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I realize that building and maintaining a network of contacts is fundamental to fulfill our dream

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Oct 8, 2018   #1

Chevening essay about Networking

I would greatly appreciate your help.

For almost 4 years I worked with the Commercial Pharmacy, and even with great acting as a Pharmaceutical Clinic, I did not feel professionally fulfilled. Before taking another step, I had to understand what was happening to me, with this self-knowledge I realized the lack of scientific research on Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals in my life.

Today I realize that building and maintaining a network of contacts is fundamental to fulfill our dream, so I went back to the Federal University of Bahia and was received by my former teachers, who guided me to the most important phase of my graduation, where I received the follow up, I set up the first League of Cosmetology of UFBA, presented symposia and scientific initiations.

My network is composed mainly by the Deputy Director of the Department of Medicine of the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) and Doctor of Natural Products, the Chief of the Department of Medicines and PHD in Natural Product Research (UFBA), a Ph.D. base of studies is related to research on the bioactivity of plants from the northeast Bahia of UFBA and a master in biotechnology that works in a cosmetics production industry based on nanotechnology study.

They have given me academic and scientific support for building my current career plan for this master program, path by offering partnerships, a laboratory for product research, and participation of these will be crucial to what I chose to work upon after my master's degree in the UK.

In addition to these, in April I performed the Empretec, which is a methodology of the United Nations (UN) that seeks to develop characteristics of entrepreneurial behavior. Held in partnership with SEBRAE, a social service that fosters entrepreneurship in Brazil, in this course we have opportunities to meet, keep in touch with entrepreneurs and opinion formers from different areas of activity, as it is applied in about 40 countries, the network of contacts is extensive and multi-professional.

An example is the mayor of Fecomercio's business, Rosemma, one of the partnerships I plan for my career plan. She plans various training programs for the needy, especially women, and Newton FUND, the British Council, also has programs for this purpose. This connection will have enormous social impact on the population of the Northeastern backlands.

My personal goals and career strategy have motivated the strong relevance of the professional network I possess.
As a professional from the outskirts of Salvador, I want to share my experience and achievements with Chevening by helping with Mentoring projects, together with the Alumni in Brazil and especially in the Northeast. My access to institutions of higher education through my network of contacts will allow me, in partnership with them, to conduct training, workshops and also invite some fellows from Chevening to share our knowledge and experience for the young people of the Brazilian Northeast. In addition to strengthening the relationship, this will provoke the spirit of change and global knowledge for the Brazilian academic population, as I know that many see access to international education as a major obstacle.
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Oct 9, 2018   #2
Elaine, right now, your essay sounds more like you are just showing off your networking credentials. There is a lack of proof that these networks exist and that they are actually useful to you at the moment. Rather than simply just rattling off the network members and their professional titles, you should be indicating how you have used these networks to improve your career or business opportunities.

That will be more impressive because the scope of your network in relation to your access to them is far more important than the supposed coverage of the network contacts and their capacities to perform. Explain why this network will be relevant to Chevening members and how you hope to integrate your contacts with the Chevening network. It is not enough to claim the existence of these networks and their possible usefulness to you. You need to claim their usefulness at this very moment, in present time, both to you and the Chevening members. At the moment, your essay sounds impressive, but empty in terms of proof and justification.

Offer just one significant instance when the network you created helped you out of a difficult situation. That way you explain how you develop your network (a requirement), how you have used the network, why it is important in this field of work, and how you plan to promote Chevening through the network you have created and how you can share this network with the members of the Chevening community. This single presentation will be far more informative than this long essay that refers to networks that need more justification than is currently presented.

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