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AAS Statement Purpose - I chose Master of Public Policy and Management

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Apr 29, 2024   #1
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I chose Master of Public Policy and Management (MPPM) to develop knowledge and skills in policymaking. For a diverse country such as Indonesia, i believe that good public services must be backed up by strong policies that approach adequate citizens satisfactory.

My interest in this subject started when I started working for Directorate General of Tax (DGT) of Indonesia, as a civil servant. I see some inefficiencies in the tax regulations, especially those related to tax administration and service. In my opinion, tax regulations are not always about how much tax revenues can be collected, but also about easiness and accessibility of tax services. Building taxpayer-oriented policies is important to create voluntary tax compliances.

For example, to activate EFIN, an identification for taxpayers to access web-based tax services, taxpayers must visit the counter directly. In my view, this unsustainable-obsolete policy making is not compatible anymore with how the modern world grows in technology and social interaction. There are other ways to make sure the secrecy and credibility of EFIN activation process without physical interaction.

I took initiative action about this concern and engaged in tax policies reformation. For starters, in 2022, I apply for contact center analyst, a "thinker" position that formulates how contact center institution and services should be. But unfortunately, I got rejected, maybe due to lack of knowledge about policy making. Instead, I got promoted as a team leader that directly drives contact center operations.

To have a role in leading tax administrative transformation, I need to equip myself with relevant knowledge and networks. I did some research and found that MPPM at Monash University provides the required learning opportunities that I lacked. The program offers disciplinary perspectives of public policy in international context, while still applicable in specific cases in Indonesia. I also think that learning methods used are helpful, such as guest tutoring and role playing. I strongly believe that with completing this program will help me learn to lead and tackle the challenges for a better tax service policies in Indonesia.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,956 4807  
May 4, 2024   #2
You have misunderstood the premise of this particular statement. You have spent too much time giving the backstory of your interest in the subject instead of relating your interest to the masters course(s) that you have chosen to attend in Australia. There is a need for you to choose 2 universities as the committee will look at your compatibility with the university requirements for course admission. Try to summarize the information you hav ein the back story in a manner that will allow you to use it in the discussion as to why you chose the universities and the courses. That is how the response is expected to be structured. Prove that you have actually done research into the university courses and its applicability to your academic and skills development requirements.

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