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I S U on Divorce, any corrections ?

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Using ethical guidelines, appropriate methodology, and primary and secondary sources, students develop a position on a social issue of importance to anthropology, sociology or psychology, using a research design appropriate to the issue and discipline, and carry out a research project in at least one of these disciplines.

Bias Rule: The social scientist second rule is the bias rule; it says that every source is biased in some way. Documents tell us only what the creator thought happened, or perhaps what the creator wants is to think happened. As a result, historians follow these guidelines when they review evidence from the past.

- Every piece of evidence and every source must be viewed critically and skeptically.
- No piece of evidence should be taken at face value. The creator's point of view must be considered.
- Each piece of evidence must be cross checked and compared to other sources and pieces of evidence.

The Research Paper

Research Question - This section should include an explanation of your research and why this topic is worthy to study.
Introduction - This section should state the problem under study and why you are interested in it as well as back ground information.
Literature Review - This area should summarize relevant research already conducted in the area. Information should be cited using APA format. A literature review should be divided up into topics with subheadings.

Hypothesis - State and include your hypothesis in this section
Methodology - This section should also be divided up into sub headings. Provide a detailed description of the procedures followed. Give a description of the participants in the research study. Provide a list and description of the materials used. Explain the research design and proceeds followed.

Results and Analysis - Report your finding and compare results that have already been reported in previous studies with the results of the present study in this section. Explain the consistency or the results with other findings to the other support studies. Discuss whether the results support of refute your hypothesis. It is appropriate to give interpretations or explanations here.

Appendix - Place the appendix section after the reference list. Place the detailed information that would be distracting to read in in the text such as table charts, graphs, or proofs, in the appendix. You should also leave a blank copy of any surveys or interview questions used here.

Research Question
What is the government's involvement pertaining to the support of marriage-divorce in Canada and the effects on affected family members inside the primary family unit?

The mossback extremists of divorce has had detrimental influence in assimilating stereotypical traditional western marriages, and is changing the way many people perceive this flux in arrangement - enabling global confusion for some people on how to go-between marriage into the future. With firsthand accounts of trial by fire, per regards to unilateral removal from a family raises the question of how the government infrastructure operates - deigned to disband rather than fortify marriage, and must be examined in order to stand in ones shoes to the full severity of this considerable bureaucratic short-coming. By observing undeniable systemic discriminations men face during the curriculum of divorce, and understanding how the government's bottom lines payout from the divorce machine is the first step in recognizing where change needs to be made. The same as the important pertinent of how children cope with the prolonged loss of one parent and the post-consequential calamities families may experience as a result.

This survey studies up to date Canadian marriage and divorce trends as well as governmental and other administrative advocacy's through-out its processes - while attention is given to the effects in children subjected to the wake of heartbroken marriages. Some of the information used in the arbitrate of this research is a product of the United States, though it is widely accepted that the United States government and societal structure coincides with present Canadian government structures including family law societies to the point of analogous unity, and can then be discoursed as such.

In the here and now the family law society of Ontario lacks farsightedness when it comes to taking consequential action that will forever change things for better or worse. This all too often results in separating families and altering their life paths. Handicaps in government acculturated education and silhouetting of couples preceding wed-lock is constitutionally changing the way society views marriage - and in contrary to the general public's abundant pathway to archives of published information regarding the steps to take when course plotting divorce. The only available family resolution looking into mediation is complementary of private business therapies and religious practices that may not be dispositional to some situations or beliefs. However, mediation provided through court hearings offer no resolution to bickering, but instead concentrate upon disentanglement of family structure and gnawing away of assets, which may include customary environment disruption which in turn prop washes anxieties between family members.

The unavailability of public resources that could be facilitated to correct the divorce epidemic is responsible for vast numbers of marriage dissolutions. Yet the availability of persistent judicial proceedings by means of adjudication designed to separate and create a payer's relationship between spouses directly contributes mainstreaming the corruption of traditional matrimony. The confusing thought of forcing couples to co-operate together to resolve differences after divorce meet with great criticism, whereas if couples were to have been forced to maintain compatibility before and through-out marriage, occurrence of divorce would not be as popular. Extraneous of theological quota systems and venture-capital enthusiastic interests, in vogue, there is a nonappearance of pre-marital resources that imminent couples may use to zero in on having similar tastes. It is with reason to assume that by implementing such prerequisites before marriage and providing subsidized marriage therapy will afford extra sureties as to the longevity of successful continued marriage. However, modern present day resource media encompassing this pre-screening etiquette is only available at the financial cost that many cannot afford. Why does the government financially support the dissection of marital arrangements and not the interlacing of a constructive ongoing support program designed to keep couples in touch with one another? How do values of dealing with inherent family conflict transfer into the minds of children - the same way as how might those influences shape their future determination? These are issues to which is of great interest in preserving the sanctuary of conventional marriage.

