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'social worker' - Description about my current work duty

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Aug 13, 2014   #1
I am going to apply a job. One of the question is about describing my duties in my current work. Here I try to explain. Hopefully you can help me in mechanic (grammar and punctuation, and capilatization) and the clarity of my writing. Probably you have advices what another content that I should add, please do not hesitate to comment. Thank you :D

Social Work Duties

Social work is a discipline of human service. It is also related to the multiple approach in order to help people commonly in rural and remote areas. In accordance to this spirit I am servicing in a social work as my current job. In such work, I am responsible for empowering local inhabitants in Sentonorejo, a village in Mojokerto east Java Province Indonesia. As far as I am concern, education become a fundamental aspect to walk throughout the box. So I decide go more deeply with such aspect. Not surprisingly, people in rural area are commonly more interest in investing in economical aspect rather than invested in educational aspect. For instance, become a labor in the young age are more prestigious instead of continuing their education in university. According to such thoughtfulness, I want to increase the culture of literation among youngster. This is the reason why I develop village library and study group namely Bagoes as my project. Interestingly each of my students have student also in lower grade.

While my job is engaged with social work, I do many complementary duties engaged with local culture and social activities. I am also help local inhabitant in registering in hospital until they get the suitable medication. Furthermore, in terms of my duty to give an idea to the youth local organization, I organized a democratic election for the Karang Taruna's chairman. My daily routine also help the village officer in the administration service.

As the regional coordinator for Mojokerto region, I am also supervised 13 of my peer in their duties which spread in another 7 different village. I lead the routine meeting to solve what the obstacle faced in each village and finding its solution together with other member and also accommodate all of personal progress to report to the assistant committees on time. Meanwhile, I should make a report monthly to the state ministry of youth and sport affairs including the progress from my project and recent village's activities that I contributed. However, the main responsibility of my existence is giving idea and inspiration for village development. This is the main mission from the ministry that my supervisor would like to see.

In conclusion, I am so proud become a social worker in developing people in rural area.

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