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Letter Of Intent For Turkey Burslari Scholarship - Human Behavior

Sibgha 1 / -  
Feb 4, 2024   #1
Growing up in a parental burnout society, it is a fortuitous occurrence that I no longer desire to remain in the familiar groove and aim to strategically navigate the challenges.As a victim of such emotional abuse, I've always contemplate on becoming a source of heeling for such individual in distress. During my high school years, my involvement in the Student Council allowed me to extend a compassionate ear to classmates affected by emotional abuse. These encounters deeply impacted my understanding of human emotions and thus I have had set my sights on pursuing a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Counseling.Luckily I got the chance and applied for this prestigious scholarship.

My profound interest in comprehending human behavior in-depth has fostered a strong connection between my pursuits and the environment. It is this unwavering desire to examine the profound impact of our surroundings on human nature that has ignited a fervent passion within me for the realm of agricultural economy, particularly horticulture and forestry.

Pakistan boosts a rich agricultural heritage but the agricultural industry is facing challenges, including resource management, sustainability, and adapting to changing climates. By pursuing a scholarship in Turkey, I aim to gain an international perspective and learn from the advancements and finest implementations in Turkish agriculture.Likewise where Pakistan faces challenges in forest management Turkey surpass those obstacles by their commitment towards innovation, research, and sustainable practices.

The Burslari scholarship holds a special allure for me due to my affinity for Turkish language and culture. Discovering that our national language, Urdu, has roots in Turkish, with the word 'ordu' meaning army, sparked my curiosity and inspired me to delve deeper into Turkish language and culture. Through extensive research, I became captivated by the profound richness of Turkish traditions. In lieu of studying in my native land, I aspire to avail myself of the Turkish scholarship because I believe that such an experience would greatly enhance my capacity for independent living.

Given Turkey's renowned universities, I strongly believe that pursuing my undergraduate degree in Turkey would be an ideal choice. Furthermore, the financial support offered by this scholarship would be invaluable, allowing me to dedicate myself fully to my studies and research without the added burden of seeking employment.

Receiving the Turkey Scholarship would serve as a significant milestone in advancing my academic and professional career. It would provide me an opportunity to contribute to the diplomatic ties between Pakistan and Turkey, specifically within the field of agricultural economy. The personal benefits of this scholarship would be substantial, equipping me with the knowledge and skills necessary to make a meaningful impact in my chosen field.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15048 4830  
Feb 7, 2024   #2
Your intent to study Human Behavior in Turkey, through this scholarship is not one that will impress the reviewer. You have no true important intention to study in a Turkish university at this point. Your early story is nothing more than a tale to reviewer. There was no follow through in terms of that story being fully related to your intention to study in Turkey. Even your later explanations disconnect from the focus of a letter of intent. This presentation is more of a personal statement than anything else. A statement of intent or a letter of intent should explain your professional and academic reasons for pursuing this course. Unfortunately, the letter falls short of becoming a true letter of intent.

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