Literature Review

Unilateral divorce

The bag and baggage of assumptions regarding alternating perceptiveness of no-fault divorce laws has not been completely unsnarled in the public's eye. Instead, these laws were rehabilitated by tiny enigmatic groups with particular surreptitious singularities working in contrast to prominent mass culture - where public insolence was slowly drawn behind "laws that were generally understood to mean something very different from what they subsequently came to represent". (Baskerville, Divorced From Reality) Laws now of which give authority for government to abolish marriage on the sole appeal of one spouse in lieu of the other. Unilateral divorce is essentially a "legal regime that expunges all considerations of justice from the procedure - divorce becomes a sudden power grab by one spouse assisted by an army of judicial hangers-on who reward belligerence and profit from ensuing litigation" (Baskerville, Divorced from Reality) including many innovators operating at all levels of family administration or law. (Baskerville, Divorced From Reality)

Accordingly, the present state of affairs indicates there are more women who chose to leave men than men who chose to leave women. It is in upward of "80 percent of divorces are unilateral" (Baskerville, Divorced from Reality) and almost invariably initiated by women. This gives way to a new multitude of involuntary separation grievances and parental humanitarianisms. There no two ways about it that if deemed essential by the court to ordain, will involve "using the penal system if necessary" (Baskerville, Divorced from Reality) to enforce separation from processional properties as well as stipulate restricted visitation to kinship. The initial divorce process involves straightaway separation of one parent from the children creating a need to support their principle care provider, and in almost all cases of divorce it is expected for women to maintain full custodial rights to her children. In turn this sets the stage for a payer's-payee relationship to establish - which are deliberate to decreasing disgraces of the social welfare programs supporting single parents. (Baskerville, Divorced from Reality)

Examining Compatibility Testing and Mediation Therapy

Although there are several sources of resemblance testing available to indicate whether or not you share "the same chemistry as your correspondent, most are designed to offer suggestions and solutions by way of symposiums and convocation that they may cash in on. The allure of a quick fix is exploited by immediate empiricism at work-shops designed to save your marriage and add to corporate coffers. This approach however involves congruous effort from both parties and often becomes too expensive for the lumpenproletarient to pursue. In addition some mediation therapy is encouraged in a church climate where commitment to social conformity begins with normative influence from the modernized elites (priests).

This is where "churches and organizations take proactive steps to prevent marriages from reaching a state of crisis, and revive those already in distress" (family dynamics) by participating in frivolous marriage classes or attending monotonous church activities. Culturally pluralistic societies with totalitarian religious mechanisms poorly reflect the rate of diffusion of developmental trends, offering few pities to non-subscribers of their theories. (Family dynamics)

In addition some pose a question of how acquiring prudence prior to marriage may actually exfoliate slumbering character conflicts to the point of boosting pending battles or even buttonholing an up and coming wedding. One the other hand some argue that high levels of preparedness are necessary to ensure life-long happiness; and that coherence with foresight before marriage affords a glimpse into the future.

Family Law Mediation

Local courts now offer mediation in place of standard judicial hearings to determine settlement on various issues. Family law mediations are defined into three categories that each has its place in the appropriate population groups. The first two categories which are Family Counseling and Divorce Mediation as well as Legal Issue Divorce Mediation are geared toward softening the impact of "personality and psychological pathologies and issues that surround divorce" (Family Law Mediation) and normally occur over an extended period of time. The Moderated Divorce Mediation framework is most common and generally reserved for "large communities with substantial population of well-educated and liberal individuals in communities with universities and growing populations exceeding 250,000 residents." (Family Law Mediation) This format of resolution has reported drawbacks and rewards along with a "substantial collection of complaints who were not pleased with the results obtained" (Family Law Mediation) leaving individuals feeling frustrated and un-satisfied. Most accounts for mediation do not take into consideration alternate ways that are available to deal with this problem, with little to no distinction "between the three most common methods of family law mediation (and overlook the family law conciliation processes)". (Family Law Mediation)

