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Chevening Leadership and Influence Essay - Digital Illustration

TanzeelaWasti 2 / 2  
Oct 12, 2023   #1

Leadership and Influence for Chevening

In my journey as a digital artist and illustrator, I've encountered opportunities to showcase leadership and inspire change, driven by my passion for advancing digital art. While my early experiences as an event participant and organiser laid the foundation for essential leadership skills, my recent endeavours underscore my capacity to lead and influence effectively.

My involvement in my department's design and hosting club offered me valuable chances to shape event outcomes. I distinctly remember a sports event where our team was entrusted with the task of embellishing the venue. My specific role was to create and prepare artworks to enhance the space, granting creative freedom to execute my vision. The department heads and senior members commended my artistic contributions for infusing vibrancy into the event, which had a positive impact on participants' experiences.

Furthermore, I demonstrated my leadership capabilities by volunteering as a lead designer and artist at various departmental events within my university, often collaborating with two close friends. Together, we meticulously planned and executed decorations and artworks. Typically, I oversaw material management and ensured the quality and successful realisation of our creative vision.

One remarkable incident comes to mind, when a last-minute addition was needed for a sign decoration meant to be suspended in the sky, and it had not yet been created. My friends and the volunteers were exhausted, ready to call it a day. Without hesitation, I took charge and proposed that the team volunteer for this final project before heading home. My friend and two team members willingly joined in to assist. I carefully assigned different tasks to each of them while personally taking on the responsibility of designing the sign, which featured the department's name. In the end, we successfully completed all tasks, and the event concluded smoothly, receiving praise from all quarters. These experiences substantially sharpened my organisational and teamwork skills, both of which are vital for effective leadership.

One significant example of how my digital art has influenced people around me is through my self-published comic, "Nowere," available on the Webtoon app. Driven by a desire to portray women's empowerment, I meticulously crafted a storyline, illustrated scenes, and conveyed powerful messages through dialogue. Although I did not secure victory in the Webtoon contest, my comic garnered an impressive audience of 200 readers. This reaffirmed my belief in the persuasive power of visual storytelling for addressing global issues, motivating me to further develop the comic as a platform for impactful storytelling.

In conclusion, my journey demonstrated my leadership qualities, evident through my unwavering commitment to organisations, mediation of conflicts, and effective communication during challenging situations for achieving common goals. These experiences have prepared me to be a future leader, ready to contribute to my home country's creative industry, and promote the value of digital art and illustration.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,941 4806  
Oct 14, 2023   #2
Your leadership and influencing references are not strong enough to compete with the more skilled professionals who will be applying for scholarship slots. There is a lack of actual work related experiences which prevents the 1st round rviewer from allowing you to profress to the next level of consideration. There is nothing remarkable about your presentation at all. It is forgettable because of the setting, your undergraduate studies. There were no professional Eureka! moments that would have led to a professional growth on your part, allowing you to influence the other participants in the group. This is sadly,a very weak presentation. Aim for a more professional setting. That is the whole point of a Chevening scholar, to find the up and coming leaders who are already working in a professional field. You are not yet qualified as such based on this presentation.

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