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Write a proposal to raise students' awareness about corona virus outbreak.

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Feb 26, 2020   #1



I am submitting a formal proposal concerning student's awareness about the coronavirus outbreak with a view to maintaining their health as well as preventing transmission.

Current situation

The serious outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19) which transmits from infected patients to others through close contact has petrified the whole world with its highly contagious nature. It, nothwithstanding, seems apparent that not many students in FELTE are aware of protective measures against this fatal disease.

Plans of action

This section shows our plan for developing a sense of responsibility among FELTE students in fighting this severe epidemic.
First and foremost, seeing that there is no specific treatment available as of now, we are going to launch a campaign which is aiming to strengthen student's self-awareness of Covid-19. To maximize the effectiveness of our strategy, we intend to distribute posters, leaflets and flyers in our campus in order to broaden their knowledge and understanding. At the same time, frequent disinfection is expected to be carried out to alleviate the infectious possibility of virus to some extent.

In the second place, it is noteworthy that we hold a virtual conference in which medical experts or local authorities are invited and then render their assistance on how to protect ourselves from the virus to the whole students in the faculty. Those might include counsel such as washing hands frequently with an alcohol-based hand rub or maintaining social distancing to prevent person-to-person transmission.


With regard to espousal, I call for a genreous sponsorship which is estimated $300 from coroperate organizations so that our ambitious plan will admirably succeed.


In conclusion, I anticipate that the outlined scheme above would receive your serious consideration because of its undoubtedly benefits.
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Feb 27, 2020   #2
I kindly call for your advice, thank you in advance for assisting me.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,037 4251  
Feb 27, 2020   #3
There is a problem with the current situation presentation. You need to use facts and figures about the students in this section. What is the awareness rate among the students? What kind of precautions has the university undertaken to protect the students? What are the reasons why the students are oblivious to the illness? Based on these information, what suggested plan of action may be taken? Why has the university been remiss in its responsibility to inform the students? Are you asking the university to cooperate with you or just finance your moves?

The plan of action should include a student assembly where the students will be informed about the facts of the matter in relation to the student community. Preventative care kits should be distributed to the student body in attendance along with the flyers and pamphlets. Then schedule the video conference. That way the students will already be aware of the virus and how it might affect the community. This will heighten their desire for more information and bring more people to attend the video conference.

Don't just ask for $300. Break down the expense plan for the money. How much for the printing of the materials? How much will be spent on care kits? How much will be spent on the video conference set up? Break it down to the last cent.

Your conclusion is weak. Discuss instead your expected outcomes for the undertaking. What benefits do you see coming from this? Will the students be better informed? How many students do you expect to reach? Why should the university administration care about this cause when the university already has its own COV19 security measures in place?
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Feb 27, 2020   #4
Firstly I would like to thank you for your help, but I have a word limit just from 220 words to 260, so I think that if I include a lot of information such as the amount of expense or awareness rate, I won't finish my essay correctly. Could you please give me some hints?

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