Legal representation during mediation is non-existent and would serve to complicate their matter in way's mediators wish not to deal with. Although all mediators have some law training, family hearings in Ontario require higher caliber senior bar members to serve on Dispute Resolution Committee's pro bono in order to gain prestige from with-in their societies, which inevitably operates with-in its own realm of factionist capitalism. This is an example of plotting the lives of others in hopes to deter the cost of furthering judicial proceedings onto the shoulders of obtuse un-represented separates. At this point one must speculate what is being lost in streamlining these cross-party and artery-widening procedures. What is found though is a one/one/one-split-advantage; meaning that only one will pay the support, one will collect the support, and the one liability-free Dispute Resolution Officer obliges his/her hierarchy.

Government Deployed Child Abuse

The government tallies to the cause of child abuse by obfuscating its altruistic involvement; rationalizing how it is exclusively motivated by the same government's reliance upon its own reluctance to cut its Gordian knot. It seems that alike comparable government dependence programs such as welfare, platforms developed to provide accommodation to children in despair has perpetuated into a snow-ball effect, each day finding need to create job security for its operatives. To say that developing agencies whose primary creed is to protect uncultivated children make individuals "feel good", (Baskerville2, 2006) but there is no substantiation that it actually makes any head-way. It seems that "child abuse is largely a product of feminist dominated family law and social workers" (Baskerville2, 2006) who have in fact exacerbated the situation by leveraging its scrupulous and smoldering dependencies.

According to Baskerville, "child abuse is entirely preventable. A few years ago, there was no child abuse epidemic; it grew up with the welfare system and the divorce revolution." (Baskerville2, 2006) The continuance of its subsistence is in thanks to the capacity at which it is embedded with steel mesh into the "interests who are employed pretending to combat it." (Baskerville2, 2006) Some theories conclude that the "principle impediment to child abuse is the father" (Baskerville2, 2006) and that his presence places his children at "miniscule" (Baskerville2, 2006) risk to paternal perpetrators; this is what Baskerville referred to as the "Shorn of Euphemism" (Baskerville2, 2006). Contrary to popular innuendo, it seems that "single mothers" (Baskerville2, 2006) are the most likely candidate's to harm their children, leaving the separation of the father from the family as a helping hand to child abuse. Examination divulges greater likelihood that boyfriend's and stepfathers to single mothers are perpetrators to sexual rather than physical abuses. Additional reports show that incest abuse cause by fathers has a habitual occurrence rate of "4 in 1,000 children and that three-fourth of incest perpetrators are brother and stepbrother rather than fathers." (Baskerville2, 2006) Furthermore, according to "The Journal of Ethnology and Sociobiology reports that preschoolers not living with both biological parents are forty times more likely to be sexually assaulted" (Baskerville2, 2006). Hitherto feminists' who propagandize that father-daughter incest is hysterically "unbridled", (Baskerville2, 2006) and while "conservatives credulously swallow their propaganda" (Baskerville2, 2006).

Hence, that children are more at risk to dangers from their father - is to say that a fathers innate inherencies of his natural role as protector is ignored and a broadly spread pandemic. (Baskerville2, 2006)


This utterance is essentially an upshot of the dark horse Clinton presidencies; created by "enunciations" (Baskerville, Fatherhood Crisis) of its administration whittling away at decrees that were intended to provide assistance for separated mothers anguishing with relinquishment. According to Baskerville, the conjecture that the government has had "legitimate part in ameliorating the problem of fatherlessness" (Baskerville, Fatherhood Crisis) also "glides quickly" (Baskerville, Fatherhood Crisis) over the farther significant question of their partisan to the problem. Political leaders and media commentators have cautiously crafted contagious optical-illusions, inasmuch as vilifying public cognizance of single mothers as a most important aftereffect of spousal desertion. Policy makers had moved hot to their trot amending laws and creating programs like "Project Save Our Children" (Baskerville, Fatherhood Crisis), which pigeonhole fathers that may have fallen behind in support. (Baskerville, Fatherhood Crisis)

Every now and then and for reasons out of their powers these difficulties sequentially have fashioned fusillades of estranged deadpan deadbeat dads. This newfangled dogmatic description has had public and punitive impression coursing fathers daily routines', meeting with both censure and ridicule; vis-ŕ-vis employers' that receive garnishment orders or those who face employment disturbance from license suspension, notwithstanding the fact of paying extortionate provisions, and thus far being unceasingly snubbed by ignoramus communities.

