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Role of a mother in our lives

tabinda78 1 / -  
Dec 29, 2022   #1

Role of a mother in our lives

Mothers are one of the best symbols of the authority of Allah in our everyday lives. we cannot compare a mother's love to anybody on this earth because if we realize so we can see that despite our faults and mistakes when it comes to forgiveness, her level of this quality of forgiveness is always unmatchable in this world. A good mother definition is one who teaches her children to belief in themselves by giving her kids motivation and confidence. Only a mother has a tolerance level to the extent that she could forgive any mistake. that is why she is the one personality In my opinion, a mother devotes her whole life to the peace and betterment of her family and kids especially, and if she is a single mother than her responsibilities are doubled. She is the one who maintains the family joined together in order to maintain calmness and togetherness in family matters by delivering care and love for all people in her house, she is one whose support provides confidence to her kids. We as a mother are so special and important in the lives of our children because ca good mother always try to teach her child everything from her experience in her life by implementing discipline and education for her child's betterment and for her child a successful life. I learn from my mother that only a mother can be a symbol of sacrifice and selflessness. She bears all difficulties and hardships of life just to give her family a fulfilling and happy life. She ignores herself in terms of her emotional and physical health just to give her family comfortable and glad. When I think about my mother some special and unique characteristics the one which always comes to my mind is patience which I learned from her in a lot of aspects of my life, she loses her son in the battle of cancer but in spite of her grieve, she gave rest of us her love and care whatever her emotional condition will be after the death of her older son due to cancer. We never saw her depressed or broken or impatient whatever the consequences were. Everybody's mother is unique in or her life. every mother has a soft heart with beautiful emotions of support, caregiving, hopefulness, and affection. We as a mother plays a lot of roles in our lives like when it comes to cooking for the happiness of our families we cook and learn to cook, bake, or roast aS per the orders of our kids. When it comes to health issues, and emotional needs we play the role of psychologist, doctor, or caregiver to soothe him or her in illness. We are their teachers too as their academic performance check and helping our kid's needs are our duties too. The mother and child relationship is important for the healthy emotional and physical well-being of children.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,919 4800  
Dec 30, 2022   #2
The first problem this presentation has is the writing format. It is too compressed on the page, making it difficult to follow the discussion flow. It also prevents the essay from being easy to scan for immediate reference. It would benefit the writer to better separate the given topics into related paragraphs. That way the discussion becomes less stressful and confusing to read.

The writer also has a few run-on references presented which tend to be less than clear to the reader. It would be better to shorten those sentences, using only 1 idea per sentence.

Since this is an academic paper, it would be best to not refer to any God in particular. That way the paper becomes more generally acceptable as an analysis and explanation paper. The mention of a specific God tends to make the paper religion exclusive, which is not how the presentation should come across.

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