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Motivation letter for a fast track MSc program in computer science for excellent undergrad students

lpotel01 1 / -  
Feb 15, 2021   #1
I am applying for a program for excellent undergraduate students in computer science in my university. I already meet the requirements and I received an email (as probably some other students with high scores) proposing that I apply for the program.

This is a research program that lets you do some intro research with the help of an advisor and an option to complete a master's degree in less time.

One thing to note is, I'm already a student of the university and I'm not applying for a master's right now, so I didn't think there was a need to reason why I chose this university or something like that.

Another thing to note is that the letter is written in a different language, I've translated it to be very close to what the original is like.

Please feel free to make any comment, if there's anything that I should add, remove or edit, stuff that I haven't talked about in my letter that I should've. Any help is appreciated!

This is my motivation letter:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am applying for the XXXX program for excellent students in the faculty of natural sciences. I see this as a great opportunity to experience research while still in undergraduate school and prepare for a research career in Computer Science.

Today, I'm an undergraduate student at the department of computer science close to graduation.
During my undergraduate studies, I've taken many mathematics and computer science classes, some of which where theoretical and some were practical, and often I found a great interest in the theory studied in class. During the semester, I would often find myself putting a lot of effort and devoting a lot of time delving into theoretical material such as mathematical proofs and articles about different subjects studied in advanced algorithms and math classes, that was not always necessary, but understanding what's beyond the theory and the questions that were proposed in some of those articles fascinated me, and the answer wasn't always there.

Answers to such questions, and improving what we already consider to be answers is, for me, what mainly motivates any research.

Getting acquainted with different branches of computer science motivated me to keep reading and do more research, especially on subjects that emphasize the importance of mathematics in algorithm development, such as Graph theory, Algebra, Number theory and how these are implemented in computer science.

In the framework of the program, I am going to do a research project about Geometric combinatorics under the supervision of Dr. XXXX XXXX, that will include getting familiar with the existing research in the field through literature, articles and problems proposed in them. In addition, I'm going to take a class in Geometric Combinatorics by Dr. XXXX XXXX (same lecturer) and participate in seminars related to this field.

This program is a great place for me to do all this, dive deep, get familiar with existing research of different topics and begin to develop the abilities required in research. This will allow me a smooth transition to graduate school next year and give me a remarkable advantage in time to come.

I am determined to do this in the best way possible, put in time and effort and excel in doing so just as I've done during my studies in undergraduate school. I hope you will consider me positively.

Thank you,

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,662 4753  
Feb 15, 2021   #2
You still offer a note as to why you chose to take advantage of this program as an undergraduate at the university. The reference to the quality of education you will continue to receive, based on your exposure to the professor should be one of the motivating factors presented in the letter. Try to remove any generalized references to learning. That is because this is actually a short form masters program so you need a specific educational goal, research focus, and reason for opting to pursue this program at this point in your undergraduate career ( I am unsure if this is a program you can pursue simultaneously with your undergraduate studies, or if you have to graduate from college first , then pursue this study track.). It is a good letter but can use more explanations with regards to certain motivational points. Good luck with your application. I hope I understood your presentation properly and gave useful advice since this is the translated essay I am using to advise you.

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