Developing is the criminalization of fathers through no fault of their own; what is more, a "father who is legally unimpeachable can be turned into a criminal by the regime of involuntary divorce". (Baskerville, Fatherhood Crisis) Baskerville reports that it is in upwards of 65 percent of all marriages will end in divorce and estimated three fifths are families with children. Manifesting populace standings of the United States show that it is "conceivable that 700,000" (Baskerville, Fatherhood Crisis) parents are subjected to uni-lateral divorce each year, and control of their children (Canada to less-limited extent) is relinquished to the state. Staggering as this may seem - we are just itching the surface, it worsens eyeing the wide-ranging personification; "for all we can be certain, all 12 - 20 million parents now being pursued as quasi-criminals by the federal government have been separated involuntarily from their children through no legal fault of their own". (Baskerville, Fatherhood Crisis) Family court judges by their own recognizance have powers to invade into personal matters including when/where you may see your children, what schools or religions they attend, where gainfully employed, income statements, confidential medical records and the list goes on. Their power to invade into the private lives' of its people "is almost unlimited" and unrivaled to any other arm of law. (Baskerville, Fatherhood Crisis)

The Fallout Affect in Separated Children

One qualm that's on the spot to become manifest is supervision of children while left alone at home. Ontario children's Aid Society mandates that all children under the age of ten when left alone are in supervision of an adult. Let's just take example of children that are left alone for a half-hour here-or-there because mommy has to work till five and the kids come home from school around four-thirty; being inflicted because of having to put forth extra hours to compensate for faulty support. This bipartisan dilemma however innocent and restrictively preventable comes with consequence of the removal of children. The same can be said for continuous witnessing to police incidents' evolving visitation access or even extensively falling grades at school. It is necessary to account for the dearth of a father's presence in the daily rituals coming of age.

The humble amalgamation of mutual understandings illustrates for children, equilibriums they can use bulking up their astuteness as to their wheel of fortune. When one parent becomes for naught in the echo of children's lives, the fallout affect is uncanny. Children that are steered clear of sanctioned support from both parents have compromised abilities to be able to resolute relationships yet to come. This exposes children to the temptations that go hand in hand with adolescence. Well know now are the fallout affects that are the creation of split families. Children from dysfunctional families have increased susceptibility to truancy and belligerency and come in contact with increased chances of deviancy and habit forming personality disorders. Sometimes this may lead to alienation or even anarchy.

Joint Custody

Let us examine now the democratic middle of the roader way of dealing with the prevention of post traumatic tendencies that get-together with dividing your children's time between divorced couples. According to Baskerville, that in the event of joint custody, "even when imposed over the objection of another parent, reduces post-divorce conflict" (Baskerville, daddy in jail). It is also suggested that "support compliance and paternal visitation were highest in those cases that custody was awarded against the mothers' wishes but in conformity with the father's wishes." (Baskerville, daddy in jail)

The concept of joint custody stands to serve to a good indication that both parents will participate to higher level of intricacies with in their children's story. This also benefits in a way that can be used in substitution of secondary day care cost and provide over and above access to extra circular actives available within their grasp. It also ratifies for equality in the perplexities of the decision making process that determines your children's slice of life. Working together providing a potpourri of patrilineal and matrilineal deep roots will produce the necessary sinking of grounded morals and virtues that they can place into their pot.

Most important is that by taking away the need to determine who will get the children and when, lessons the load to enforce a payers and payee relationship spawned by the need to support full-time care, and allows broken couples to concentrate on other matters at hand. In addition and perhaps most important is that by eliminating the assumptions verdicts of sole custody will act like as a 'deterrent' (Baskerville, daddy in jail) against divorce. (Baskerville, daddy in jail)


Divorce involving children is substantially female driven leading to the separation of the father from the family unit.

