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Scholarship Motivation Letter - MA in Business Development / International Economy and Business

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Jan 11, 2022   #1

dreams can come true

Dear Tempus Public Foundation,

I believe dreams can come true. And I have one that is to pursue my graduate studies and be a successful businessman by running toward great achievements in both perspectives educationally and professionally.

I am writing to express my desire to apply for a degree at one of your esteemed economy and business schools, through the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program offered by the Hungarian Government for the academic year 2022-2023. I have completed a Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in Oil and Gas Management. However, I aim to continue further and pursue a graduate study in either Master of Business Development or Master of International Economy and Business. I'm particularly excited by the opportunity you offer and joining one of the programs selected, will be of great relevance to enrich my economic and business development academic background and professional skills in which to provide the ability to analyze the activities of an economic organization, can tackle complex development programs, learn broad perspective on the business domain, and have an insight into all major disciplines related to international business economics and management. And thus, various opportunities will be available to make substantial progress in my business management and development career and rank up with a great profession towards reaching my goal.

I traveled out of my native country, Yemen, to Malaysia with a passion to obtain solid educational background and professional skills in business management, administration, and leadership. A bachelor degree at a prestigious University, like UCSI University which is ranked as one of the 400th in QS Global World Ranking and, also the first and only private university in Malaysia to get recognized as a regional center of expertise by the United Nations, seemed like a logical step forward, to excel my personal qualities and professions.

By the time I left Malaysia, I accomplished my mission there by graduating with a BBA (Hons) in Oil and Gas Management in English, as the medium of instruction and assessment, with a CGPA of 3.13, made a dean's list, was a member of the university student board. During which time and experience, I got to explore more about myself and my capabilities. And the results were satisfying as I saw myself enthusiastic in learning new things, a social leaner in classrooms, I had the ability to work well independently and collaboratively with others, possessed quality communication and organizational skills to perform research, presentations, and assignments efficiently. I believe, I always can do better in the future and overcome my weakness, and level up my competencies.

In addition, after my graduation, and due to lack of job opportunities for fresh graduates in the petroleum industry, I worked there in a hotel and throughout hard work and excellent accomplishment of tasks assigned, I got promoted twice to become the hotel manager. I extensively learned a lot from such experience and made my golden note that is "knowledge is crucial and always needed; however, it is not enough by itself, practical activities must be accomplished as well right after to observe weaknesses and strengths, retain personal development activities, and continuously do better. Furthermore, I am aiming to keep up the good work, enhance my professional and personal skills, continue my research path on how, constantly, to do better by learning new things, practicing, and keeping personal development on.

Yemen's economy is a weak market that lakes experts and development on its economic foundation and business structure. I started explorations in business development and the importance of knowledgeable people to once country economy when studied BBA at the university. I found out that acquiring the adequate foundation and structure of a country's economy and business are the keys and the most important factors to grow and emerge. As a result, I aim to focus on such aspects and be one of those experts who can contribute to the success and development of their country.

The Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship offered by the Hungarian Government is an extraordinary opportunity to acquire my desired experience and knowledge, an excellent way to interact with students and scholars from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds coming from around the world. And also learn from industry leaders, and explore and share innovative ways of doing business through team projects. Moreover, I prefer to work in research-based groups to improve research and human resource capacities through collaboration, training, and development; as I perceive networking as a very important step for the integration of different ideas and perspectives about diverse issues. In that line, my BBA graduation research project was concentrated on The Impact of Training and Development on Employee Performance and Productivity.

Last but not least, I would like to stress out that I am fully determined to make the most out of this opportunity and bring my best to your esteemed university and my home country. Therefore, I believe being a student at a Hungarian university would not only empower my career development but would give me the framework to utilize my full potentials to contribute with my best abilities to whatever I do and wherever I go. And to forget, Hungary is an enormously interesting place to pick for studying as its universities offer high-quality education, is a modern and safe country, however; the cost of living is among the lowest in Europe and is a diverse, multicultural nation with lots of fun experiences for foreign students.

I implore you to consider awarding me the scholarship so that I can keep up the good work I started and reach my goal of success.

Aiman Ameen Alsamiri.
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Jan 12, 2022   #2
The motivation letter sounds more like a personal statement rather than a highly skilled professional interview. The writer was so focused on proving his academic foundation and work experience that he forgot to discuss how all of these tie in with the required requisites of the masters program he is interested in. The essay will emerge as a true motivational letter if the writer instead, offers information that thoroughly highlights accomplishments that could be considered a solid foundation for the course. A clear reference to a publicly known economic problem of the country would also be a better reference to the problem that he hopes to resolve through these studies. The expansive reference of the applicant makes the problem he hopes to solve difficult for the reviewer to assess. There is also a lack of specific reference as to how he hopes to apply these skills upon his return to his country. The overall essay is little prompt responsive, making it a problematic motivation letter. The next version should be less of a personal statement and more of a direct response to each question provided.

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