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Recommendation letter for Undergraduate degree for GKS program_Biotechnology

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Sep 9, 2023   #1

This is my recommendation letter that I wrote on behalf of my high school principal.

Dear Board of Referees :

I am honored to write this letter of recommendation for x who is applying for Global Korea Scholarship Program. I have known her since 2018 and she was my student at Farzanegan High School for 3 years, where I am the principal.

When I first met x, I was impressed by her politeness and her beautiful smile. After one year, based on the scores she obtained, I realized that she was among the top 10 percent of students, which is indicative of her perseverance to compete with other top talents of the city at the Exceptional Talents School.

Xwas a committed and active student. She was a member of the Red Crescent, Health Society, and students` Council to organize student activities. Furthermore, she was a volunteer assistant at the laboratory in her 11th year. She took on the responsibility of conducting various science experiments before other students on April 19th, which is named Laboratory Day.

Every year, on November 7th, which is named Handcraft Day, we hold a festival for displaying students` handcrafts. I remember once I saw x`s handcraft and realized that, in addition to her educational activities, she was also talented in art. This is indicative of her multidimensional character.

X has proved that she is a distinguished student, and based on my experience, I believe that she will achieve more success if granted better facilities provided by this program.

Please feel free to contact me should you have more questions about x.

Yours faithfully,

(full name of principal)
Farzanegan High School

Home / Letters / Recommendation letter for Undergraduate degree for GKS program_Biotechnology
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