The subject of divorce with all of its accomplices is an extensive subject that cannot be explained within the contents of any one paper. The motivations of those who participate with in this realm are varying and complicated to where theory must be applied. Fallouts effects of children also vary to the exposure of education that political influence that parents have been susceptible to. The relevance of bias in the construction of this project must be taken into consideration as to the author's gender.


Reviewing of Literature

Using meticulous literature review, I researched various aspects of the subject concerning divorce. Combining selected articles of reliable quality and diligently applicable information, I was then able to ingest many perspectives into the sphere of divorce including some assisting enablers of this regime. By careful selection of works used in this research, writing this paper with pervious and precise facts was first and foremost in my intentions. Consideration was given as to its revealing of order, in hopes of defining logic while maintaining captivation and appropriate diction at an academic level.

Firsthand Accounts

With great interest of my own invested into the world of divorce, and recalling first had experiences and outcomes both past and present, I was able to unleash various short-stops of information that I deemed essential to include. All information when revealed in consistent paragraphs with other works shall be understood to not to be my theories and closely relate to original origin and authenticity. Admittedly and inadvertently and innocently bias as a male recipient of unilateral divorce, it is very important to include my perspectives and treat them as data. My reasoning is that data collected at senior levels of research are gathered by means of survey's and interviews with individuals that have accurate and accountable reference such as myself.

Professional Interviews

With last minute attempts to gain further insight into other peoples perspectives regarding divorce, I was able to select three males of varying age and profession, two females of varying age and profession, and then these five people where independently asked six semi-in-depth questions of pertinent value. Each was able to bring to the table different opinions in this matter and was interpreted was there assurance.

Results and Analysis

Rebuttal to unilateral divorce

Unlike the criminal jurisdiction of law, the prosecution of its defendants takes place in closed door court rooms with its Hammer of Thor contained away from the public's view. Recently the high levels of public awareness to these problems have been trickling upwards toward those who wheeled theirs powers. It is now told that certain judges with-in the Barrie vicinity have been acknowledging the systemic inequities in contrast to observing excessive cases where in fact the mothers are predominantly the one who antagonizes conflict. Children's aid society's too are now cumulatively in possession of much data relating to women's false absurdities as to the philosophy 'the customers is allays right'. All-in all though there has been a dim amount light sawn into the world of divorce, maybe the tricked affect will actually be fully realized by libertarian lag effects.

The Court Mediation Customer Renewal Theory

The chief statute in almost all expanses of capitalistic running is the safe keeping of customer complacency at the same time as income producing and founding job surety. Immovable from this form, my mediation customer renewal theory can be reasonably predictable with in the area of judicial family law mediation. Firstly, we need to understand the relationship that is scheming - correlating the agencies allegiance with its procured clients. Secondly, we need to review the normality's to business - that you cannot please the needs of all, but the ones who are gleeful, and if reimbursed appropriately will be most likely to repeat business, or give thumbs-up to their alter egos. Lastly, we see referrals flock-in to fill a bottomless crevasse.

Right-Brian Thinking

There seem to be an ulterior message in Ontario's own website statement "large communities with substantial population of well-educated and liberal individuals". I guess what he means is that a libertarian is a thinker out-side of the box and would be aware as to the perilous trap created for the weeds of grassroots conservatives, and their presence in judicial mediation will not show their interests. In fact, interests lie in working together in a self-supporting manner allowing for equal rights to enjoy life.

Fatherlessness to Complacency

Face-to-face with this Pandora's Box, day in and day out my fruitful spirit gets thrown of the scent of ever having had to have enjoyed my children in ways that others take too much for granted. There is no one who may provide mapping to sole searching, and it cannot be compelled swiftly, it must happen naturally and hopefully in sequence to opportunities to affect social change.

Not finished...

The Ins and Outs of Therapy Mediation

Rendering from personal apropos experience the vainness of following delayed efforts attempting to find active-solutions to farfetched conflicts of harmony, the motive for action can be induced by fear of losing all you are accustomed to, like race-fully steering into a draft and creating momentous urgency to reconciliation. While the immediate agenda of preliminary entrepreneurial councillorship is to seemly project a feasible continuing suite designed for impartial installation; which may very well have been fashioned by layman, because anything useful that may come to fruition can only wholly be perused by cognitions of pure equality and not concurrent with the stigmatism of duress.

