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Economics and Abroad - GKS U personal statement; WHAT MAKES YOU WISH TO STUDY IN SOUTH KOREA?

Mabel09 1 / -  
Sep 13, 2022   #1


South Korea is a flourishing country in tourism, technology, and education. For international students like myself, South Korea is one of the best studies abroad destinations. A country with more than 20 universities ranked among the best in the world. Universities provide an environment that encourages productive learning. Experienced lecturers, teachers, and professors, as well as enthralling curriculum and courses designed to attract international students Furthermore, a country whose degree is internationally recognized due to the high quality of education provided by South Korean universities to their students. Studying in South Korea will provide students with numerous job opportunities because Graduates from Korean universities are in high demand by employers worldwide. Furthermore, the South Korean economy is extremely stable, ensuring a financially secure future after graduation. I always tell my parents that my decision to study in South Korea will open up a plethora of job opportunities for me, and this motivates me to capitalize on this chance with everything I have. Most importantly, given my chosen field of study, I believe South Korea is the best place to study this course. Throughout high school, I was the youngest student in class to be among the Top Five students in class. Being the youngest, I made an effort not to be intimidated by my older classmates and to maintain a seat in the top five students in class. I studied Home Economics in high school. Elective Biology, Food and Nutrition, and Science were my favorite subjects. With these subjects, Anyone would think I'd choose Nutrition, Food, or Nursing like nearly 99% of my fellow Home Economics students when it came to furthering my education. But that is an emphatic NO. Aside from those subjects, I enjoy General Knowledge in Art. Because I was not gifted with drawing and design; I was drawn to the historical aspect of this subject. The Ancient Art is one of my favorite topics. This topic discussed how humans used art to satisfy their needs. Our teacher taught us about art forms from Egypt, Greece, India, Japan, and China but didn't go into much detail about Korean. I confronted him and asked why Korean was not being taught, to which he replied, "It is not in our textbook, so there is no need to teach." He then gave me the option of studying Korean art on my own, but assured me it would not appear in my exams and that there was no need for me to learn. But my curiosity, sparked by watching Korean dramas and listening to Korean music, led me to learn Korean art, and I was able to discover some of the best Korean art, including calligraphy, which influenced my desire to write and speak Korean. I had never heard of the Korean language before. I only knew English because it is our official language, and some French that I had to abandon after switching schools. When I decided to learn Korean, I knew I needed to develop a stronger interest in the language and culture. So, I immersed myself in more Korean culture, such as the Korean Wave that is sweeping the globe. After that, becoming literate in a Korean language became one of my highest priorities. My deep interest in the Korean language grew more passionate as I watched Korean dramas, listened to Korean music, and watched some Korean variety shows, which helped me get a very easy start with learning the language and helped me a lot with pronunciation. I learned vocabulary, short daily sentences, and basic grammar. I also learned about some of South Korea's distinct and rich culture. I would be a millionaire if watching Korean dramas could earn me money. Watching Korean dramas and variety shows also helped me realize that my country's and South Korea's social etiquette are very similar, enabling me to adjust very well in South Korea. I am yearning to offer the Korean Language and Literature course.

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Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,249 4652  
Sep 14, 2022   #2
The essay does not serve a purpose. The motivation sounds like a tourist advertisement instead of a carefully considered motivation that has a personal, academic, and professional connection. The writer has no idea what the GKS-U personal statement is all about. More than likely because the applicant has not bothered to read the application packet that includes the personal statement interview questions that the reviewers will actually use to consider the applicant's personal reasons for applying for the scholarship. There is no part of this essay that will be usable / considerable by the reviewer/s because the essay does not provide the correct and necessary information. It will be best for the writer to delete this statement and write a new essay. This time though, read the personal statement writing guide first and make sure to respond as expected to the interview questions.
julia_stn7 2 / 4  
Sep 14, 2022   #3
you need to mention specific reasons as to why korea. mention points that are beneficial and related to your major.
cruellapoisonz 1 / 2  
Sep 15, 2022   #4
I did something similar in my first draft, and after I read it it felt kind of childish and romanticized. Try to remember that you are applying for a scholarship, not to live there for free.

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