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Being able to collaborate effectively with the development of Sudan and the world. Chevening UK

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Nov 1, 2016   #1
Outline why you have selected your chosen three university courses, and explain how this relates to your previous academic or professional experience and your plans for the future.

My goal is acquiring strong technical knowledge and substantial networking to be able to collaborate effectively with the development of Sudan and the world.

After earning a first degree honours in petroleum engineering, working as a part time teaching assistant at the university and being a former drilling operations engineer combined with the secession of South Sudan in July 2011, reducing Sudan oil revenue by 75%, I became ardent to the renewable energy resources, having a firm belief in the necessity to keep the industry moving forward and to recognize that an investment towards the environment is equally important and essential to improve the quality of life and achieve a future welfare for both the environment and us. Given the aforementioned, I have selected three courses that have similar continuity of work and will give me the knowledge, understanding, and practical insight required to advance in my career as an engineer.

Firstly, the Renewable Energy Engineering program, this is the only master program in Renewable Energy in the UK that offers laboratory learning on many renewable technologies, this will help me to gain the necessary knowledge, skills and experience. Secondly, location at the heart of Aberdeen, Europe's energy capital, and leading "World Energy City", brings you closer to the industry. Finally, I am ardent to this program because of its international environment. Sudan is prosperous with solar energy, the great Nile (hydro-power) and wind power. A perfect methodology to solve energy crisis of Sudan would require various sustainable technologies to be strongly complementary. But sadly the knowledge to develop is limited by energy efficiency, supportive policies and regulations, market structure, consumer awareness & interest, these are areas to be worked on before renewable energy can become mainstream.

Secondly, the Safety and Reliability Engineering program, given the increasing complexity in the world and the required high technology to serve society's needs there is a dire need for advances in reliability engineering. Two noteworthy incidents intrigued my attention to this program during my oil field work, the tremendous amount of oil spill to the environment and the millions of cubic feet of gas vented to the atmosphere, prompted my decision in favor of high risk solutions and new safety standards which must be enforced. The safety and reliability engineering program will provide me with the means of creating high integrity engineering systems in many industries.

Finally, , the Safety and Reliability Engineering Oil and Gas program, is very relevant to the second program but in addition to safety, reliability, quality and risk statistics and management, there is a course for Offshore Oil and Gas Production Systems to have a full insight in the system and its possible risks.

I do believe that studying at University of Aberdeen any of my selected courses will complement my professional background and help me fulfil my desire to contribute to confront the energy and environmental problems existing in my region.

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Nov 1, 2016   #2
Moaz, are you sure you want to put all your eggs in one basket by applying to only one university for 3 different courses? I mean, it seems like such a huge risk to take should the university not consider you for any of the courses you are asking to be considered for admission to. Personally, I would feel better if you spread out your course choices among 3 universities just in case your application at one university falls through. While the 3 university choice is not a requirement from Chevening, most of the students spread out their applications so that they will have a safety net in case they do not meet the standards of their first choice university. This is just my opinion of course. You can keep the 3 courses one university discussion if you wish to. I just feel that you have a better chance of admission if you spread out your university and course choices at this point.
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Nov 1, 2016   #3
Hi Mary, I have already got the acceptance offer for two courses, I really do like the University of Aberdeen, thanks for the the advice, It is highly logical.
Holt [Contributor] - / 8,155 2308  
Nov 1, 2016   #4
I understand that but as per Chevening regulations, you are supposed to present 3 masters degree course choices. That is regardless of whether you already have acceptance to your university of choice or not. Hey, I don't make the rules, I just remind you to follow them, that is if you wish to. I strongly urge you to complete the 3 choice requirement as specified in the instructions you were given. Just show them that you can understand and are willing to follow the rules as they set it out. Congratulations on your acceptance to the 2 courses. I know you will do well in either course. However, if you want to hedge your bets in terms of winning the scholarship, you will add a 3rd course as required by the prompt. Just a suggestion...
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Nov 1, 2016   #5
I missed that one, it is crucial to follow the rules as it is, good point of view, I will add the third course immediately, THANKS!!

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