that the masters course will produce. Since the applicant has already been exposed to relevant clinical situations throughout his 5 year career, it is understood that he has the practical skills to complete the course. So the candidate should now focus on using the research aspect to further heighten and strengthen his motivational considerations. There is a specific mention of an interest in doing research during the course. This should be further developed to connect to the professional motivating factor. That way a career progression or accomplishment that can help the country of the student will become a very important motivating consideration.

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