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Does private school or public school matter to you? Private vs. Public School - Need a peer-review

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Nov 15, 2015   #1
Private vs. Public School

Does private school or public school matter to you? Throughout this researched I learned many different things on how parents feel towards their child education. Education matters to every parent in the world but is a private school better than a public school when it comes to finding the perfect school? I am going to talk about how a parent's income can affect if their child can go to a private school. Will also discuss how teacher's salary are affected by which type of school they work for. Which will lead us straight to the pros vs cons of the different types of schools.

When you are applying to private school's parents have to put down how they can afford paying the tuition for the school. One parent stated that "When she applied to private school for her youngest, she immediately got questions about how she can afford the tuition. Her answer: scholarships." (Wallace) This is allowing the private schools to single out parents who can't afford to send their child to expensive schools. Yes, there are scholarships and loans for parents, but should they have to take out a loan when their child is only entering elementary school or even high school. There are schools that are just as "good" as private schools; such as Vista Del Sur Accelerated Academy and Heritage Academy. These schools are open to the public community and allows children to come to their school free of charge. There taught at a high command just like private school, so why do they get to have a non-payment to attend. In the state of Arizona tuition for private elementary school is around $6,000.00 dollars and for private high school $16,000.00 dollars. With this being said families with a greater income household are a better chance of choosing their child school as for families with lower income they just send their child to their local district even if that district is not that great.

Funding for private schools come from scholarships, nonprofit organizations, and private grants. Public school funding comes from the local state and federal funds. Every state is different when it comes to providing the care of education to each school. Depending on the state each schools gets a different amount of funding each year. "Texas and Pennsylvania actually provide less funding to schools that have a higher concentration on poor students. "(Baker) By these states giving these curtain schools fewer funding than a school that has "richer" kids, is preparing the children for some type of failure. Kids all deserve to have a far take in education wither they live in a poor neighborhood or a nicer neighborhood. New Jersey and Delaware give fair funding to their schools allowing the schools in poverty districts have a little bit more so that the kids can get a better education. (Baker) These states are giving the school a little bit more help with children education. The more money they can fund could help them with providing tutors for the children even more teachers so that the class sizes aren't so large, allowing the children to have a little more one on one time, the ratio for a class sizes these days are; private 12:1 ratio and public 16:1. With the funding being provided you will see a large difference between the two types of school through their students. When it comes to the students in the classroom private children seem to be more excited about learning, as for public school children you have more interruptions. "Students bring to school different characteristics, such as racial/ethnic and linguistic backgrounds or possible personal problems, that affect their ability to learn." (Cormwell) Meaning that public schools have more diversity then a private school. This is also stating that with this diversity more interruptions are likely to happen in a public school then at a private school.

When it comes to teaching where does the teacher's salary fall into play. Many private school teachers only make around $36,000.00 dollars a year, while a public school teacher make up to $50,000.00 a year. This meaning that a lot of people feel that private teachers are under paid and public teachers are overpaid. I think that teachers should get paid across the state the same rate. I do see why private school teachers are sometimes paid less because they are supported by those scholarships, grants and nonprofit organization to pay them. As far public school they are supported by the government which means they get paid directly from the government. "Private schools, some point out, suffer higher teacher turnover among early-career teachers". (Orlin) With these turn overs, it is leaving the private schools with less teachers to also provide for the kids. The teachers are leaving the schools to go to a higher paying position at a different school that can give them that increase in pay. It is usually 2/3 of teachers that do leave the school due to pay, but we do have those teachers that stay because they love their job. There is larger amount of teachers at public schools that are minority. With this I feel that it helping the kids not feel out of place while at school. "Private school teachers express more satisfaction with their working conditions, although teacher attrition is higher in private schools." (Cormwell)

Do parents send their kid to private school because they practice religion more than a public school would? Studies show that private schools that focus on religion are behaviorally and academically better performed then a public school. A meta-analysis of 90 studies show that private school students perform better. This test was done on the schools as a whole but was also broken down into different categories such as status, selectivity; public schools accept all students as long as you are in their district range, as for private sometimes base your acceptance off of previous grades, attendance and behavior, race, and various other factors. (Jaynes)

Many parent's states that they have to always defend their selves when speaking with here friends on the choice of sending their child to a private school. Micky Morris states "the conversation can get so heated that she and her friends, it's kind of just out of a mutual respect, that they've made their choices, and I have my beliefs". (Wallace) This is also leading to parents feeling judged by friends, family and neighbors. They feel that they need to send their kids to the best to fit in or so their kids can get a better education. The locations of schools do have a large effect on why parents send their kids there. Crime and threats are far more common in public school than private schools. This also involving the parent's involvement in the child's education and activities at school.

There is not that much of a similarity between the two types of schools but the one main similarity they do share is there teaching methods. They teach similar things as far as how to solve different problems like math. But, they will always be different. Elementary school teachers spend more time than private school teachers on core subjects.

Public school tend to have the more challenged than a private school. With a public school you will get more diversity, within the students as well as the teachers. This diversity will lead to the students taking in different types of things then they would if they went to a school that didn't have diversity. I would say that this could almost lead to a culture shock in some areas. With all of this being said, doesn't matter if you spend 50,000.00 on your child education or if it's free your child can only learn the information if there dedicated, non-distracted, there attitudes and their strength throughout school.

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Nov 15, 2015   #2
I w ill also discuss

WhichThis will lead us straight to the pros vsand cons of the different types of schools.

Remember that every sentence must have a subject and a verb to be considered complete.

This ispractice allowsthe private schools to single out parents
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Nov 15, 2015   #3
Regine, first of all, this is a research paper and some of the must haves of a research paper is not in it such as citation and the proper presentation of the essay when it comes to paragraphing and sentence conjunctions.

Anyhow, it is well written but not for it's purpose.

The research paper you have started is strong enough to open greater heights of the study and it has a personal insight in the beginning already so the readers are already engaged and you have to keep this connections all through out the essay.

The information gathered may be from a credible source but as I mentioned, if there is no citation input either in- text or in the end of the paper, well you basically have to do both to prove your source for the research.

Moving towards the end of the essay, it's very good that you injected a personal touch to it in order to have that consistency of the research.

Overall, just a few additional, credible citations will be best for your research paper.
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Nov 15, 2015   #4
I feel like you need to write it in a more formal way. Anyway, there couple of feedback and it is up to you..
Education matters to every parent in the world.butHowever, is a private school better than a public school when it comes to finding the perfect schoolbetter education ?

With this I feel that it helping the kids not feel out of place while at school.
Through this, I believe it will help the kids to feel they belong to the school.

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