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Essay about why Nuclear Power and why is Nuclear the Better Option?

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Nov 28, 2022   #1

Nuclear Power why is Nuclear the Better Option?

When it comes down to this big top of green energy and the green new deal, people need to not constantly look at solar and wind as the answer to everything. After all, when a snowstorm hit Texas in 2020, it was a severe blow to the power grid and its green energy like solar and wind. With this, people need to not look at the past with nuclear power and look into the future when it comes to these marvelous yet wonderful designs and use of nuclear power as the answer for the future power source of the world.

This essay will be about nuclear power why it is safe and why we should consider using them in place of green energy like wind and solar power. Now, the real question is, why am I doing this? The reason why is because of the numerous nuclear power plants closing down but, how green energy and the Green New Deal is, these people who support making the environment friendlier and fear nuclear power plant don't see the bigger picture of where and who makes the materials to have these solar panels or wind turbines. On top of that, to remove the fear of nuclear power from people's minds and see the other side of the spectrum where they can understand why nuclear power is the best thing to exist.

To start off with you need to know how nuclear power works. "Nuclear power works by using fuel rods which are made of uranium or plutonium. This creates fission which has the nucleus split in 2 which creates a massive amount of energy and produces hit which heats up the water which creates steam, this steam then goes into a turbine which is connected to an electromagnet, a generator, which produces electricity." (How Nuclear Power Works. Union of Concerned Scientists, 29 Jan. 2014.) With this, it has many advantages but also, disadvantages. "One of the most important benefits of nuclear power is nuclear fission which, releases steam compared to chemical burning plants that produce carbon, oil, and coal plants. Which elements of global warming." (Why Nuclear Power Must Be Part of the Energy Solution. Yale E360, 19 July 2018.) other pros to include such as, "low maintenance and operate for longer periods where they need to be refueled every couple of years. Sometimes, even longer and are twice more reliable than power plants that use coal or natural gas and, 3 times more reliable than wind and solar power." (Nuclear Power Is the Most Reliable Energy Source and It's Not Even Close. Energy.gov, 24 Mar. 2021.) Because of how effective nuclear power is you don't even need to do much even when it comes to land as well.

Especially when you want to have a "1,000-megawatt nuclear plant it needs only 1 square mile of land to operate. While a wind turbine farm needs 360 times more land and 430 wind turbines to get the equivalent amount of power. As well as a solar panel plant which requires 75 times more space and 3 million solar panels to make the same amount of power from a nuclear power plant." (3 Reasons Why Nuclear Is Clean and Sustainable." Energy.gov, 31 Mar. 2021.) Basically, proving how efficient but also, powerful nuclear power is compared to green energy sources with the added benefit of zero carbon emissions.

Now, here's the real question, when it comes to the past history of nuclear power there have been 2 specific incidents that have happened. One of them was Chernobyl and Fukashima where there were deaths but, when it comes to both of them Chernobyl deaths were of course from radiation, it was a poorly designed system and poorly trained people who maintained the plant. While Fukashima almost all of the deaths were from the tsunami wave that flooded the area. With that, the explosion was controlled to the best of their abilities as 12 of the 13 backup generators were disabled by the flood.

I do hope that this changes people's minds and removes the fear of nuclear power from people thinking that it's a nuclear bomb about to set off in their backyard. With this, I do fear some green environment protesters will start attacking me because I'm trying to provide information to educate people on nuclear power and have them see the other side of the spectrum. And judging by how people are nowadays they might be stuck with the whole mindset of nuclear disasters. On top of that may get attacked by groups because of what I believe in.

In conclusion, I believe that my information will help provide people with the information needed to understand why we should move to nuclear power compared to renewable and non-renewable power sources. Such as coal, natural gas, solar, and wind compared to nuclear where they are more efficient. On top of that to remove the fear of nuclear power is basically a bomb where people can ease up. I hope that this information helps people ease up with what I have and change their minds.

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Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,918 4798  
Nov 28, 2022   #2
The writing comes across as very bad in sections where the writer does not use in-text citations to explain himself. Once an ENL speaker reads this paper, he will assume that the non-cited portions were written using a horrible language translator, which is why the grammar, sentence structure, and thought presentation are not coherent enough. The writer is redundant when making his opening statement, doing it over several paragraphs rather than just one. Then, he strings together the whole paper using consistent citations, without ever pausing to insert his opinion, personal understanding, or insight, that would show he actualy took the time to research, understand, and write the paper. With a paper this badly developed and written, the teacher will most likely believe that the student paid an ESL academic writer to complete this paper and give him a failing grade because of it.

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