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Everyone is a leader and an influencer in his live. Chevenig essay about leadership.

Hiwi_Life 10 / 31 7  
Oct 25, 2017   #1

Chevening Leadership and influence essay

A lot of peoples might think a lot of things about leadership and influence. In my point of view everyone is a leader and an influencer in their lives.

Not too long ago, I had joined an association which will enable me to get small land to build a home with very small amount of money and also participate in the development of my surroundings. Later I had realized the leaders had done nothing aside from gathering documents from some peoples. So I was not happy since we need to use this opportunity given by the government by fulfilling every requirement before the deadline. So I volunteer to lead this association and do whatever necessary if they choose to believe in me and they accepted it and make me a leader of the association.

By gathering necessary information, I make a plan and discuss about it with the members. In my opinion, a leader should always listen on what members has to say and based on those thoughts and the plan that he/she proposes, a leader should always make decision. And that is what I did. After that we had finalized everything and our association had been accepted by the concerning government organization by being the first association.

In my profession as a University lecturer I am assigned to work as an advisor for 75 full time and 40 part time undergraduate students. My work as advisor is to help them in their chosen field of study and be a good influence to them.

As advisor, I always encourage them to have their views in everything and based on that I will give them logical suggestions, courage, directions to see things from different point of views with possible available opportunities. Based on that I will always encourage them to make their own decision. Because one big quality of a leader that I admire is that; a leader sets plan, listens others opinions and take it into consideration as long as it is logical, and based on that make own decision. And as a leader that is what I am showing for my students and help them practice it to enable them become successful in their education and future career. Helping others is the most important thing that I love. In that sense, my door is always open for any of the students whether I am giving them courses, assigned to advise them or not.

For future I would like to use an experience that I will gain in UK to become a leader in my institution by starting from my faculty. I will work hard with the students, colleague and other concerned body to upgrade the quality of the institution by creating contact with UK universities. And also I would like to create a system that will support girls in an institutional level.
alvin1902 4 / 7 1  
Oct 25, 2017   #2

rather than saying the quality of a leader, i think it would be better for you to give a concrete example of how you act as a leader and influencer. for that, you can remove this part : [ In my opinion, a leader should ... And that is what I did. ] and change it into an example of your case.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,700 3784  
Oct 26, 2017   #3
Hiwot, your essay does not apply to the requirements of the scholarship for the first 3 paragraphs. You need to focus on developing your professional leadership and influencing style alone. From what I have read in this essay, you have some pretty strong leadership skills when it comes to your students. Encouragement is good and could almost qualify as an influencing skill if you could provide some solid examples of how you integrated your leadership and influencing skills as you conduct your job. I believe that you can do that by adding one paragraph that exemplifies this action. Think about the time when you had a student who needed your leadership and guidance. As a guide, you had influence upon that student. So when you discuss that situation, you will in effect, be strengthening your essay because you will be accurately responding to the prompt requirements. Since this is an example essay, you do not need to refer to your future plans with regards to your leadership. The essay prompt is only asking for current examples of those 2 particular skills.
OP Hiwi_Life 10 / 31 7  
Oct 27, 2017   #4
Do I have to add other things?
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,700 3784  
Oct 27, 2017   #5
Hiwot, you changed the direction of the essay midstream. When you related the problem of your student, you focused solely on him and his actions and the results of what you had him do. Try to reframe that presentation to focus instead on you, why you felt you needed to encourage him, how you influenced him to make a life decision, and how you changed his life by participating in his enlightenment process. Talk about what you did, not what you had the student do and what your purpose was for it. A simple revision of that paragraph will do the trick. Your opening paragraph is too short to make an impact that would reel in the reviewer to continue reading your paper. You should work on developing that presentation further in order to make it more interesting. You could also opt to just delete that portion and open with "As Advisor" and say "As an advisor to 75 full time and 40 part time graduates in my capacity as a university lecturer..." which would make the opening sentence more interesting and informative in a smoother manner.

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