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The Dark Side of Your Most Needed Privilege (Negatives of Technology) / RESEARCH

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May 6, 2013   #1
Good morning everyone,

I just started going back to school and I know my grammar is not soo good. Can someone please try to fix my grammar errors and tell me any ideas you may have. Thank you

The Dark Side of Your Most Needed Privilege

Our society has adapted to change over the years because of technology. Can anyone imagine life without technology? How will we get to work, communicate with relatives, friends, or visit other countries? Technology is more than just a smart phone, computer, or gaming system and although you may think it's innocent, it's really not! In recent news there was a bombing in Boston and the bombs used were made by using the Internet as a resource. Are we really safe if criminals have easy access on how to kill people? A boy from Connecticut killed innocent children with a gun; shouldn't he have been in school learning? If we were to put a test on society, to not use any type of technology for one month, will we be able to? The means of destruction, the loss of education in our children, and our over dependence on technology should be slowed down before we forget how to be social.

Nothing has had a greater influence in defining and shaping technology than the military. (Press 191)The military has spawned technologies as nuclear power, computer chips, artificial intelligence, and the Internet. Would we have had a chance in winning our two world wars and the cold war? The government's main priorities are oriented to the means of destruction. If we think back way back before guns and machinery, would the crimes caused by Adolf Hitler would have occurred? (Press 193) We are turning the whole world into a factory. Since technology has evolved there has been research on atomic, nuclear bombs and even poisonous gas but to have such easy access to criminal is unacceptable.(Restivo 593) There is our success in the war and events in our country were the destruction technology has helped keep us safe. Once we feel safe it is situations like the bomb attack in Boston where a 19 year old was involved and his brother, learned to make a bomb from a pressure cooker and nails! This type of information should not be available to no one; we are all at risk of danger. Technology today has given us the power to hurt people and although we were always able to hurt people, it's not by the dozens as it is today.

The innocence of our poor children is at risk because they are influenced into the world of technology at a young age. Yes, technology may improve a child's ability to learn through learning programs or even application on an iPad to learn learning activities. What if we take away the positive side and look into third world countries and how children are forced to kill. Technology is also full of open doors and it may bring unwanted visitors that may harm your child. There are predators online who pretend to be the same age as the child and lure them into doing inappropriate things. The use of technology is decreasing subjects that can expand the child's mind. Instead of learning a foreign language, or playing a musical instrument they're listening to their MP3. Computers do not belong in the classroom because they don't help solve educational problems. (Haugen 73) Going back on the teenage boy killing toddlers in Connecticut, because of that gun in his hand, he took away the innocence of those children, our leaders of the future. Even television harms children, they see all the craziness that happenes in the news, learn violence through movies, and even become curious about adult videos that they aren't mature enough for.

Our technology in our culture and it plays a constitutive part of social life, shaping and being shaped by culture. (Restivo 593) Technology is not an agent of salvation, nor is it a way of living. Scientific Revolution can link technological innovation being associated with progress and change for the good. Agreed, but just when a person has too much to drink at a bar, a person can have too much technology for a day. I remember a time when I use to hang out with friends and we will talk all night about life and everyone seemed so interested. Now you get together with a group of people and it's hard for them to focus because they're constantly checking their phones. There are people that are constantly on their phone: texting, chatting, social networking, or communicating for hours is ridiculous. Instead of being on the phone, computer, or game console, people need to go out and enjoy nature and be social. Society needs and wants technology because we are so dependent on it. Back in the days it would take weeks to get to a state or even months to get to another country and now all it takes is a few hours. Technology has made us lose our patience with society and we all expect everything to be quick. The author Restivo in the Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Society states that " Technology is imagined to be politically neutral and beyond human control or guidance." How can technology control us? Disagreeing on this because we control our lives and there's nothing wrong in making our lives easier, but we shouldn't make excuses or decline the fact that we are dependent on technology. In the Mit Press on "Shaping Technology/Building Society", it states that if groups and organizations are held in place by mixed social and technological means, we cannot assume they are stable and unitary. This means that although technology has stabilized us to an easier life it also makes us unstable. We are unstable because technology in our culture has taken over our natural character that we use to be.

The issue is that although technology has improved the way of living it also has its negatives. If we can only remember what life was without technology than maybe we'll learn to see it as a privilege. If not, in the future our life will no longer be social the way it is now, and people will forget how to communicate with others. Our children will be in danger if they don't learn the same way life was taught to them before technology. A child can learn so much more in a classroom than on a computer. If this is correct than life as we know it will be destroyed by all the evil that technology influences.
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May 10, 2013   #2
What is your teacher's preferred citation style?
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May 13, 2013   #3
Our society has adapted to change over the years because of technology.

Our society has been subjected to constant changes that were caused by technological advancements over the past years.

Can anyone imagine life without technology?

... I wish you asked this question a bit differently;
Can anyone imagine a life without modern technological devices and appliances?

In recent news there was a bombing in Boston and the bombs used were made by using the Internet as a resource.

Recent bombing attack in Boston claimed that the Internet had been the source that provided the bombers with necessary information and guidance as how to make those bombs.

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