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Public health - Motivation letter review for scholarship

Ahmedd 2 / 1  
Feb 12, 2022   #1

letter of Motivation

Dear The Europubhealth+ Selection Committee,

Egypt is building a new health system after the Egyptian Parliament approved a new universal health coverage law in 2018 which is an unprecedented attempt to regulate Egypt's healthcare sector. I aim to take a role in this important initiative towards reforming and improving Egypt's health care system.

I have a strong interest in the field of public health. Working as a pharmacist and lab analyst in ( ) in Egypt, and as a researcher in health policies for a civil society organization,(). The duality of working in both a public institution and a civic organization has given me enough practical experience to understand the Egyptian health system, and also to have a passion for the field of public health in general. Therefore, the program will expand my public health background and knowledge and exposure to public health current challenges globally and different approaches and solutions to mitigate such challenges, and improve the access of quality health care in transition, as this is the current situation in Egypt.

Pursuing a degree with Europubhealth is of great value to achieve my personal and professional goals. First, I will get the opportunity to engage with people from different cultures on many levels, which will help me understand the societal and cultural differences, and learn their implications in public health. Second, I will build on my academic and practical knowledge and skills to nurture my career in the field of public health. Third, the program will allow me to engage with several universities in different countries and new academic communities.

I believe that having more than five years of experience in public health, health policy, and drug policy makes me a good candidate for admission to this program and a scholarship. In addition, working in a covid-19 task force for ( )to analyze health policies and measures taken to contain the pandemic has expanded my understanding of global health. Thus, studying this unique double-degree program will be a good added value to my career in global health.

I chose this program because it is highly specialized and focuses on issues that are important to me. I like the way the program is structured, its aim and objectives are exactly what I seek to learn and develop upon. In the second year of the program, I am planning to specialize in Governance of Health System in Transition as I feel this is what I need to be able to contribute efficiently to the reform of the healthcare system in Egypt under the new health insurance law. For instance, considering my previous experience in health policies, I think that this pathway is the most suitable for me, given my keen interest in several problems facing universal health insurance, such as integrating informal employment, which represents a large percentage in Egypt, into the new comprehensive health insurance system, and the mechanisms needed to maintain the sustainability of financing health service. Hence, a study of health economics and health governance would be very helpful.


Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Feb 12, 2022   #2
Dear The Europubhealth+ Selection Committee,

Address them formally either as Dear Consortium or To the Consortium. It is more acceptable than using the name of the scholarship program.

I aim to take a role

What role will it be? Go direct to the point. Do not use a vague reference as the consortium prefers to hear information immediately as opposed to mere empty introductions and implications. They do not have much time to read your letter since there are thousands of applicants. If they feel your opening statement is empty, they may opt not to proceed with reading your letter. Get to the point right from the start, do not waste their time.

Pursuing a degree with Europubhealth is

Another empty and little informative paragraph. These are generalizations that would work to explain why you are interested in the program, but does not provide a strong motivation based on a professional intention to solve a health problem unique to Egypt that drives you to have higher academic studies. Cultural experience in relation to public health will not be a useful reference unless it directly relates to the public health problem you hope to solve in your country.

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