Written in contrast to the above, the concept of soul searching and conversations that can roll into whatever you can imagine was pointed out to me first in such an environment. Deliberation with someone who is bias free and sensitive can be rejuvenating and very helpful. Possibly, there are situations whereas the one instigating the intervention may be in-deniably cantankerous and oblivious. In cases such as this the chance at successful reintegration are somewhat restricted, unless one person becomes unhappy in place of the other. However, the point is that as long as you can afford to continue with marriage counseling, you should. I previously mentioned a term "liberal lag time" in which the same model can be applied to mediation lag time. As long as you participate even if not given a chance to apply immediately, it will be stored into your long term memory for latter usage.


Not started...

Professional Interview

Referencing the methodology section of this paper, reveals how these following questions where pursued.
One: Do you think single mothers with children are a product of divorce?
Answer: 3 males yes and 2 females yes.
Two: Do you think schools should by notify by the courts when attending children hail from divorce parents?
Answer: 3 males yes and 2 female yes
Three: How should custody is awarded...to whom?
Answer: This answer varied from, male says joint custody, male says mother, female says mother, female says joint custody, and male says whoever makes the most money.

Four: Should fathers who fall behind in support for less than one year have their licenses suspended?
Answer: 3 males no, 2 females no
Five: Should the government subsidize continued marriage theory like support mediation? 3 males yes, 2 females yes
Six: Is the trendy new on-line way of meeting people effective and reliable? 1 male yes, 2 males no, one female yes, one female no

There were some pretty interesting comments that developed from this interview, one said that her demographic age group was finding that on-lines ways of meeting new partners was beneficial and so fare working well. One said that mothers and fathers that split should just share time equally with them to avoid squabbling. One said that on-line dating is for weak minded people who are too lazy to get up and go out. One said that schools should be made to involve both parents. The last said that license suspension acts like punishment and intimidation to the public. All in all what I expected to here from some, I heard different, as well as a few tradition perspectives from a sophisticated teacher as well as someone from a corporate high caliber position.


Retrieved from the website: Ministry of Ontario Community and Social Services. "Family Responsibility Office: What we do." April, 13, 2006. Copy right 2012
How the Children Creates Child Abuse. Baskerville, Stephen. Eagle Publishing Inc.

This interesting and controversial article is another informative creation by Stephen Baskerville, at unfolds his opinion into the world of divorce. Stephen Baskerville, Ph.D., is assistant professor of government at Patrick Henry College and Earhart Fellow at the Howard Center for Family, Religion, and Society, and compels a fascinating and in-depth perspective into this article. Delving further into the world of divorce, Baskerville unloads the bombshell effect again by exposing the government's position on child abuse behind the lines.

Retrieved from the website: Ministry of Social Services Website © Queen's Printer for Ontario, 2008

Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services is a website designed to inform the public of the legal obligations for someone who pays or collects spousal and child support. The Family Responsibility Office is a government organization that ensures reliable payments made to the recipient through enforcement under the authority of the Family Responsibility and Support Arrears Enforcement Act. This website is provides accurate information on the ramifications of falling behind in support payments, and includes a photo section designed to further humiliate chronic deadbeats by posting wanted pictures of missing support payers. The information in this site will be central in developing a hypothesis suggesting that joint custody of children which would decrease support payments after divorce may impede rising divorce rates.

Retrieved from the website: Family Mediation Law, 2000 Marsh, Stephan R.

The Author of this website is Stephan R March and it was copy written on the year 2000. It is nicely laid out in a manner that is easy to read and understand. It provides information that differentiates three formats of mediation that are available for use to the governmental arms of family law. In addition it indicates where these variations would serve best in the interest of the public - from the opinion of certain political viewpoints. Furthermore, it releases a series of testimonials from people who have experienced this service.

Retrieved from the website: Family Law of Toronto Information Resource. "Enforcement of support orders".
© 2010 Birenbaum, Steinberg, Landau, Savin & Colraine, LLP 2010

The authors of this web site are a group of lawyers who have particular specialties in law. Together they offer full spectrum legal services and consistent standards of quality. This site is intended to provide general legal information relating to many issues of law, and to provide business to the provider. It provides information about family law and suggestions on how to deal with situations when you are involved in lawful disputes. The site is de-vided into sections each with information relating to frequently asked question, facts and definitions, and information and statistics highlighting the status quo. This sites legal information regarding support payment and enforcements measures and consequences are similar to the Ontario Ministry of Social Services website by providing lawfully bias information to its users. This information is important to developing my hypotheses by providing statistics relating to any gender discrimination that may exist in Ontario's family courts.

