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Exercise Is The Fountain Of Health

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Exercise Is The Fountain Of Health

Exercise is an activity that is vital for a person's health. Why is exercising important to the health of adults? Exercise comes with many health benefits that many people don't know about. It is often overlooked by people with busy schedules but is worth taking time for. "Many people experience competing demands on their time from educational, career and family obligations, and these demands may have higher priorities in the short run. Resources that could be invested in exercising regularly are depleted due to the necessity to meet other requirements." (Raichlen, Alexander 912) Making physical activity a requirement in life can do so much for someone's life. Life is something precious to hold on to because there is only one given to each person. Exercise is comparable to the fountain of youth because of the end gain. Exercise provides the ability to use our bodies to the fullest extent. While exercising is time-consuming, exercising is important for overall health because it enhances physical, mental, and brain health.

Putting time aside to work out can help with the overall mobility health of the body and is proven to enhance physical health in adults. Exercising enhances physical health by aiding weight management for adults overweight or out of shape. As said in an article by Jeffery Larson and K. Lee Lerner in an article titled exercise they state "By definition, exercise is physical activity that is planned, structured, and repetitive for the purpose of conditioning any part of the body; it is also utilized to improve health, maintain fitness, and is an important means of physical rehabilitation." (Larson, Lerner 1) Using the benefit of physical activity is important in physical rehabilitation. Physical rehabilitation is essential in society today due to full-time work jobs. Jobs can strain your muscles and leave you miserable and unenjoyable to be around. Being sore after long days will inevitably help with just going to the gym. The best way to live is to keep up on exercise daily. To keep away from pharmaceutical drugs exercise can help with things like cholesterol and more. Pharmacies should be the last resort in aiding in physical well being when exercise is the simple cure. It is perfectly put by author Nancy Mckenzie and Rebbecca Frey in the article titled "Exercise." The Gale Encyclopedia of Surgery and Medical Tests "Regular exercise leads to important health advantages, including weight loss; greater cardiovascular efficiency; lower cholesterol levels; increased musculoskeletal strength and flexibility; increased bone density; and better functioning of the metabolic, endocrine, and immune systems."(Mckenzie, Frey 1). There isn't more need to stock up on vitamin C when exercise is the easy fix for building up an immune system. During hard times of flu seasons, you can't overlook any way to not get sick. Getting sick will slow down important things in life and drain your body physically. Not only does exercising enhance physical health, but it also helps by protecting against diseases. Another quote from Larson and Lerner Explaining more about the physical benefit of exercise "Exercise is used to prevent or treat coronary heart disease, osteoporosis, weakness, diabetes, obesity, and depression." (Larson, Lerner 1). Many people aid physical health with pills from the doctor but there needs to be guidance. There isn't a need to ever have to take medicine when the only medicine needed is exercise. Medicines like cholesterol medications are prevalent because people don't want to change their unhealthy lifestyles. Exercise has always been the fountain of youth for a reason because it delays the effects of aging in adults. As stated by Larson and Lerner "A well-balanced exercise program can improve general health, build endurance, and delay many of the effects of aging."(Larson, Lerner) If the health industries told everyone that the effects of aging will be delayed just from exercise there would be more people in the gym. Health industries need to put the people first and what they need by showing the effects of aging are delayed. Posters at Walgreens are always showing people who look tired and exhausted. What about the people who took the next step to feel younger and more alive.

Aside from being able to keep looking young there is a lot of stress associated with life. Most people have to have full-time jobs to pay for bills and other necessities. Being burnt out with life there is always a need for some kind of release. Having a stressful day is one thing, but being able to let go and just release stress can help elevate mood. Exercising is proven to improve an adult's mental health. "Promoting regular physical activity is important for various reasons: physical exercise is beneficial for physical and cognitive health, and it enhances psychological well-being. It increases cardiovascular fitness, positive emotional experiences, improved body self-concept, self-esteem, and quality of life, and it can have mood-brightening effects".(Raichlen, Alexander 912). Exercising improves adults' mental health by reducing low mood like being sad or depressed. Again from the article by Mckenzie and Frey "One reason that walking is often recommended as a form of exercise is that it can be combined with a number of activities that many people enjoy, such as nature walks, bird watching, visiting an art or science museum, socializing with a friend, or exercising a pet dog." (Mckenzie, Frey) Exercising is more than going to the gym and running a couple of miles. Exercising can be getting out of a cramped house after sitting there every day. Going on a simple walk can help to breathe some fresh air and chat with a good friend. Friends can be a big encouragement to aiding in exercise and helping to get encouragement. Having a friend to work out with can make it a lot less lonely and thus improving mental health. Relieving stress together with sports too can encourage to stay on track with goals. Friendships are a base for keeping each other accountable. There are things like being a team player and being able to cheer people on is essential in friendships. Mckenzie and Frey put it perfectly "For some people, participation in a team sport is also a good way to make friends, as well as to commit to an exercise program. (Mckenzie, Frey) Friends will keep the goal strong because it is often helping each other stay on track mentally and physically. There are many ways to start a healthy lifestyle and adding exercise. A big first step is to get motivation."Thus, the first step in changing people is to motivate them, which then is reflected by a behavioral intention. When this has been achieved and people have become motivated, the second step is to translate their goals into action" (Raichlen, Alexander 912). It is hard to change the way someone thinks but intentionally changing behaviors can go a long way. Only putting first actions in play will really show results. Things like group chats or Facebook feeds allow people to connect to friends to see how each other's goals are going. There is always room for improvement in each other's lives and even how we see ourselves in the mirror. Exercising also improves mental health in adults by increasing self-esteem. "There is evidence indicating that strength training may be better than aerobic exercise alone for improving self-esteem and body image. Weight training allows one immediate feedback, through observation of progress in muscle growth and improved muscle tone." (Larson, 1) Being able to see tone and definition can help keep someone going back to the gym. Weight training allows results that weren't noticeable on the body before. Looking good can make someone feel on top of the world and beautiful. "Strengthening exercise increases muscle strength and mass, bone strength, and the body's metabolism, and can help attain and maintain proper weight as well as improve body image and self-esteem." (Larson, 1) Allowing muscles to form is beneficial in so many ways. One of them just happens to be allowing someone to feel beautiful in their skin.

