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Continuous maintaining and expanding the network as an important part of my professional success

Ganesh Mumar 5 / 5 3  
Sep 16, 2017   #1
Dear Friends,
Please give your feedback and comments on my essay.

Networking Question for Chevening Scholarship

Given the unique service oriented nature of the shipping and logistics industry , having a strong network of professionals and stakeholders in my disciplines is very important part of my professional success. Continuous maintaining and expanding the network is even more important.

In 2012, partnering with my colleague, I pioneered providing IT based fleet management solutions to truck owners and logistics companies. There were a lot of challenges , internally not having well-established network from my side and externally technology itself being new to the market. As I am responsible for marketing, I did a laborious research and produced a long list of every potential customers. According to the priority of chances of winning, I met many decision makers in the respective trucking and logistics companies. I had to identify their pain in smooth flow of transport and other cost concerns, and convince them the possible solutions that I could offer.

I managed to arrange a meeting with senior government officials like Minister of Yangon, Yangon Transport Minister and other participants to present the solution which will solve the severe traffic congestions and IT integrated management approach. I got a chance to network with them and build up a relationship for future business. At the same time, I attended and actively participated networking events , seminars, workshops, arranged by JICA, Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Associations. I particularly build a network with container truckers who are active in border trades , as my country borders with Thai, Lao, China( in east part), and India and Bangladesh ( in west part).

Despite my effort and pride moments I had in my work , due to fierce competition and other financial unreadiness, I gave up finding new customers, just maintaining the existing customers. One thing that continue benefiting me is the network I have built up. So, when I joined the Maersk Line Myanmar, I was able to use my network and solved the company longstanding relationship issues with truckers, terminal operators and customers, most of whom I have already known before joining and kept good relationship.

As a logistics manager ( myanmar branch) in my current job, we are very strong in border trade services. My relationship with truckers, distributers and transport authority from logistics hubs has immensely contributed to our wide coverage of service networks with excellent customer satisfaction. With maritime background, I entered to logistics field in 2012 and I have extended my field in supply chain services, widening my network all along the way.

With the extensive network of Chevening and the network I would build in the university, combined with my existing network, I feel very positive and confident that I would achieve not only my personal goal, I would be able to play key role in transport and supply chain industry, representing the industry and encouragement for the future leaders.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,648 4752  
Sep 17, 2017   #2
Ganesh, you need to consolidate the information in your essay into related paragraphs. I want you to adjust the essay to first inform the reviewer about the reasons why you decided to enter the maritime logistics field, then explain some problems you had that required you to build your network and networking skills, then explain why you had too leave the business that you worked so hard to make a reality. Do this before you move on to the explanation of how you used the network when you transferred to Maersk. By sharing the events in chronological order, the reviewer will be able to better keep track of the related information and decide if your network is truly solid and still maintained to this very day. You don't have to indicate what branch you are connected with as a logistics manager. Your location is irrelevant, as are the country borders that surround your country. Focus only on informing the review of the pertinent details of your networking skills. Mention the year that you entered the logistics field in the opening statement instead of towards the end. The year you joined is not really important but it does help to show how long you have been creating, nurturing, and using this network which might help to impress the reviewer.

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