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AAS - Accountant/Auditor - plans when you finish your studies?[500 characters]

Rebu 1 / 1  
Feb 18, 2021   #1
Hi, I need someone to correct my below answer to the AAS scholarship question. Thank you.

apply for a Senior Accountant/Auditor position

Upon my return, I plan to apply for a Senior Accountant/Auditor position in one of the Chartered Accounting firms or Non-Government Organizations. I believe with the accounting and auditing skills gained from my studies will be a tool to prepare financial audits or preparation of accounts. I am also planning to apply and teach part-time accounting with the University of the South Pacific - Emalus as this will be a chance to transfer the accounting and auditing knowledge to others.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,037 4251  
Feb 18, 2021   #2
Your response is too busy. You are going to accomplish 2 goals simultaneously? Or will this be over a period of time? Focus on the easiest and most immediate accomplishment you can attain upon your return. Either share the information you learned by becoming a full time (not part time) teacher or, become a regular accountant at a firm. As far as I am concerned the information and knowledge transfer as a teacher will be more impressive than just becoming a regular accountant upon your return. There needs to be a bigger mission or sense of importance for your desire to study in Australia. You don't get that from the response that you will return to your country and become a Senior Accountant or Auditor.
OP Rebu 1 / 1  
Mar 2, 2021   #3
I observed that Vanuatu has a shortage of qualified accountants. There is still a gap in the accountancy area that requires trained, knowledgeable and skilled people to fill in. According to the Vanuatu National Human Resource Development Plan Technical Report (2020 - 2030) survey report, states that one of the most significant issues in the Vanuatu private sector is recruiting Ni-Vanuatu with high-level technical skills. From my observation as an accountant working in a Chartered Accountant firm, I noted that most of the new clients we are doing auditing work for do not have skilled knowledge accountants. Most of them are book-keepers. In most cases, we perform accounting work for them first before doing the auditing. In taking a Masters of Professional Accounting in Australia, I will have the required skills and knowledge to fill in the gap that Vanuatu still have for the Accountancy area in Vanuatu.

I believe by taking a Masters in Professional Accounting will me to my next level of career - a qualified accountant. Because this study will help me to stay at the forefront of the accounting industry. Also, it will help me to expand my understanding more in accounting, reinforce my core financial and managerial accounting knowledge. Besides this, it will advance my qualifications for key leadership roles, expose me to emerging, advance-skilled concepts and prepare me to see the big picture in the accounting systems, processes, financial reporting and disclosures, ethics and governance.

Moreover, my proposed program of study will provide individual and group projects. These are essential for my learning knowledge which will in-depth teach me skills that will be invaluable once I enter the accounting profession. Similarly, it will also help me learn and understand accounting and how well to communicate in English.

To sum up, my proposed study will train me to successfully handle difficult situations that I will encounter throughout my accounting career. Likewise, it will also provide me with the skills to work under scrutiny and be confident of my right decisions and judgement.
sucianggraini 1 / 1  
Mar 4, 2021   #4
i think you should categorize your plan into shorterm and longterm, better if you add information of your continuation plans

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