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"Stepping out into the world" - NYU SUPPLEMENT POEM

Danielle123 1 / 1  
Dec 24, 2009   #1
Can you guys tell me what you think?! And if you get the meaning of the poem

Stepping out into the world,
I want to be me,
Free from all, to feel and think
dizzydaydreams 5 / 26  
Dec 24, 2009   #2
i like it! it is a little...ambiguous and not very unique to you...it could be said about a lot of kids setting out on their own and going to college...but i think what you're trying to say is that you are ver confident in yourself and your beliefs. you are entering the world for the first time as an individual and you will be yourself wihtout the influence of others. is that kind of what you were going for?

im applying to NYU also! which school are you applying to?
fuschiafleur - / 9  
Dec 27, 2009   #3
I think this is how everybody who's in high school feels, including me, so I don't really see the inner you, I have a very vague feel of your personality. I would try to say that message and insert your personality into it more or just say a different message that gives us an image or a feel of you.
smallick13 - / 26  
Jan 5, 2010   #4
its really not that good. have u read what some others are using. its really terrible. please make it better.

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