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layton_audrey 1 / -  
Oct 1, 2021   #1
Hello everyone!
Please help me review my essay for the Erasmus Mundus excellence scholarship for the year 2022 cycle.

What are the requirements for the motivation letter?


I graduated from XXX University with a bachelor's degree in Dentistry in 2021 and accomplished as the first school graduate, first university graduate, and first doctor from my family. I have desired to work with the community since an early age and that passion eventually brought me to health sciences.

I attended my first free community health camp in a rural area in 4th year of dentistry & while examining the patients I saw what privilege is. I saw health disparity in terms of health resources, health access and, basic knowledge about diseases amongst the population. In the subsequent camps in the coming years, I recognized these factors were constant in rural populations. As I did my internship, I wanted to do something to interfere with these perpetual elements so I indulged more in disease diagnosis & prevention as a measure. But I realized my sole knowledge of modern medicine was not enough. I needed additional statistical, methodological & epidemiological training to obtain my vision to bring health equity. My additional mastery of applied concepts, informatics related to health, knowledge of various methodologies will equip me to interfere with the "disease of health disparity" amongst the community. This is the reason I want to study public health.

This double degree program is of keen interest to me because of the second-year specialization it provides. Choosing "Advanced Biostatistics & Epidemiology" from XXX University in the second year, with having a concentration in epidemiology, more specifically taking the elective modules on the epidemiology of the infective diseases, chronic diseases, prenatal & pediatric diseases, and multi-level analysis will help me to contribute most fully. I will certainly be able to impart in the works, researches & efforts made to bring health equity bringing changes at the grassroots of the society & health hierarchy by returning to my own country.

Without a doubt, the EMJMDs will provide me the mobility, exposure, and aptitude to build capacity. I will be able to learn international health systems, the international approach to health equity, and the methods of resource distribution at practical & close observation. The scope will enable me to apply the gained knowledge to bring the equalities sought in health. This is why the double degree will be an added value to me.

I worked at XXX Hospital under XXX State Govt, for one year & during this time I got a close inspection on how different levels of healthcare function in my country. My closer look at the grassroots population shaped me as an individual to interfere & firmly be vocal for the rights of equal health. It made me more sure to learn public health and apply my medical background & the public health background in conjunction to improve polarity.

I know the journey of entering a system, finding out the flaws of the system, providing possible solutions to the problems, and applying them to the community is not easy. My wish to bring change in a country of approximately 1.38 billion people is nothing less than toppling a mountain. Looking back towards the dream I have, my collective experiences made me the person with the future vision I am today. And this makes me more sound with my decision to study public health while I want to see myself standing in the frontline orchestrating the changes the strata of the society needed. Exactly, this is why I believe I am an eligible and deserving candidate for the Erasmus Mundus excellence scholarship & EuroPubHealth+. Since I need the platform to be the change & to bring the changes.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,919 4799  
Oct 7, 2021   #2
modern medicine

There is a difference between modern medicine and modern dentistry. Do not misrepresent yourself and the field you actually workin. The reviewer is trained to spot the pretenders. You are a dentist, not a medical doctor. That whole paragraph must give a clearer reference to oral health disparity. No confusion should be present.

This is the reason I want to study public health

clearly indicate that this is in reference to Public oral health. You persist in trying to mislead the reviewer.The result will be your expulsion from consideration.

"Advanced Biostatistics & Epidemiology

How will these studies make you a better public health officer in relation to oral health? Where is the connection of your interest in the double degree to your background and work experience?

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