Exercise provides excellent brain health in adults. Adults can push back this idea because there isn't a lot of media attention to show people being active. "People do not form intentions to be sufficiently active, because they are not aware of the health risks of a sedentary lifestyle,

they may not see the benefits of exercising frequently or they are not confident in their ability to turn their daily life into a more active one."(Raichlen, Alexander 912) When getting older it's hard to see the benefits of working out. There could be challenges where there isn't support in the family to show that there is a different lifestyle available. Getting older can lead to many different declines in the body including in the brain. Exercising improves brain health in adults by improving judgment skills. "The ACM links evolutionary theory with cognitive neuroscience to show that cognitively demanding exercise is beneficial to brain structure and function, and that we can take advantage of this adaptation to help prevent declines due to aging and to developing neurological disease." (Raichlen, 1) Brain structure decline isn't something anyone is prepared to deal with and there isn't a need to. Age declining can be beautiful if allowed by going on walks and doing what nature called for. Just as the ACM links it is linked with the evolutionary theory that there is an adaption to aid in prevention declines. The human brain needs to be able to adapt to the different settings of the world like exercise. "It is possible that the human brain remains flexible throughout life as an adaptation to the varied environments and cognitive demands of human experience." (Raichlen, 1) Exercise is something that will improve the human experiences. The human brain needs to have access to being flexible for it to be used properly. Going back to primal days the ancestors were constantly active. Brain health has many benefits including being able to evolve. It also has benefits to learn from everyday life. Exercising improves brain health in adults by improving learning skills. As said by the author Raichlen "Reserve, neurocognitive scaffolding, and brain maintenance models generally suggest that a range of early and lifelong activities such as level of educational attainment, social engagement, and exercise can help to build or maintain brain tissue or network flexibility that can either delay or compensate for structural brain changes that occur during aging or in response to developing disease pathology."(Raichlen, 1) The brain is a good advantage to life if anyone wants the opportunity to it. Exercise aids the brain to do what it needs to in the long run. The brain can respond if working out by changing the way it's used. Using your brain smartly will bring many benefits. "Thus, exercise itself can be cognitively challenging, and the added demands of movement and search in complex environments increase cognitive requirements during exercise." (Raichlen, 1) If working out saves brains there should be more information out there to help people know that. The brain is made to take in complex environments and get better every day. Brain health is determined by how a person is treating it and working out is the best way to maintaining brain health.

Why is exercising important to the health of adults? Exercise is an activity that is important for a person's health. The benefits are beyond endless and there is constant research determining what is good and what isn't. Choosing to go against being lazy and just enabling good behavior can go a long way. Also, allowing others to be there during the journey is something everyone should allow. The fact that working out is time-consuming as it is good to also have a game plan so there is no failing. Setting the situation up for disaster is the last thing needed. There is mandatory help needed to show the world that exercise can change the health of adults. Physical health is something the working world needs to stay on top of all the tasks needed to work in tough labor jobs. Having a sore back and then adding well-researched exercise activities can go a long way. Not only getting off of work or just having a stressful day will allow your mental health to stay healthy just as physical will be. Rough mental health days need to incorporate exercise. Not only does exercise help keep up on mental health but also old age. As people get older there is a need to keep up good brain health. While exercising is time-consuming there are so many benefits to making time for it. Exercise keeps up with overall health because it enhances physical, mental, and brain health. If these benefits were on an ad, there would be more people healthy living a long life.

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So what is the clearly set out thesis statement for this essay? What is the point of your introduction? You failed to introduce your thesis and succeeding discussion topics that will help prove your thesis in the introduction. Using that quotation within the text is irrelevant. It did not help build the thesis statement, nor did it present it. There is no clear purpose for your research and as such, cannot be deemed a well outlined, planned, and researched essay. What did you research and what information are you presenting when you failed to present a clear discussion question/ topic. along with a relatively simple discussion outline for the presentation? Work on clearing up your thesis statement before you edit the information in the essay.

The essay will have a problem passing a plagiarism checker because it contains more than 30 % quoted material. This will come back as a majorly plagiarized research paper because on the AI of the plagiarism software, Reduce the amount of quotes, use more paraphrasing, with proper referencing in the paragraph instead.

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