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Oct 30, 2016   #1
I have shown a growing interest in business administration since I was in middle school, considering that my sister has been working in the field for a long while and, consequently, she has instilled some business notions into me. Nevertheless, I have only been able to have a clear picture of what this area involved once I started to study entrepreneurship education and subsequently economics during high school. Studying these disciplines was a captivating experience on account of the combination of sciences and humanities both are based on. On the one hand, a businessman must possess mathematics knowledge, which is a critical factor when encountering everything related to modelling, statistics or accounting. On the other hand, a job in the business field also implies assumptions about human and government behaviours and decisions. Thereby, business administration represents much more than accounting, it encompasses communication, managing people, attracting talents, investments and investors, all these making up a complex set of skills.

In the 10th grade, the entrepreneurship education teacher assigned us the task of writing a business plan. My team's idea was merely a doughnut shop. I was responsible individually for defining the target market, pricing and finding effective methods of advertising. Together with my team, we dealt with estimating the costs of launching our hypothetical doughnut shop, the expenses and revenues for the first year. Working on that project made me realize that establishing a company was a thorough and challenging process and that I would be interested in learning more about the disciplines that would contribute to managing that successfully.

I am currently a 12th grader, enrolled at "Constantin Diaconovici Loga" High School in Timisoara. I have been studying mathematics and computer science for three and a half years. I opted for this academic program due to the variety of subjects taught during the four-year span. My firm conviction is that, while being a teenager, it is of paramount importance to acquire knowledge of as many areas as possible so that one can decide which direction he or she will take in the future. The high school curriculum has laid emphasis on sciences (mathematics, computer science, physics) and has also approached humanities (Romanian literature, foreign languages: English and French).

In the 10th grade, I participated in GROW, a non-governmental youth development program organized by the School of Values along with AIESEC. The program in question consisted of a series of courses on various topics taught in English by specifically trained foreign students from Brazil, Malaysia and Taiwan. Attending the GROW sessions proved very beneficial as they had helped me strengthen both my English and a range of valuable skills, such as communication, teamwork, brainstorming and time management. Moreover, I had the opportunity to get in touch with new cultures by meeting the friendly and positive foreigners as well as to broaden my horizons regarding the education systems abroad.

I am a conscientious, open-minded, ambitious, communicative, and competitive student, keen on improving continuously. Dedicating a considerable amount of time to studying the interconnected subjects the high school curriculum has comprised, has harnessed not only an analytical and logical thinking, but has also developed my creativity. The Romanian Literature classes have polished another set of skills, namely presentation and public speaking, which I deem of great importance when it comes to working in the business field. One of my teacher's mandatory demands has been to give now and then presentations of certain novels he has recommended to us, thus, I have always strived to create the best possible presentations in order to get positive reception from him. I have got along and collaborated well with both the teachers and the classmates, as I have been aware of the fact that if I wanted to be part of a pleasant environment I would have to co-operate, socialize and behave politely towards other people.

As regards my personal life, I find pleasure in reading, watching/playing tennis, learning foreign languages and travelling. My passion for travelling is one of the aspects I took into consideration when making the decision to study in Belgium. I have visited the country for a couple of times, hence, this has allowed me, to a certain degree, to experience the locals' day-to-day life. I am fascinated by the linguistic, religious, ethnic and cultural diversity of Brussels. In my opinion, there is no better place to study business administration than Brussels, which is widely considered the capital of the European Union. I feel thrilled at the prospect of studying in a city where most European Union institutions lie. Plus, the Belgian labour market benefits from a great deal of job opportunities, having established prominent companies, such as AB InBev.

The Bachelor of Business Administration at KU Leuven is exactly what I have been looking for, namely an academic program which in addition to being business oriented, has a strong international focus and features an interdisciplinary curriculum. I feel enthusiastic about the numerous team projects involved in this academic program because I am convinced that being a team player is considered an asset in the business field. Given my desire to explore the unknown, I am looking forward to studying at one of the faculty's partners abroad during the third bachelor stage.

I strongly believe that the academic program offered by KU Leuven is bound to find answers to my curiosities in the field as well as to build up the knowledge and skills necessary to aim for a job at a highly regarded company or even to start my own business at some point. My overall performance during high school, the aforementioned skills, my profound interest in the business field and the willingness to give the best I am capable of in order to attain my objectives, make me feel confident that I could meet the requirements of the Bachelor of Business Administration.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,531 3446  
Oct 31, 2016   #2
Daniel, due to the fact that you have opted to discuss information such as your personal life in this essay, the essay did not accurately manage to portray the requirements of a motivation letter. You must remove the personal life information and save that information for a different common app prompt.

The motivation behind your interest in business administration is solely based upon experience and exposure to the field. While I am not saying that is bad, it does lack a personal connection to you. It seems that your motivation is mostly academic in nature and that you lack the heart of a business administrator. The heart of the business administrator on your part should have come from the exposure that you got from your sister and what you learned from her. Instead, that was a mere blip in the overall essay. It is sad that the portion that could have given the motivation more meaning was not well developed.

Finally, I would like to suggest that, in order to create a more current motivation for yourself by indicating your future plans in relation to the field. This will create an idea that you have actually given thought to your course of choice, the difficulties that will come from attaining it, and finally, the realization of your dream. These should all help to solidify your motivation from your past, present, and future in the field.