Smyth, Theresa. (2007). The Truth about deadbeat dads.
Retrieved from website: The Interim
Author Theresa Smyth is the Executive Director of Aid to Women in Toronto, as well as a correspondent for Canada's life and family newspaper, The Interim. The Article was written in response to Ontario's new Website profiling deadbeat fathers, and discusses how some radical feminist want to do everything possible to separate their children from their fathers; which is consistent with the current views of Ontario's courts. It maintains the fact that 97% of the support payers are men, and that 93% of women that are not full time custodians pay no support. This article directly raises the issue of current "no fault" divorce laws being lop-sided primarily in favor of female spouses. In addition, the article raises the question of joint access rights and how a spouse who expects to be awarded full custody is likely to be the one initiating the divorce. This source is primarily responsible for my topic selection and provides some relevant information.

Retrieved from website: Touchstone Magazine
Baskerville, Stephen (2004).
Stephen Baskerville is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Patrick Henry College and past president of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children. He is widely recognized as "the leading authority" on the politics of divorce, custody, and family courts. This article contains information about the Divorce Regime, Family Court Corruption, and Government's War on Fathers. The article challenges that the controversy of divorce is largely ignored because of the multi-billion dollar divorce industries economic dependencies. It explores the relationship between adoption rights of gay marriage couples, and the corruption of conventional marriages, from where the foster children come from.

Baskerville, Stephan. Why is Daddy in Jail. Reprinted from the winter, 1999 issue of The Women's Quarterly. Publication of the Political Science, Howard University, Washington, DC 20059

Stephen Baskerville is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Patrick Henry College and past president of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children. Baskervilles article why is daddy in jail steps into the shoes of many fathers facing this crisis. Proving understanding from the father stand point as to the hardships created from forced separation. Exploding case reviews from many stereo typed dead beat dads looking into the discriminations they face from public shunning. Closer attention is paid to the legal problems that go hand to hand after being ordered to pay support for children that you no longer have jurisdiction over. This Paradox is revealed in a way that sheds new light into the world of fathers who are paying more money in support compared to what the need to keep surviving.
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Professional Interview

Referencing the methodology section of this paper, reveals how these following questions where were pursued.

Two: Do you think schools should by notify notified by the courts when attending children hail from divorce parents?

Three: How should custody is be awarded

There were some pretty interesting comments that developed have developed ( I'm not sure ) from this interview

All in all what I expected to here hear from some, I heard different, as well as a few tradition perspectives from a sophisticated teacher as well as someone from a corporate high caliber position. What do you mean ? I don't understant this sentence , it needs to be modified ;
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Thank you Marwa for reading my first grade twelve social science report.
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Please Perry can you help me with mine ?
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This website is provides accurate information on the ramifications of falling behind in support payments,

Together they offer the full spectrum of legal services andwith consistent standards of quality.

The site is de-videddivided into sections each with information relating to frequently asked question,

Hi Perry, Could not help you much with the content, I'm not very familiar with research papers. I just spotted some grammatical errors, and thought I'd bring it to your notice.
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People, I need some feedback, is it really that boring - that no one will comment on it? I thought it was a very controversial issue! I need someone to correct my annotated bibliography - I have directions but still need help
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nice work buddy....it is a bit lengthy but not boring...nicely written...i didnt found any absurd mistake in it...best wishes :)
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Thanks Sikander,
I know it's lengthy, but still... I fell-short of fully loosening my tongue. Thanks for your confidents booster, my annotated bibliography is wrecked though, it would help to see an example of my work in proper formatting.
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Very well written & organized. It's lengthy, but that would only be expected of a research paper. There's not much to do about it being "boring," without getting too off topic and unprofessional. I am also unfamiliar and not very knowledgeable of the topic, so if you have any actual errors in research I would not be able to find them.. I really like it, I don't see why you're not confident about it.. & thank you for the help on mine.
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my annotated bibliography is wrecked, it would help to see an example of my work in proper formatting.

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